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Hermione's thoughts at Harry's funeral. Mentions of sex. Does not include HBP/DH. Slightly AU.

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Characters: Hermione - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2009/09/15 - Updated: 2009/09/15 - 2797 words



    (#) Cateagle 2009-09-15 03:49:07 PM

    Very, very poignant and moving. You wrote her well and quite believably. You have to wonder just how powerful his children will be given his power and the poewr of his chosen partners.


    Author's response

    Thanks Cat. As I said, Being a widow and knowing others, I know how she feels.

    Given the partners, probably...very!


    (#) Cateagle 2009-09-15 03:51:37 PM

    PS. I should add that this story, in it's own way, reminds me of one of Robert Heinlein's shorter stories, /Requiem/, where, again, a man did what he had to do to keep the world he loved, and those he loved, safe. Totally different stories, but with a somewhat common theme.

    Author's response

    Heinlein has always been one of my favorite writers. I met him at a Sci-Con in Norfolk a couple decades ago. When I asked him to autograph a copy of 'Starship Troopers' I was the only one he made an exception for. Normally, he requires you to donate blood. Since I'd had Malaria, I was prohibited from doing so.

    Anyway. I'll have to look UP Requieum. I don't think I've ever read it.


    (#) wordhammer 2009-09-15 05:21:35 PM

    This was very well-written and moving. If you take the last two books as a hallucination, there's no reason to think Dumbledore was anything less than the flawed but earnest leader of the light you've portrayed here. I used this link
    to kick up the rating for the overall Hutch since ficwad is having its usual dysfunction.
    Thanks for writing.


    Author's response

    Thank you Wordhammer. Personally I think 'hallucination' is the perfect word.

    Though I have seriously suspected Dumbledore from the very beginning, (actually from the end of book one) I wrote this before he openly moved from 'honest-but-bumbling', to 'more-evil-than-Voldemort'.

    Thanks for the kick-up.


    (#) Nautilus 2009-09-15 05:30:12 PM

    its beautifully written... and it touches such a raw emotion within us all... i can't being to understand what you and your daughter have been through but this one-shot does give us a small (very very small) idea of your raw emotion.

    overall i think it was well done, it wasn't too nitty gritty,and just focused on emotion rather then dialogue and plot. congrats...

    i would like to see more from you, but i can understand that this is a difficult topic to write about, not to mention your own dark memories.

    wish you the best for the future.

    Author's response

    Thank you, Nautilus.

    Like 'Discovery', this one was meant to grab the throat. This is one of three stories I wrote that makes me cry every time I read it. I haven't published the third yet.

    My daughter and I have recovered and grown, because we stood by each other. We each had someone to support and be supported by. Now, she's a vivacious, outgoing child with a definite goal in her life...everything I was not at her age.

    You will be seeing more in the future. Such writing, while difficult, is cathartic.

    We both thank you.


    (#) berngarttjo 2009-09-15 05:39:08 PM

    I read a lot of fan fiction. I review very little of what I read. This is one of the ones that definitely merits a review.

    I was very moved by your story. Although I have never been in the military, I know many who have been and have seen from the outside the horrors that war inflicts. Your story was believable, and very moving. Hermione's character reminded me of another young military widow I know. Her husband was killed when she was pregnant with their first child. Having lived through my sister's experience, I could relate to the emotion in this story. Very well done!!!

    Author's response

    Hello, and thank you for making me an exception. To know I have touched someone's heart, is such a fashion is gratifying.

    Hermione (and Ginny, for that matter) is very much like those widows. My wife and our son, died in a automobile collision, but it doesn't make the pain of their loss any less. My daughter and I survived because we had each other.

    So many of our children are called off to die for the greedy old men who run the world, and those left behind are expected to make it on their own. Sigh!

    As someone said "War! Good God, Y'all. What is it good for? Absolutely nothin'!"

    I'm glad you could help your sister through what was the single most painful experience of her life. That's what family is for.

    You're a good man.


    (#) dennisud 2009-09-15 07:02:21 PM

    You got my emotions stirring and I heartily agree in the way you wrote this and though I'd wished harry was there to be the Fantastic father he could have been I see how things had to be.

    Yet I wonder, would he have also impregnated Luna Lovegood given their similarities and such?

    Maybe an idea for another story!

    Author's response

    Hey Dennisud.

    I'm glad it got your blood running.

    Though I agree with you, that's how it often is. Young men go off to die in wars, and young women are left behind. At least here, the master manipulator is dead as well, and the last bastions of pureblood, are all firmly aligned with the light.

    When I wrote this, Luna was still a barely introduced character. (I believe she was more developed in fanon than canon.)

    A pregnant Luna? Hmmm! This bears much thought.


    (#) whatareyouevensaying 2009-09-15 08:24:17 PM

    Really moving piece, I can't say how, but I feel a bit changed from reading it.

    I also really like the fact that you had Ron propose, but you didn't tell us Hermione's answer. That way everyone can imagine what they want to.

    Author's response

    Thank you What...

    I'm happy you were moved. Like Shocking discovery, this was meant to grab the throat.

    As this was written before that awful pile of...typing known as HBP, Ron was still redeemable.


    (#) rharvier 2009-09-15 09:01:15 PM

    Powerful... Reminds me of my uncle when he came back from Vietnam. The things he must have seen, you can see it in his eyes after a case of beer... the hollow lifeless look, eyes that bore witness to things no one should ever have to see.

    Author's response

    I actually couldn't have said it better. I am also a combat vet, though my baptism was in the middle east, and know many others. IMO, the Vietnam vets had it the worst. While war is the ugliest business there is, they had to deal with an uncaring government, an enemy that was everywhere and nowhere, and a hostile civilian population.

    My wife died in a collision on the freeway, but the pain is the same.

    Fortunately, I don't drink.

    If you want to know how to help your uncle, just be there if he wants to talk. Don't push him, though. Even if he doesn't respond in a way you can understand, he'll appreciate it.


    (#) Wolfric 2009-09-18 08:24:08 PM

    Well done. I doubt that when I die there will be any pretty pregnent youg ladys weeping for me; unless they're my great grand kids. Thanks for writing. W.

    Author's response

    While they may not be pregnant, I'm sure they'll be weeping.

    Glad you liked it.


    (#) Hamm_On_Wry 2009-09-18 11:01:24 PM

    Very poignant and moving story. I too have buried an (ex) wife and children and know the guilt the survivors feel. Fortunately I never had any of my friends die while we were in the service, but I did bury a friend who was killed in Vietnam prior to my enlistment.

    While I was never in combat, I honor those of you who were and would like to tell you, thanks for your service and sacrifice to our country and welcome home.
    Hammy (Doc)

    Author's response

    It's never easy to say good bye to someone you love.

    Sometimes I feel I got someone else's share of pain, but i also realize that there is a reason behind it. The Christians believe that God doesn't give you more than you can handle. and the Buddhists, believe that to have such negative karma one must have earned it in a previous existence.

    Either way, I hope I have a better life the next time.

    I also thank you for your welcome. You wouldn't believe how rarely we get them.


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