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Chapter II

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Gerard tries to comfort Frank.

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So i thought i put in a little authors note first. This is my first attempt at a decent story. So reviews would be really cool, I'd really like to know if my English is readable, English isn't my first language so maybe the grammar sucks or something xD

Well, i hope you enjoy the story and would love it if you reviewed it.


Gerard POV

I knocked on the door of Frank’s hotel room, there was no answer. Why the hell is there
no answer? I instantly began panicking, Frank liked company he would answer, fuck he
would probably even know I was at the door, he liked my company right? What if he
didn’t like my company, what if I hang around him too much? Oh fuck why am I always
making everything about me, what if something wrong with Frank, oh fuck no what if my
Frankie is hurt, wait my Frankie? he’s not mine. I really gotta stop thinking. Why am I always thinking so much?

Doing it again!

Gotta take action.
I pushed open the door softly, well I didn’t really I rammed the door open and I froze
when I saw Frankie curled up, head against his pillow, desperately trying not to make
any noise but Frankie is crying so hysterically and I feel my heart breaking, my best
friend was hurt and crying with so much pain that I was unable to bear it, but I had to,
I had to be strong now and comfort Frankie if Frankie was alright everything would be

As soon as I came to that realization I rushed to Frankie and began stroking his back,
I bended a little forwards and I moved my mouth closer towards his ear and asked for
him to not be upset, to tell me what’s wrong, I told him I was gonna help him.
Frankie please I pleaded let me help you, please talk to me, I felt him relax just a
little bit and I sighed in relief and I could relax a little bit too now.

Franks POV

I felt my body relax when I suddenly felt someone striking my back, I hadn’t heard
anyone come in, not that that surprised me much.
I felt soft hands sliding over my body and I knew it was Gerard, I didn’t have to look up to know, that scent, these hands moving across my back comforting me, that could only be Gerard.

But oh god no I can’t face Gerard, Gerard would know something was wrong! I can’t tell
Gerard, though at the same time I know Gerard is the only person that can make me
feel better and Gerard is here now right?
So he already knows something’s up, there’s nothing I can do about it anyway.

‘Frankie please tell me what’s wrong’

I snapped back to reality and under my sobs I managed to muffle some words out ‘I’m
so sorry Gerard, I’m so sorry’

Gerard lowered his body and I could feel that he was now laying on the bed too, two
arms grabbed me and Gerard turned me around so we lay face to face.

‘why are you sorry Frankie?’

I considered telling him the truth, I knew I couldn’t lie to him not in a way that he
would believe me, but I couldn’t confess to him either and then suddenly I knew what to
do, this was gonna make everything better.

‘I’m sorry for hurting you’
Gerard gave me a confused look: ‘Frankie when did you hurt me?’
‘Yunno when Gerard’ I slurred out, ‘I slammed you with the guitar’

‘Frankie that doesn’t matter, it didn’t hurt, I’m fine really please just don’t be upset’
‘Yes Gerard is does matter I could see that you were in pain and what if I get someone really seriously hurt sometime? I mean what if I accidentally hit one of you guys in the head with my guitar? That could end really badly, but don’t worry I have a plan’

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