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'my back was against the head rest and her body was sat facing me in-between my legs, the front of her body touching mine. Her face was nuzzling into the side of my neck; my hand was on the back of...

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Okay, thank you for the lovely reviews and ratings! I'll get on with the chapter now! Enjoy!


Gerard's POV

Rhi was asleep on my chest, lightly stirring in her sleep. Sighing deeply every so often and mumbling in her dreams. I was happy there, watching her chest move up and down as she breathed, listening to her nearly incoherent mumbles.

Suddenly she shot up, looking franticly around as if to check for danger before turning her body round to look at me, sleepily.
"Hey." She croaked and flung her arms into the air, stretching. I slowly sat up and wrapped my arms around her tiny waist, pulling her closer so my back was against the head rest and her body was sat facing me in-between my legs, the front of her body touching mine. Her face was nuzzling into the side of my neck; my hand was on the back of her head; lightly and discretely keeping her there. "Thank you for everything you've done." She mumbled into my neck, I felt her lips moving as she talked against my neck, her warm breath on my neck.
"It's okay. I wish I could of got their sooner." I sighed and pulled her tighter, not that I could puller her much tighter, she had already pressed herself tightly against my body. She sighed and tightened her arms around my neck.
"Urgh I need a tooth brush! And a shower! I better go home and do that there."
"No!" I almost shouted, I wasn't ready for her to go home. "We've got a new spare toothbrush and a shower, you can have one here."
"Thanks" she mumbled into my neck again. The way this was going I wasn't going to be able to control myself, her lips; however innocent, on my neck were driving me crazy.
"Are you going to look at me?" I half joked.
"No." She replied in a child like tone, like a brat who wasn't getting their own way.
"Why not?"
"I look like shit and my mouth tastes disgusting, I hate to think what my breath smells like" I felt her grimace.
"Rhi, whatever you look like, you're beautiful." 'Shit! Did you just say that out loud you douche?' I can't believe I'd been stupid enough to say that, I grimaced at the thought of what her reply would be; if she would call me a freak or a pervert, tell me to get away from her, storm out of my house and refuse to speak to me again...
"Gerard, are you still drunk?" she giggled "Or did you just forget to take your beer goggles off?" she laughed at her own joke before pulling back right to the end of the bed; still trying to cover her face. "Can I use your shower please?" she asked politely but with a hint of desperation in her voice.
"Sure you know where it is," I smiled and pointed to my un-suite.
"Urm, can I borrow some clothes please? God I feel like a hobo asking you for everything!" She also asked this very politely but with a hint of embarrassment on her face and a flush of red on her pale cheeks.
"Yeah sure, here." I opened up my closet and pulled her over to it. "Take your pick. Boxers and socks are in the second draw." she grabbed one of the smaller t-shirts and a pair of cut of skater shorts. I found her a belt and she grabbed a pair of 'Spiderman' boxers and polka dot socks.
"Thanks" she whispered as she closed the bathroom door.

I soon heard the shower turn on and Rhi step in. I sighed and walked out to find some food. I could smell the sweet scent of pancakes wafting from the kitchen.

A/N: okay! There you go! I have some music to suggest today, the 'Ministry Of Sounds Electro 80s' album is amazing! even though I wasn't even alive when these song were written they're amazing. I think it may of effected my writing style slightly, I have no idea.
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