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December 22, 1978

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Joe's whereabouts from the night before raise questions.

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December 22, 1978
Joe's POV

It's early in the morning and I'm in the kitchen, having a cup of coffee while reading the local newspaper. I look up from my newspaper when I hear someone walk in the kitchen. It's my mom and she's grinning at me "Are you hiding?"
I laughed "Yes mom and you've found me."
She laughs and gets a cup from the cupboard. She pours herself a cup of coffee and walks to the table. We smiled at each other and I set my eyes back on the newspaper.   
"Where were you yesterday?" I heard my mom ask. I frozed and looked up at her "What?"
"When Elissa picked me up from the airport, we got here to find that you weren't here. Where were you yesterday?" 
Man, I don't even want to answer that. She's not going to be so happy. I mean, how do you think her reaction would be if I told her what I was doing? She would yell at me! I had to lie.
"I went over to Stevens house to go talk and have a few beers. When I left, I hit traffic. Sorry mom."
After I said that, I heard someone else walk in the kitchen. It was Elissa. She looked pissed.
"We need to talk, now!" Elissa spoke in a frightening tone. Almost frightening enough to make me want to dash out of the house and never come back. I have to admit, she scares me. 
I got up from my chair "Yeah sure."
I followed her up the stairs and to our bedroom. She closed the door and glared at me. Oh shit....
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