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I never went back downstairs. I was too scared. In all of my twelve years, my mom had never gotten so angry with me before like that.

Sure she would send me to my room, or tell me to shut up or whatever, but she has never once hit me.

Does my dad know? Will he do it too? I was scared now. My parents were meant to protect me, not beat me.

I stayed where I was for the rest of the night, on my bed, staring out of the window.

I looked opposite and saw Mikey's bedroom.

I could easily climb over there I thought.

No! If my mom found out, she might hit me more.

Then again, she was in bed with my dad now. [no not like that sickos!]

I had a lock on my door, so I locked it, and stared back into my tall friends room. He was there watching TV, so I opened my window and leaned across to knock on his.

Luckily he heard me and opened the window.

"Hey. You okay?" I nodded.

"Can I come over for a while? I'm bored." He said it was fine but not for too long.

"Thanks Mikey."

"No problem. We gotta be quiet though, mom and dad are asleep. It doesn't matter about Gerard, his room's in the basement." I nodded.

Then Mikey stared at my face for a moment. "How did you get that?" He asked pointing to my still red cheek.

"Walked into a wall." I smiled, it was the only thing I could think of.

Luckily he said no more about it.

We talked for a while, getting to know each other a bit more.

"So, when do you start school?"


"Which school are you going to?"

"Belleville High. What school are you at?" He said he was at the same school, and that I could walk with him on Monday.

I was getting a little tired now, but I didn't want to go home yet. I mean who would after your mom hit you for the first time ever.

We talked a little while longer until we heard footsteps coming towards the door. It opened.

"What the hell is she doing here!?"

Gerard P.O.V
I was in the kitchen making something to eat when my mind went back to what I saw earlier.

I will never forget the look on that poor girls face. That red mark that covered the whole of her left cheek.

Snap out of it Gerard! You can't like this girl!

So I continued saying bad things about her under my breath.

"Little bitch thinks she's so cute with her pretty blue eyes and her soft skin and small body which I have thought about seeing naked since I met her..." Oh my god! I'm getting turned on by having these images in my head of her, and me...doing things to her.

Suddenly my pants start feeling a little tight. Quick think of something else!

"Mikey's bare ass! Mom...naked!" Woo, that's better.

I then heard whispers from upstairs, yet I have amazing hearing I know, so I decided to go check it out.

I got to his door and opened it to see my little brother and the girl talking.

"What the hell is she doing here!?"

"Relax Gee, we're talking. She got bored and wanted to come over."

Bored? More like scared!"

"Well, unless you want me to tell mom and dad, I suggest she go home." I looked to her and saw the red mark still on her face, then I looked to her eyes and saw that she was terrified of going home.

"But, I guess I could let it slide...just this once though." She relaxed a little.

Poor girl.

"Thanks Gee, goodnight."

"Night Mikes." I was going to say night to Krissy, but remembered what I had told myself.

I left the room feeling like a jerk.

You have every right to feel that way.

Krissy P.O.V
I stayed with Mikey for another half an hour before going home. It wasn't late still, but I had school tomorrow.

My first day at Belleville High School. I was excited but a little scared, being a new school and everything.

I fell asleep pretty quickly, and woke up to the sound of my alarm clock.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I groaned and got up, quickly hopping in the shower and washing my light brown hair,which I really want dyed but mom won't let me.

Just like that yesterday's events came back to me. The anger, the yelling...the hitting.

I looked in the mirror once I got out the shower and saw that there was a slight bruise under my left eye. I touched it and it still stung like hell.

I got dressed in my favourite Green Day tee and grey skinnies. I slipped on my bright green chucks and put on my Green Day hoodie. I then went to so my make-up.

All I put on was eyeliner. They make my icy blue eyes stand out a mile.

My mom thinks I'm too young to wear make -up, but I wear it anyway. I'm 12, not 5. I'll wear make-up if I want to.

I got my messenger bag ready and slowly stepped towards my plain white, bedroom door. It was still locked, so I unlocked it and opened my door. No one was there, not that I expected there to be anyway.

I went downstairs to find that it was empty, all I found was a note on the kitchen table.

Hey honey,
Good luck with school today.
See you later,
We had to go to work early.
Love mom

Phew! At least I didn't have to see my mom this morning.

Don't speak to soon!

I turned around and saw my mom standing in the doorway.

"Morning honey, your dad has already left, I was about to." She smiled but it quickly faded when she saw I was wearing eyeliner.

"Make-up? I thought I said no make-up!" She yelled. I backed up. Why was she being like this?

"Mom, come on, it's just a little eyeliner." Wrong thing to say.

She came toward me, grabbed my hair and slammed my face into the wall, and then she just left.

I was crying by now. I can't believe this. What was wrong with her? I'm starting to think we should have stayed in Canada.

After wiping my tears and re-doing my eyeliner, and wiping the blood from my bloody nose, I left for school.

On the way, I heard someone shout my name. I turned to see Mikey walking with Gerard. I smiled and went back to walk with them.

"Hey." I said, I saw Gerard roll his eyes and pretend I wasn't there.

"Hey, er, Krissy, you have blood under your nose." Mikey said. I dabbed at my face and saw that there was in fact blood.

"What happened Kris?" I looked at Mikey, then to Gerard, whose eyes were now on me also, and then back at the blood.

"Oh, I fell out of bed this morning." I laughed. Mikey said nothing more and we carried on to school.

Gerard P.O.V
"Mikey! Lets go! We'll be late!" I yelled up to my younger brother.

"Dude, calm down, I'm coming."

He eventually came downstairs and we left for school.

We were slowly walking up the road when Mikey randomly yelled. "Krissy!"

God! I don't wanna walk with her.

Yeah, keep telling that to yourself.

I hate her. Right?

Krissy came walking back toward us and said Hi to Mikey. I just rolled my eyes and continued on the path in front of me.

"Hi, er, Krissy, you have under your nose." My eyes were drawn back to Krissy. There was blood. What the hell was going on in her house.

"Oh, I fell out of bed." She laughed.

I knew she was lying but I couldn't help her. I was slowly starting to hate her bit by bit. I can't go back on that.

The rest of the walk was pretty much quiet except for the whispers from my brother and his friend.

I hate her...I hate her...I hate her.

Seriously, I was beginning to believe these words.

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