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Poor Taylor, she hates hospitals!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2009/08/12 - Updated: 2009/08/13 - 6665 words


  • Caught Up In This Web

    (#) rocker4lifeSAM 2009-08-14 07:17:55 PM

    alrighty so ive refrained from reviewing this story till now....
    and i regret it CUZZ
    i want moreeee!!
    you izz talented gurl.
    update yes?

    Author's response

    Well I'm glad you finally cracked :)
    Ha ha, I guess you'll be glad to know that I'm working on 13 now, and it'll probably be a few days before I post it

  • Caught Up In This Web

    (#) Mo_Was_Here 2009-08-14 08:14:31 PM

    ow ow! i am really liking this! right more soon please! and to be totally honest today when i went to the bathroom i saw a spider and it cracked me up lmfao.
    write more please!

    Author's response

    Ha ha really? I hope you squished it dead! AH!
    I saw one earlier, and I almost screamed...

  • Caught Up In This Web

    (#) TheChemicalRose 2009-08-14 08:14:51 PM

    basically it sounds like my grioup of friends and I feel right at home reading this story tho I kinda want jeremy all to myself LOL . And usound like a very . . . . Normal person in my case and I though I was the only one to call taco smell pussy hahahaha

    Author's response

    Join Thalia on that :) If anyone has the power to steal Jeremy out of the story, it's her LoL


    I sound NORMAL?! My life is OVERRRR!

  • Caught Up In This Web

    (#) MyNameOkay 2009-08-15 09:42:46 AM

    I Love How I Get Shot!

    And I Also Love How Most Of My Fans Said Excactly The Same Thing...
    "Poor Taylor" Lol
    YES Poor Fucking Me!!!
    Gerards Nigger Ass Owns Me!

    Author's response

    Ha ha yayyy! You FINALLY used Jen's computer for ficwad!

    I love how you get shot too..and how I know everything about you! MWAHAHAHA!

    Gerard, my dear, is NOT a fucking nigger. He ish not from Nigeria(that I know of!) but JAMES IS! HA!

    Luff choo budd-ay
  • Caught Up In This Web

    (#) -AnotherGuessWho- 2009-08-15 02:03:18 PM

    Hmmm, maybe when Taylor's outta hospital it could kinda turn into a friendship and maybe a friends-with-benefits kinda thing? That sorta leaves it open for a kinda there-but-not-there relationship or whatever, just to spice it up xD

    Don't listen to me, though, I'm sick (= My friend insists it's glandular fever from making out with the guy I based Sean on . . but yeah, he kissed my friend whom my other friend hates, that's a story for another day xD And part of the reason why I haven't updated lately (= But once I'm outta the woods with this bug and all teh drama, I'll update so yeaaahhhh (:

    Meh, we just rule for writing similar stuff xD


    Author's response

    I've got an idea up my sleeve..but nobody's gonna like it :O

    But it won't be happening for a while XD

  • Caught Up In This Web

    (#) IeroMyHeroMCR 2009-08-15 09:11:01 PM

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh i was bored so i was reading all your reviews (i know i'm a creeper :D) and so many people love you nooooooooo (well yayyyyyyy cause i guess it's a good thing hehe) but any whos my point was AMY'S MINE MWHAHAHA i'm going to go hide you in my closet now so no one can find you. Annnnnnnd i'm working on updating one of my fics but i don't know i've been jumping from writing Torture Games, TLUTD, and Unnatural. Oh and i read this chapter again and it was awesome... again :)
  • Caught Up In This Web

    (#) ViciousHouse 2009-08-17 08:13:36 PM

    So, basically, this story is really cool. I like it. :)
  • Caught Up In This Web

    (#) areyounormal 2009-08-19 04:43:53 AM

    The frequency that I'm in them, anyone would think I love hospitals - not so!!!!

    Anyhoo, hope Taylor gets better quick but will she still be able to play? Seems likely it'd be too sore for a while.

    Great chapter!! :D

    Sas x

    Author's response

    Ah! I'm having so much trouble writing the next chapter! I've got so much going on right now, between trying to buy a horse(yay!) and school and signing up and getting a job.. sometimes I wish I had a twin LoL or that I could separate from my bodehh!


    And yeah, it'll be sore for a while..
  • Caught Up In This Web

    (#) mysilentromance 2009-12-20 04:50:54 PM

    I did not see the gun shot coming. I was laying down while reading this, but when the shot was fired I literally jerked up and screamed a little.

    Hopefully Taylor gets out of the hospital soon :P That's got to be a bummer being in one.

    Author's response

    Oh snap, really?!
    I'm so white.. >.>

    Anyway, it's a pity it didn't really happen. She'd be a bit.. nicer, maybe? With the whole "I ALMOST DIED YOU LITTLE SH*T!" thing, yeah?

    I lurve yewww!

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