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I stayed in the bathroom for the rest of the day, I didn't care if it was my first day or not, I didn't want people seeing me with chocolate milk down me.

So yeah, that means I got home at about five, as I took the long way home.

I got home, praying that my parents weren't home, and this time luck was on my side, as they weren't.

Slipping off my converses, I ran upstairs and in the shower. It felt so good to get all the dirt off me.

About twenty minutes later, I was done, my hair dryed and straightened and I put on some clean clothes.

I wanted to go see Mikey and maybe explained what happened at lunch, but I guess, if he was really worried about me, he would come and see me himself wouldn't he?

As if on que, someone knocked on the front, so I ran downstairs to answer it. I opened the door to see not only Mikey, but another boy, who was really small. I took my mind back to lunch today and realised that this was the boy I saw Mikey with.

"Hey Krissy, you okay? I'm sorry I didn't come round sooner, but I wanted to introduce you to my friend." He said nervously.

"It's okay Mikey, it doesn't matter now, you're here. Hi it's nice to mmet you, I'm Krissy." I greeted the boy.

"Hey, I'm Frank." He seemed cool. His hair was like...brown in the centre and it hung over his right eye, and the other sides were shaven and were blonde or white. It looked really cool.

"Do you wanna go back to my house?" Me and Frank nodded and went over to Mikey's, and I hoped Gerard wasn't there.

Luck may have been on my side before, but it certainly wasn't this time. When we went inside I saw him sitting on the couch, setting up a video game, I think.

"You wanna play guitar hero? Don't worry Kris, hopefully you won't have to play against my brother."

I hesitated at first, but then agreed to play. When we went into the living room, I sat myself next to Frank and we started talking while the Way brothers set up the game.

"So, er...when's your birthday?" What a stupid question to ask Krissy!

"Halloween, October 31st." He stated proudly.

My eyes widened, "No way! Mine too!"

"Serious?" He asked, genuinly intrested.

"Yes I'm serious! Dude that's awesome!" We high-fived then hugged each other. I guess it wasn't only me who got hyper about when their birthday is.

As we talked more and more, we realised that we had nearly everything in common.

"I do love Mindless Self Indulgence, but no way Black Flag is better!" He argued.

"Black Flag are pretty cool, but no! MSI rules!"

"We have so much in common!"

"I know, are you like my long lost twin brother or something!?"

We laughed and looked back at Mikey and Gerard who were staring at us as if we were crazy!

Gerard P.O.V

So she's here again.

I don't like her. I really don't. The way she can be all happy with Mikey and that Frank kid, I hated it.

But I did feel bad about the milk thing.

Yeah, well I take that back! I fucking hate the little bitch! I want her to fucking die!

I gotta admit though, her and Frank did have a fuck load in common. Nearly everything. And I guess, apart from the eyes, I did look a little like each other...

We started playing Guitar Hero. First was me and Mikey. I beat him! Anyone could beat Mikey!

Next was me and Frank. Frank was really good, I knew I was gonna lose, which I did. But not by much.

The bitch didn't wanna go yet, so Mikey played Frank. I don't why he bothered, he lost so bad!

Since I had already played Frank, it was so her turn. And woah! Her and Frank were really going at it! I've never seen two people play so hard at Guitar Hero, they were both so fucking good! I honestly didn't know who was gonna win, it was so close between them.

In the end she won.

"Oh yes, beat that motherfuckers!" She did a little victory dance before sitting back down, "Mikey, playing?"

I looked at my younger brother and fuck, his face was a picture. His eyes were wide and his jaw was on the floor.

"No thanks, I'm good." He mumbled.

"I'll play." I said, shocking everyone around me. I took the guitar from Frank and settled on the floor next to queen bitch.

Yeah, so she won, and made a huge deal out of it too.

A few hours later, I was in my room, not really doing anything. I was bored pretty much. I decided to have a smoke. My parents knew I smoked so I never attempted to hide the smell of smoke from my room.

As I lit it, there was a knock on my bedroom door. Sighing, I got up to answer it.

Stood behind that door, was bitch.

"Er, hi." She said nervously. I didn't say anything, just stared at her with a bored expression shown on my face.

"Yeah,, this probably won't work but er...I just wanted to say that when we met, things didn't really start off well did they? So I'm sorry if I did anything wrong to upset you or anything, and if I did, I didn't mean yeah I'm sorry and I hope we can start again?" Her voice sounded so hopefull I was tempted to forgive her and be friends, maybe then it would turn into something more.

But no. I was more interesting in my pride.

Instead of saying anything, I took a drag and blew the smoke in her face, which she cringed and coughed at.

Then I slammed the door in her face.

Krissy P.O.V
Two years later...

Today was mine and Frankie's 14th birthday and we were super excited. Well him more excited than me. My excitment was fake this time.

It was because of my parents why I wasn't excited. Last week, they bought a 'friend' round to see me. His name was Todd Wilkons. And about 15 years older than my parents. Of course it was their idea to bring him home. Of course it was their idea to pretend to be asleep so he could come in my room.

Of course it was their idea for him to touch me in inappropriate places when I said no!

"Mom, I'm home from school!" I called to her, and prayed I was home on time. Yes my mom was still beating me. It's been two years since it started and now even my dad has joined in.

"Oh Krissy good you're home. Me and your father have a friend round that we like you to meet, follow me." She had one of those smiles on her face that told me she was up to something, and I knew it wasn't going to be long until I found out that something.

I followed her into the living room and was met with a strange man with dark brwn hair, going slightly grey. He wore a red polo that was tight against his beer gut and a pair of jeans. His name, Todd Wilkons and he was 45 years old.

Later that night, I was in my room reading a book in my bed. I heard a light tapping noise and looked out my window and saw Mikey and Gerard in Mikey's room. Mikey waved while Gerard just glared at me. I waved back and glared at Gerard.

I then closed my curtians, so he couldn't distract me from my book any more. Not long after, I heard the door open to my room with a loud creaking sound. I heard it close again.

I looked towards my door and Todd stood there with a evil grin.

"Hello Krissy."

"What do you want?" I asked quietly.

He shrugged and sat next to me on my bed. What happened next, I wanted to forget. He placed my book on the bed side table and tugged the covers off me.

Then, he pulled me down so that I was no longer sitting, but laying.

He pulled down my pj bottoms and my panties, I tried stopping him, but he wouldn't listen.

"Shut the fuck up you little bitch." He whispered harshly to me.

Without warning, he began pumping two fingers in and out of me, his thumb started rubbing against me.

I tried stopping it, but I found myself starting to like the feeling, even though it was wrong too. It was wrong for him to be doing this to me.

Before long, my body shook as I came, even though I tried to hold it back. I hated that he was making me feel this way, I shouldn't feel this way.

I thought he was going to leave after that, but no. I heard the sound of his jeans being unzipped.

"Suck me bitch."

Of course I didn't want to, I was scared he might hurt me if I didn't though. When he was done, I wanted to spit the horrible liquid out, but he made me swallow every last bit. When he finally did leave, I ran to my bathroom and threw up.

That was last week, but I knew he would continue to do anything, as I was too scared to stop it.

Gerard P.O.V

It's been two years since I made the choice not start again with my younger brother's best friend. I was happy with my decision. I hated her with everything I had, and I knew she felt the same. We were always fighting and yelling. Mainly when my parents weren't home. I didn't want my own mom yelling at me as well.

Frank and Mikey have tried to stop all of this. But really it's fun to torment her.

Although I hated her, I was starting to feel really, really guitly about doing nothing with what her parents do to her. Mikey and Frank are never around to hear it, but I always hear it. Her screaming in her own home fucking gets to me all the time.

I hear her screaming 'stop, please stop!'. I'm such a jerk. If she ends up dead one say, I don't what I would do.

Maybe I could get her out of her, without her knowing it's me that's helping. I could still hate her and everything, but I would feel better knowing that she's safe.

Fuck! Does that make sense?

I got that guilty feeling in my stomach again just the other day when Mikey came back from her house.

I heard the door slam from upstairs and knew Mikey was home, as my parents were out of town for a while.

As I was thirsty, I went to get a drink, but stopped in my tracks when I saw Mikey with his head in his hands sitting at the kitchen table.

"Mikes, you okay?" I asked.

He shook his head, "I feel physically sick Gee."

"Why what's wrong?"

He brought his head up and I saw tears in his eyes, "I think something's wrong with Krissy."

I rolled my eyes, he is forever going on about her, and when Frank's round here, they don't stop talking about her. What the fuck is so great about her anyway?

"What about her?"

"I don't know it's just...she seems really different today. She wouldn't admit it when I asked her, but I know I saw bruises on her arms. She wore a shit load of makeup which made me think she had another bruise and...and..."

"...and what Mikey?"

"There was something on her bed. Like a stain."

I shook my head, not understanding what he was on about.

"You know like...fuck Gerard you're so dumb! Fucking cum Gerard, on her fucking bed!"

I never let it show on the outside, but on the inside I was screaming 'I need to get her the fuck out of there!'

"So?" Was all I asked him.

"So? Fucking SO!? Is that all you can say. She's only thirteen, next week she's fourteen. She's not the type of girl to do stuff like that with boys unless she was serious with someone, and I know she isn't."

I shurgged, "Maybe you don't know her that well after all. Maybe she is the type of girl to do that."

He shook his head, "She wouldn't Gee. She's not one of your sluts that you bring home every day. She's a nice, normal girl. I think something's going on in that house."

I rolled my eyes and turned away and said to him, "Quit being so delusional Mikey. She's just a whore." And I went back down to my room in the basement.

I really do need to get out of there.
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