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Scorched Earth

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in which Harry plays a small joke on the Slytherins… and the Headmaster. Minister of Magic Fudge reacts to the loss of his sugar daddy… uh, good friend Lucius, while Draco demands revenge. Ha...

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  • Harry Potter and the Sun Source

    (#) pooyan 2009-11-13 11:48:36 PM

    Good story , i hope you update quicker than this, but still it is good wait.
    Does story will have a ship ? harry with who ?
    And does he know about his money at gringots ?
  • Harry Potter and the Sun Source

    (#) rejeimha 2009-11-14 01:36:04 AM

    Fleur is still alive!?! Well, I guess maybe in a way, yes? That must suck having little to no control over your own body. That has to be worse than rape, and the fact that she is still fighting him for control is a huge testament to her strength.
    Harry is such a man-whore, and he doesn't even find those ladies to be close to his ideals. i guess ever character needs its flaws.
  • Harry Potter and the Sun Source

    (#) DrT 2009-11-14 04:03:48 AM

    Excellent use of Fudge, Fleur, and the weres. I really enjoyed this chapter; thanks for the update
  • Harry Potter and the Sun Source

    (#) thomaswatts 2009-11-14 05:17:27 AM

    For someone raised with such discipline as Harry has been, he treats those not Asian and male with a lack of respect that truly diminishes his character.
    'If you want to see the true measure of a man, watch how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.'
    I don't know where JK pulled the above from, but it is a great quote.
    How Harry treats the others around him portrays much more about Harry's character then anything he does or says. I personally think your Harry is an inconsiderate ass hat.
    I will, however, keep reading to see who the first woman that survives the 37 steps is. Fleur maybe? I hope it's Hermione or Luna.
  • Harry Potter and the Sun Source

    (#) erik 2009-11-14 06:44:04 AM

    A great fun read, thanks.
  • Harry Potter and the Sun Source

    (#) timm1131 2009-11-14 07:19:59 AM

    "The children of Sinanju are hungry."I actually giggled when I read that.The Barely Adequate One has learned his fathers lessons well.The Destroyer series was a great chioce for a crossover.
  • Harry Potter and the Sun Source

    (#) chrisguy9017 2009-11-14 09:37:11 AM

    LOl if he has a crush on mMille then he'll prbly be inlove with Mrs. Weasly
  • Harry Potter and the Sun Source

    (#) jabarber69 2009-11-14 10:47:14 AM

    oh thank you for updating....I simple love this story....also that prank on the slyterins girls has got to be a classic! also the scene between chiun and remo also a classic....and great fight scene between harry and the weres.
  • Harry Potter and the Sun Source

    (#) Cateagle 2009-11-14 11:47:53 AM

    I had to giggle at the use of "it's for the children" against Dumbledore; that's a fitting riposite to his "for the greater good". The prank on the Slytherin girls and the headmaster was amusing and I wonder how long it's going to take Filius to figure it out and how to fix it (since he's not a parsletongue, actually fixing the ward might be difficult for him). The bit with Fenir and friends was amusing, it rather reminded me of the scene in Eric Flint's story (set in David Weber's Honor-verse) "From The Highlands" where two humans near the far ends of the bell curve of unmodified human ability explain, while painfully and fatally demonstrating, to a Scrag that average ability differences don't matter when you get down to individual combat. The discussion between Tonks and Susan was fun as they realize that Harry's a single teenage male and is enjoying himself. Finally, I like the idea of Harry finding Millie very attractive, that could be the basis of an interesting relationship, especially if they could maintain it long term.
  • Harry Potter and the Sun Source

    (#) Jden 2009-11-14 12:51:35 PM

    Another fine chapter well worth the wait. You do realize you have better writing skills than some of the so called published authors right?

    Author's response

    - I'll believe that when someone starts paying me to write.

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