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Authors Note: Please Read

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Please read, its nothing bad, it's just explaining what's going on.

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Okay, this is just an authors note, please read all the same.
I am so sorry I haven't updated, would you believe me is I told you the true excuses? I hope you will;
-On Sunday night my arm went into spasm, I couldn't use it until Tuesday.
-On Tuesday, I got picked up in my mums car early from school, the doors were locked and I was driven to a hospital to have a blood test, most people would find this as traumatic as me but I am an extreme Trypanophobiac (afraid of needles) and it took them an hour to convince me into the hospital, another hour to convince me into the room and five nurses pinning me down, numbing spray, MCR blasting through my head phones, the threat of never seeing MCR live again and a bribing of tickets to the Underage Festival to get me to have the actually blood test, after which I fainted.
-Wednesday I was on a school trip seeing Wicked, it was crap, sorry to anyone who likes it.
-Thursday, Parents evening, listening to people talk about you isn't fun, especially when you find out you're possibly dyslexic.
-Today (Friday), I just made gingerbread stars and now I feel sick because I ate loads.
-Tomorrow until Friday 5th March, I have three GCSE Science tests, I need to revise every free minute I have.

So to conclude, I probably will not update until Saturday 6th March, I'm so sorry! I really need to revise though but as soon as the test are over, I'll be back, writing is my release, and not writing is really pissing me off, but I have to do well in school so, you know. Anyway, I'm sorry sorry but I'll be back next Saturday! Sorry!
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