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Chapter III

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Frankie reveals his plan to Gerard, but Gerard doesn't think the plan is that brilliant..

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Gerard’s POV

Oh god what the hell had he gotten in his head now? How could he think that I cared
about him sometimes hitting me with his guitar, how could he think any of us did? We all
love how passionately he plays and we know that we gotta watch out sometimes and how
the hell did he think he could possibly hit someone in the head with his guitar, I mean
he is really short, he couldn’t possibly.

Worst of all why did he think he hurt me so bad, couldn’t he see that it hurt me much
more to see him in so much pain?

‘Frankie the only thing that’s hurting me right now is to see you so upset’

‘Gee, really I’m not upset anymore I know what I’m gonna do’

He suddenly sounded determined and that scared me I mean really I love Frankie but
he’s an idiot and when he’s up to something it can’t be good. Like seriously, he doesn’t
think things through very well, he just goes with it the moment he comes up with the

Like when he decided to learn skateboarding, most people know you gotta start of easy,
not Frankie though, he decides to try the half pipe right away breaking his leg, idiot! Or this time when there was loads of snow and he decided to bury himself in it, cause it
was so much fun, giving himself pneumonia. Or time he was so upset that one of the
bands he loved had made such sucky record, that he decided to put the CD in the
microwave, let’s just say that the CD wasn’t the only thing that got ruined.

So yeah, it think you can understand why this whole ‘don’t worry I got a plan’ didn’t
reassure me too much’

‘Gee, I’m quitting the band’ tears were running down his eyes when he said so, but he
looked determined and I felt like all the air had suddenly disappeared I couldn’t breathe,
I opened my mouth but the words didn’t come out.

Franks POV

The solution to all my problems, (not that I wanna refer to Gee as my problems,
obviously I am the problem,) suddenly was very clear. Why the hell didn’t I ever think
of that before? Quitting the band its genius. If I quit the band I wouldn’t see Gerard
so much anymore and my feelings would disappear and everything would be all right.

Also the reason I gave Gerard for quitting the band was a real good one and now that
am starting to think of it, I really am a danger to all my bandmates what if I did hit someone in the head with my guitar? Why didn’t I realize how dangerous I am before,
god I’m such a fuck up. Quitting this band really is the right decision

I then realized that Gerard still hadn’t said a word since I told him about my brilliant
plan. “Gee?’’ I asked.
Gerard didn’t answer, he was probably really happy , I mean he wouldn’t have to put his
life on the line every time and now he was probably thinking of a way to tell me that it
was a good idea without hurting me. I should probably tell him that it’s okay, that it
won’t hurt me when he tells me how brilliant my plan is and that he’s glad I’m quitting
the band.

“Gee I get it, you think it’s a brilliant idea too, it’s okay really you can tell me it won’t hurt me, I know that it is a brilliant plan’’

Gee’s POV

What the hell? He couldn’t seriously think that was a brilliant plan, even for Frank that
was a ridiculous way of thinking. Oh damn I should really say something to him, he
seems to be thinking that my silence means that I think the plan is brilliant too. I don’t think the plan is brilliant, no sane person would consider that plan brilliant. Not that I want to call Frank insane, actually at the moment I do.

‘Frank have you absolutely lost your mind?’
‘You are not quitting the band, I need you to be in the band, you need you to be in the
band and I need you to need us to be in the band’

Great, what the hell did I just say that made absolutely no sense and if Frank would be
able to make any sense out of that he would think I was a very selfish person. God I
totally sounded selfish. I’d really like to think I’m good with words I mean I am a songwriter, but at the moment I can’t come up with the right words and I’m just making everything worse. Seriously I should be the one quitting the band, I’m such an Idiot!

“Gee skip the act, let’s just go to the part of the conversation where you admit that
maybe I’m right and maybe it is the best way’

“No Frank I won’t’’

‘’No Frank, you’re gonna not say anything until I’m finished talking, you’re just gonna
Frankie you’re not quitting the band, your absolutely insane if you think that’s going to
make things better. Are you seriously that blind?’’

Great I was calling him nuts and blind, what the hell is wrong with me? Who does that,
who calls their best friends nuts and blind? My thoughts were running like crazy when I realized Frankie was staring at me expectantly, oh that’s right I told him to not talk he
sure is a good listener.

I also realized we were still laying next, well I don’t know if you could exactly call it next, Frankie was pretty much laying on top of me, his head on my chest and his arms
around it, my Frankie was laying there so sweet an cute, it felt so good. I mentally
slapped myself, Frankie is not yours you idiot, don’t think of him that way, especially
don’t think of him that way now, Frankie needs you.

“Frankie I mean can’t you see, this band works because you’re in it, this band works
because the five of us are in it. I don’t care how many times you hit me with that
guitar, you can hit me a gazillion times and there’s no way the pain of that would even
come close to the pain I would feel if you quit the band. Frankie you’re my best friend in
the whole world and I need you to be in this band’

So maybe that last part was a little bit selfish, but it made a great ending to my speech, besides it was true.

“Kay I’m done, your aloud to speak again, but if you mention quitting the band again, I
will tickle you to death’ I said with a chuckle, Frankie is a very ticklish person.

Found out authors note's are fun to write, decided to put it at the end of the story. (What makes more sense doing it at the beginning or at the end? I'm not entirely sure)

So i tried to make it a bit longer, i hope you liked it. I found out that i love reviews, so it be great if you did that. It's really motivating me to write, I'm surprising myself by actually having a story that contains more than 1 page.

Well i hope you review and maybe rate, thanks for reading

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