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Your Just A Liar

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Sleep didn’t come to me I tried so hard to fall asleep but I just stared at the ceiling thinking about him. I hated that I was thinking about him I didn’t won’t to but my mind wouldn’t let him go. My mind wouldn’t shut off thoughts just flooded my mind. Before I knew it morning how come I look at the clock to see group therapy was about to start. I got up from my bed and walk down the hallway.

I was too tired to even walk I don’t even know how I made it to the room, I could fall down any minute. I open the wooden doors to see Gerard in the same spot. I walk over to the chair next down and lay my head back. Maybe I could sleep through this I thought to myself, I had nothing to say anyway so why would it matter. Before I knew it my eyes closed and I feel asleep finally.

Hour later I felt someone shaking me I open my eyes to see Gerard over me, I just look at him. Once I was awake I look around to see everyone gone I must have slept through everything.

“ Did I miss group therapy” I ask him

“ Yeah nothing new happen to me it’s a waste of time” He said

“I agree everyone will just lie about what they say” I replied while getting up.

“You only lie everyone else is too afraid to talk” He said

“How do you know everyone else doesn’t lie” I ask while looking at him for an answer

“I just can like I said I can’t explain how I know things it hard but I just know you’re the only one who lies,” He said before leaving the room.

I just stood there not knowing what to think how someone I never met before can know so much about me. I had so many questions but it seems my questions would never get answer. I wanted to know more about him it started to freak me out I never wanted to know so much about someone as I do him. I was liar I wasn’t suppose to like anyone.

After standing there for a few minutes I finally left the room I was going to find Gerard, the first place I look was outside I had a feeling he would be out there. As I got closer to the doors, I saw him sitting on the wall looking at the sky. I open the glass doors and walk over towards him.

“I had a feeling you would be coming out here,” He said without moving.

I didn’t reply back I just sat down next to him and look at the sky I had some many questions to ask him but now my questions are gone I can’t explain why. Something about him makes me feel normal and I hated it but yet like it. I turn to him and ask,

“Do you think people can change?”

He looked at me with emptiness in his eyes, I do not know why I ask him that question I was shock that I even ask it. I do not think people can change no matter how hard you try you will always be your old self. Just as I will always be a liar even if I did tell the truth, no one would believe me. He stared at me for what seem like for hours until he said,

“People can change if they really wanted to” He said

“But people will always be the same deep down they never change” I replied

“People can change what they did not who they are, just like you can change what you did you just can’t change who you really are,” He said while still looking at me.

“ I do not won’t to change” I replied

“ You never thought about changing? Not once? “ He ask

“ I almost did but I would never change. I’m a liar that’s who I am. “ I replied while looking at him.

“ You’ll change sooner or later you’ll start to want to change. But who would believe you? Your just a liar” He said while walking away.

Your just a liar

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