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Sweet kissing in the moonlight

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The truth is so much sweeter in the moonlight

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This one is shorter but my muse has abandoned me. I already know how this story will end, and it’s going to be a huge surprise, trust me, but I need to find a way to bring the story forward and right now that is hard. But bear with me, I’ll try my best and if you want me to update, please let me know.

Sweet kissing in the moonlight

Several hours later I made my way into the garden to get some fresh air. All of my friends had shown up for my so-called surprise party and it had been a great night. I sat down on a bench in a secluded area of the garden, where the music and voices from the party could not be heard at all, I’m not kidding, Lucian’s garden is huge! I sighed deeply and relaxed for the first time in hours. The party had as said been awesome but there had been one disturbing factor present all night. For some odd reason it felt like Gabe was jealous of every single man I had hugged during the night. This was disturbing since Gabe usually teased me or treated me like dirt. When Ryan had thrown himself at me and kissed me hard on the lips, it almost looked like Gabe had murder in his eyes. I was desperately trying to figure out his sudden jealousy. There was a small voice whispering the answer somewhere in the back of my mind, but I refused to listen to it.

As I sat there in silence I suddenly felt someone sit down next to me. I was thankful for the sudden heat the body provided, I had started to get cold. The two of us simply sat there in comfortable silence, appreciating the beauty of the moonlit garden.
“Happy Birthday” Gabe’s voice almost startled me when it disturbed the silence in which we sat.
“Thanks Gabe” I mumbled. There was a sudden tension in the air and I realised that he had shifted position. He sat closer to me and he reached for my hand. I let him take it and sat there waiting for him to say something. Butterflies had appeared in my stomach and I recalled a conversation between Blair and Chuck from Gossip Girl where Blair states that : “We don’t like butterflies, they have to be killed” or something like that. I on the other hand was not sure if I wanted my butterflies to die. Maybe if Gabe didn’t say the words I deep down wanted him to say then the butterflies would be hunted down and brutally murdered.
“Aki, I need to tell you something” the butterflies was flying faster as I tried to keep my breath steady.
“I know I’ve been acting extremely badly towards you ever since we first met and I’m sorry” He refused to look at me, and instead choose to look at our intertwined hands. “It’s just that there was something about you that brought out that side in me. And for some weird reason I began to feel angry towards Brendon, Ryan and Pete since they all were so close to you, especially Brendon. A couple of weeks ago I realised what it was. I like you Aki, I like you a lot. An the anger I felt was jealousy since I weren’t as close to you as they were. I just wanted you to know this and well I was curious to know if you maybe felt the same…”. At this point the butterflies in my stomach went absolutely crazy and it almost felt like they were trying to escape from my stomach. I didn’t even notice that he had stopped talking and was looking at me. I kept my eyes on our hands and tried to make some sense out of the thousands thoughts that were rushing through my head. Gabe liked me? Was this the thing he had told Brendon? What should I do? What if he is joking? I mean I do like him, but I don’t want to look like a fool. Oh my god, he’s looking at me! What am I going to say? Breathe Aki, breathe!

“Oh Gabe, I don’t know what to say…” an honest answer. I could feel him stiffen, like I had stabbed him with a knife or something. I suddenly got scared, I didn’t want him to think that I rejected him or something like that.
“What I mean, is that I think I like you too, but I’m not sure if you really mean it. C’mon you are a womanizer, anything in a skirt attracts your attention and I’m not looking for a quick flirt but for a real stable relationship which I’m…” my rant was interrupted by his soft lips on mine which sent a tingling sensation through my body. The kiss took me by surprise and before I could react he pulled away.
“Aki, just tell me if that made you feel anything at all” I looked into his eyes and I finally believed that he was telling me the truth. Gabe Saporta liked me. A lot (I refrain from using the word love, since I just recently realised that I didn’t hate the guy). This was exactly what I wanted from him. So I just reacted. This kiss was deeper, more passionate and I tried to put everything I felt into that kiss. We pulled away what felt like hours later so we could breathe. A smile lit up Gabe’s face when he looked at me and I could feel the happiness spreading through my body. He leaned in and brushed his lips against mine.
“Happy Birthday Aki” he whispered, his lips close to my ear.
“I think this is one of my best” I whispered back before his lips met mine once again.

It wasn’t just one of my best birthdays, it was the best birthday. The only one that came close was my eleventh birthday when I got a pony. Yes a real pony, my parents are rich. But having someone telling you they like you as more than a friend is slightly better. Especially if you feel the same way for them. So all in all, it was the best day of my life. What I didn’t know was that my life from this point on was going to be a lot more complicated and I would face some extremely difficult decisions. No, I was more focused on the sweet taste of Gabe and the way his kisses made me feel.

It was sweet kisses in the moonlight.
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