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Sleepless nights and rebel hearts

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We learn a lot about ourselves when we are frustrated and dying to get some sleep.

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First chapter! So as said, I’m Swedish, so don’t trash on my language.

Chapter 1

I kept tossing and turning in bed. It seemed impossible for me to fall asleep. There was something that was bothering me, something I couldn’t put my finger on. The day had been great. I had spent it with Ashlee doing some shopping and then hanging with my boys whilst they recorded some new tracks. The only thing that had been bad was Gabe, as usual. He with his smirk and smart remarks was slowly driving me insane. I hated how he looked at me with his brown eyes that always held some sort of contempt when they laid on me. Even tough I hated the expression in his eyes, but they where beautiful eyes. And his hair then. His black hair that was so smooth when you put your fingers through it.

Oh my god I was thinking about Gabe’s hair and eyes?! What was wrong with me. I smiled to myself over the absurdity of the situation. His voice was really good as well. It was so smooth and deep. It was quite sexy actually. I suddenly jolted up into a sitting position. No, oh no! I suddenly realised what bothered me. I had fallen for Gabe. I was gasping for air due to the shock of the revelation.

I sprung out from bed and ran over to Brendon’s room. I flung his door open and jumped onto his bed. Brendon simply turned over and murmured “No just five more minutes’ mom”.
“C’mon Brendon, wake up! I need to talk to you. It’s really important! And I am not your mom” I said as I shock him roughly.
“What!! Aki please, I have a show tomorrow, I need to sleep” he said and looked at me with sleepy eyes.
“Bren, it’s really important. I think I’m in love” I said with a small voice.
He shot up and gave me a curious look. “I hope it’s not with me” he then said and tilted my head up so I was forced to look into his eyes.
“No Brenny Bear, it’s not you. I’d almost wish it was you” I gave him a sad smile. He pulled me into his arms and held me tightly.
“Hey, it can’t be that bad. I mean any man you fall for should be oh so lucky. You’re wonderful and the best a man could ask for” he softly stroke my hair. “So, do you mind telling me who it is?”
I swallowed hard as I tried to find the courage to tell him the truth. “It’s… it’s Ga…” my voice trailed of and I could feel my cheeks burn with embarrassment.
“Ga? Who the hell is Ga?!” Brendon gave me a confused look, before it hit him. “Oh my god, GABRIEL!! Gabe?! Our Gabe?” He looked at me in complete shock.
I nodded my head slightly but avoided looking into his eyes. He just looked at me with his mouth open like I suddenly developed a third eye. I definitely understood his shock tough since me and Gabe always yelled at each other. We just sat like that, Brendon holding me in his arms with his mouth open, for quite some time before his phone began ringing. Brendon jumped to life and reached for his phone. “You know Aki, we’ll talk about this later. But somehow I’ve known for a while that this was gonna happen” he said to me before answering.
“Oh Hi Ryan! What do you want?” Brendon answered with a small smile on his lips. I could hear Ryan’s muffled yet excited voice coming through the phone. Brendon’s smile slowly grew bigger and bigger until he had this huge grin on his face. “Hell yeah man, we’re coming!” he suddenly yelled and managed to startle me since I almost had fallen asleep by then. He slid his phone closed and jumped out of bed, giddy with excitement. “C’mon Aki, we’re going to the studio” he smiled at me and began changing clothes.
“Ugh, Brendon, I now we live together but do you have to do that in front of me?” I asked and covered my face with the sheets. “Wait, going to the studio? It’s like two a clock in the morning!”
“Yeah I know, but there’s a party and we’re invited. So go get changed, we’re leaving in fifteen!” he just laughed and headed to the bathroom. I groaned a bit but the thought of a party made me a bit happier. I couldn’t sleep anyway and maybe booze would take my mind of Gabe.
Said and done, fifteen minutes we headed out the door, laughing and looking forward to party our butts off.

“Hey Brendon, can I talk to you” was the first thing Gabe said when we met up with the Cobra’s at the studio. He had a worried and slightly confused look on his face. “Oh hey Aki” he then said when he realised I was there. Both Brendon and I realised then that something was wrong, since Gabe always gave me a sarcastic remark after acknowledging my presence.
“Yeah sure Gabe. Aki you just go ahead” Brendon smiled at me and lightly pushed me towards the door. I gave him an annoyed looked, scoffed at Gabe and walked into the direction music and laughter was coming from. As soon as I got inside the door, someone pulled me into a bone crushing hug.
“Aki, my little baby girl! Where have you hidden your little teddy bear?” a voice shouted in my ear.
“Hi Pete!” I happily yelled back and wiggled out of his hard gip. “Brendon’s just outside having a heart to heart with Gabe” I smiled at the slightly intoxicated bass-player.
“A heart to heart without me?! Oh they’re going down” he shouted and ran from me, sadly not in the direction of the door but the bathroom.
I suddenly found myself engulfed in yet another hug, but this was soft and somewhat sweet. I found myself face to face with Ashlee. I gave her a huge smile and then pointed at her husband, “You do realise that your other half is a bit intoxicated right?”. “Yeah, but tonight he’s allowed since they are going on tour tomorrow. I’m gonna miss him a lot” she said with a sad smile.
“Oh Ash, you’re gonna be fine. You have me and Bronx looking after you” I said and gave her a comforting hug.
“Yeah, I know but who will I sleep with?!” she gave me a teasing smile.
“You can borrow Brendon if you want to! I’d love to have him out of the house for a while!”
“She can borrow me for what?” Brendon’s voice suddenly came from my right.
“She said I could have you to sleep with!” Ash laughed. Brendon gave me a confused look, and looking over his shoulder I could see Gabe with a somewhat hurt look on his face.
“So is he any good?” Ash asked nudging me in the side.
“Oh he’s the best! He just has to open his mouth and I fall asleep” I said winking at Brendon. He pouted at me, pretending to be hurt. “Oh what Brenny Bear, you know this kitten never will purr for you”
Brendon just laughed at me, and ruffled my hair. Looking at Gabe, I couldn’t make out if he had a look of relief on his face or a look of disgust. I had never been good at reading him, but right now I desperately wanted to know what was going on inside his head.
I leaned in closer to Brendon, and whispered softly in his ear; “So what did Gabe want?” Instead of answering me, Brendon quickly excused himself, claiming to see someone he wanted to greet and almost left skid-marks as he left my side.

Hm, that’s strange I thought. But before I could give much thought to the subject, a toast was made in honour of Fall Out Boy, and we all shouted just how much we we’re going to miss them when they we’re out on tour. All in all, the night was awesome, and I didn’t think about Brendon and Gabe until the next morning.
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