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Jealous hearts and celebrations

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Sometimes we need friends to remember what is important

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This chapter is really long and I wrote it when I should have been sleeping. It might be just a bit incoherent but never mind, I was tired. Anyways, hope you like, rate and review.

Jealous hearts and celebrations

I woke up the next morning, my head feeling like a drummer on speed had settled down there drumming his little heart out. Not a pleasant feeling I might say. I groaned trying to shield my eyes from the light coming through the window. Trying to decide it going up to the bedroom to fetch an aspirin or two was worth it, Brendon jumped on my bed causing my head to hurt even more. He had this huge satisfied grin on his face, looking like a kid on Christmas. I swear to God, he is like a kid, not just sometimes, but at least ninety percent of the time. Brendon was happy sitting on my bed in silence for about two seconds before he began to shake me. This made my head feel ready to explode and I grabbed the pillow and threw it at Brendon’s head. He giggled happily and threw it back at me.
“Bren, what the hell do you want?” I muttered into my other pillow.
“Guess what day it is today”
“Dunno, Monday?” I wasn’t in the mood for his games.
“Nope. It’s Sunday, and it’s your birthday” he said with a happy smile. “So happy birthday!”
“Birthday?” I asked confused. My head was still hurting real bad and it made it extremely hard for me to think.
“Yeah, you know the day you were born. It’s today. You didn‘t really get that wasted last night, right?” At this point I wanted to wipe that smile from his face in a quite brutal fashion.
“I know what a birthday is, Brendon. I just think you have forgotten which day mine is on, since it can’t be today, I would have known” I sat up in the bed and gave him a look which I hoped was angry.
“Your birthday is on the 6th of March. That’s today” If possible his smile got bigger.
“Are you shitting me?!” I bolted up from bed and began to look for my phone. Once I found it I quickly looked at the date. Who would have known, Brendon was right. It was my birthday, and I had forgotten. “Holy shit”
“So do you believe me now? Can I give you your present?” Brendon put an arm around my shocked body and softly steered me in the direction of the kitchen. When he had me seated at the table, he quickly fetched me some aspirin, a glass of water and a huge boxed wrapped in colourful paper and blue strings. I quickly downed the aspirin alongside the water and reached for my present. I still couldn’t believe that I had forgotten my own birthday. Who does something like that? I usually had a countdown to my birthday from January and now I just forgot.
I had finally unwrapped the present and opened the box. Brendon couldn’t sit still due to his excitement, one could have thought that it was his birthday. Looking into the huge box I saw several DVD-collections of my favourite TV-series. Brendon couldn’t handle the excitement and burst out in a quick and overly excited explanation of why he had given me this.
“You see, I know that you are extremely sentimental and that you keep complaining about how you just don’t have time to sit down and watch the series you want when there actually on, and how when you actually have time to watch TV there is nothing on worth watching. So I figured that this would make it a lot easier for you. I mean, you can watch it on your computer if you’re going somewhere and don’t have access to a DVD-player, and…”
“Wow, Brendon breathe” I just smiled at him. “I love this. It’s exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much” I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. It really was a great present and I couldn’t believe that Brendon actually could come up with such a thoughtful present
“Oh but wait, that’s not all!” he pushed me back down on the chair and pulled out a small envelope from his pocket. “Here, this is the real present.”
“Real present? What the DVD’s don’t work?” I teased him.
“Of course they work stupid, I just mean that they were more for fun, and this is the actual present” he smiled at me and motioned for me to open the envelope.
“Oh lord, Brendon you got me a tattoo?!” I was stunned. I’d wanted one for a real long time, but just never found the time to book an appointment.
“Yeah well, you’ve talked about for so long so I figured that now when you turn twenty-two, that you should get one. If you wait any longer people might think that you have a mid-life crisis when you finally get it done” he joked. I just hugged him. Brendon somehow always knew what I wanted and got if for me. In a way, you could say that he spoiled me. But we were best friend’s and I would do the same for him. In the middle of our hugging party my phone began to ring. We broke apart and I went to my room in search of my phone. I found it on the floor where I had dropped it earlier and picked it up. Looking at the caller-id I saw it was my brother. No doubt, calling me to congratulate.
“Hi Lucian, what’s up?” I answered.
“You are! Happy birthday little sis!” he screamed into the phone. I couldn’t help but laugh. My brother was just as childish as Brendon and he was still thirty-years old, in comparison to Brendon’s twenty-two. I could hear Lucian’s wife Shauna sighing somewhere in the background followed by an annoyed; Won’t you ever grow up? “No I won’t. I hope I didn’t wake you little one.”
“Nah it’s OK, Brendon did that for you” I smiled and sat down on the bed. Brendon who had heard his name came into the room and mouthed: Who is it? It’s Lucian, I mouthed back.
“Ah, I love that kid. So what did he get you?” Lucian asked drawing my attention back to our conversation. “No wait, you can tell me later today”
“Later? What do you mean?” I asked trying to sound curious. Every year he tried to throw a surprise party for me but he always failed at keeping it a surprise. The party was still great, but I always found out like a month in advance.
“Oh Shauna and I wanted to invite you over for a birthday dinner. Since it’s Sunday we thought that you weren’t planning on going out tonight. Please come or Shauna will make me sleep on the couch!” Lucian whispered the last part. Shauna however has the hearing of a bat and I could hear how she slapped the back of his head before taking the phone from him.
“No I won’t make him sleep on the couch if you don’t come but I might anyway since he is such a immature brat” I could hear the smile she had on her lips. It might sound like a bad marriage, but they loved each other deeply. “But please Aki, come to dinner tonight. I really want you here” she begged me.
“You know I can’t say no to you Shauna, of course I will come. At what time?”
“Is six ok? And bring Brendon!”
“Yeah, that’s great and I will. See you tonight then. Loads of love” I said.
“Right back at you, Aki. And happy birthday.” she said before hanging up.

The day passed quickly. Mom and dad called to celebrate me, Brendon took me out for lunch and I received numerous texts during the day whishing me happy birthday. The only one who did not make an effort to congratulate me was Gabe. Not that I had expected it, but with my newfound feelings for him I was hoping for some recognition from him. Since the rest of Cobra had congratulated me I guessed that he knew and just didn‘t care. I refused to admit to being disappointed but yet that’s exactly how I felt. As I was rummaging through my wardrobe trying to find something to wear for the night, Brendon sauntered through my door as usual. Since I had been thinking about Gabe, the thought once more struck me. What had Gabe and Brendon talked about the night before? I had recalled it during the morning after the aspirins had worked their magic and Brendon left to record some more songs. I turned and looked at Brendon who had gotten comfy on my bed. He caught me staring at him and shot me a questioning look. I swallowed a couple of times before coming to the conclusion that I just better ask him.
“So I was thinking about last night…” I tried to look and sound innocent. “What did you and Gabe actually talk about. I mean, since you had to do it in private? We all know that none of you really care about keeping private matters private” I jumped on him pinning him on the bed so he couldn’t escape me. Believe me he tried. Since Brendon was trying to avoid the subject I knew it was something special.
“Come on Brendon, just tell me. It can’t be that bad!” I caught his hands and pinned his arms down, holding him in a firm grip. This boy is really weak, trust me. Even Ryan is stronger.
“Aki, let me go, I have to get ready for the dinner at your brother’s” he said wriggling under my grip.
“Oh stop it, we both know that you only take two minutes to get ready. Now tell me!”
“I can’t tell you, I promised him not to!” Brendon suddenly yelled out.
I looked at him in surprise. Gabe made him promise that? And Brendon actually tried to keep that promise? In that case it was definitely important, everyone knew that Brendon hardly could keep a secret from me.
“Please Brendon, can’t you just tell me what it was about? No details, just the subject.” I pleaded looking him straight in the eyes. I knew he couldn’t resist my pleading eyes. After staring him down for a couple of minutes he finally caved with a deep sigh.
“Fine. We talked about you! Happy now?” he asked finally managing to escape my grip. Mostly because I was shocked and completely froze. They had talked about me? Why?
Brendon had stopped in the doorway and looked at me. I could only stare back at him, that’s how shocked I was. I mean Gabe had wanted to talk too Brendon about me? He hated me so why would he want to talk about me?
“Aki, are you ok?” he asked with concern in his voice.
“Yeah Bren, I’m dandy” I said faking a smile. “You just go get yourself ready”
“Ok, if you say so” he said before walking out the door leaving me alone with my confused thoughts.

At precisely six I knocked on my brother’s door. Brendon leaned on the doorframe and waited for my brother or Shauna to open it.
“Hey, Aki don’t tell Gabe what I told you earlier. He would kill me” Brendon gave me a pleading look.
“I won’t Brenny Bear, I promise” I pulled him into a hug trying to show him that I truly meant it and that everything was fine between us.
At that exact moment the door opened and a loud massive “Surprise” was thrown at me and Brendon. Still embracing each other we looked up with surprise on our faces. For once I think it was real surprise on my face instead of my usual faked look of surprise. They had definitely caught us off guard. Brendon blushed a bit when realising what it must have looked like, us two standing outside the door locked in an embrace. I just smiled and shrugged it off, it meant nothing. No one inside the house took real notice either, they were used to me and Brendon hugging all the time, but one face was filled with hurt and surprise. Even jealousy and anger. It was the one face I never thought would display those emotions upon seeing me and Brendon hugging. It was Gabe’s face.
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