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'I felt my fist slam down onto the table. I hadn't realised how angry I had become.'

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A/N: okay I'm on my iPod again so excuse any mistakes or anything else. I'll edit in the morning if needed. This is again, a filler as most chapters are from my iPod. It's focusing mainly on the other characters because people are asking very nicely for them :). Also, I would like to educate you in some Brittish music; the title for this chapter is the title of a song by Adam and the Ants who were around in the 70s and 80s. They were amazing! Anyway google them! Enjoy!

Gerard's POV

"Good morning Gerard!" my mom said as I entered the room. The guys were still here stuffing their faces with food. 'Hang on! Morning that means it's been two days since the party.'
"Wait it's been two days?" I asked, checking my sense in time. my mom picked up her keys and kissed me lightly on the cheek before walking out the door to work.
"Yeah that means you've been locked in your room with a girl for two days! Well done old chap!" Frank giggled. Mikey threw a piece of toast at him. It hit him straight in the eye. Everyone laughed.
"You can't stay stuff like that Frank!" Mikey scolded "Not after what happened to her Friday night." Every one in the room went quiet. Ray shook his head and Bob sighed.
"Did anyone see who did it?" Ray suddenly broke the silence with a question we all wanted the answer to.
"Have you asked her?" Bob questioned me.
"She just woke up. It's not like the first thing I'm gunna ask her is who raped her. She's trying to forget about it. But I sure as hell wanna find out so I can teach them a fucking lesson!" I felt my fist slam down onto the table. I hadn't realised how angry I had become. I took deep breaths and helped myself to a pancake and a waffle.
"Hang on!" Mikey pondered "If it's been two days why the hell are you lot still here?" he asked looking around at the others.
"I stayed to see how Rhi is." said Ray.
"Me too, poor girl." croaked Frank, we had been the two to find her in the mouth the the alleyway where the attack had happened. The sight had hit him hard. Bob was the only one left to voice his reason why. He hadn't really been paying attention, he was too busy finishing off the last parts of his waffles. When we all turned to him he stared and said
"I stayed for your moms waffles, they're so damn good!" when we all stared at him in a mix of disbelief and disgust he finally latched on to what we were talking about. "Oh god! I care about Rhi too I mean I thought..." he trailed off and looked at his plate, looking bright red. We all began to laugh at him. Bob even joined in.

A/N: there you go. I have to admit Bob is one of the funnyest people in the world for expressions, you just have to love him. Anyway, R&R, you know you want too!
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