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Harry has defeated Lord Voldemort, but all is not as it seems. Betrayal, dark ambition, and schemes that Harry wants no part of force Harry to flee to France, where he may meet the one person who c...

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Disclaimer: I am not JKR, I am not even female. The characters and canon events do not belong to me, some non-canon events also do not belong to me, but to other fan fic authors, as there are several things I have probably stolen from other stories (consciously or unconsciously) so to those authors who recognize elements from their stories this is not a blatant attempt to steal from you, but an acknowledgement of your great writing, which I use to try to make mine better.

P.S.-sorry for the long disclaimer but I wanted to cover all angles.
Note: Some canon events have been changed to fit the storyline, which takes place after “The Half Blood Prince.” The list is.

• Dumbledore is still alive.
• All the horcruxes have been destroyed by Harry and Dumbledore.
• The Death Eaters did not break into Hogwarts at the end of HBP, and Draco was executed by Voldemort as a result.
• Fleur is not dating Bill they found there were too many differences to make it work.

Cah11 humbly presents:
Chapter 1: An Ending, and A Beginning

It was over. It was finally over.

Lord Voldemort, lay dead, along with 150 minor Death Eaters, and the entirety of his Inner Circle.

Harry Potter just stood there for a moment, letting the knowledge sweep through him that Tom Riddle, The Dark Lord, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Lord Voldemort; however you wanted to refer to him as, was dead.

The minor Death Eaters had been no problem for Harry to dispatch, they were grunts, cannon fodder, used against the Aurors, and the Order to drain them of their strength before the Inner Circle joined the battle for the killing blow. Harry had dropped every single one of them with an ancient stunning spell variant he had found one day in the library’s restricted section.
The spell was called levitaschain or Chain Lightning. It was a spell that caused all the targets muscles to spasm and go out of control, and then left them paralyzed on the floor, much like a muggle stun gun. The big difference is that when the spell hit its target it automatically split and targeted all warm bodies within a ten yard radius of the original target, thus the chain effect.

Begin Flashback

Voldemort’s plan had doomed that portion of his defense, as he had ordered his Death Eaters to challenge Harry in the antechamber of his thrown room, thinking that this would give his minions a chance to kill the boy, after all 150 Death Eaters, against one 16 year old boy in a 100x200 yard room, all they had to do was fill the boys end of the room with killing curses and that was that. Unfortunately the small size of the room kept all the Death Eaters in close proximity to one another, and so the spell Harry had fired had incapacitated every one of them before any of them could even begin the fatal curse.

After that Harry had focused his power on the Thrown Room door, and with a yelled Reducto the door had blown in, causing several pieces of shrapnel to injure Malfoy Sr., Redulfus Lestraunge, and Peter Pettigrew. Voldemort himself had been in the line of fire, but had managed to shield himself at the last minute.

“How nice of you to join us Potter.” Voldemort had sneered “What took you so long in defeating my fodder, surely even a half blood like yourself could handle weaklings like them in less time then the 5 minutes it took you.”

“Lord Voldemort, I Harry James Potter hereby challenge you to a duel to settle a blood feud between House Potter, and House Riddle, do you accept?”

Harry’s challenge had been in little more than a whisper, but everyone in the room had heard him all the same. There was something in that voice that unnerved them, even Bellatrix had looked uneasy for a moment before hitching the smirk back on her face and, cackling madly said, “What do you mean blood feud, you are not the head of your House, your magical guardian Dumby is in control of your family rights until you reach your majority.”

“Normally, that would be true Bellatrix.” Voldemort answered, “But if I am thinking right, the boy somehow managed to convince Dumbledore to allow him to be emancipated, am I right boy?”
“You are.” Harry answered, “And I say again how do you answer my challenge? Affirmative, we duel to the death, with the spoils of the dead going to the victor. Negative, you are stripped of your magic, holdings, properties, and titles, which would all transfer to me.”

“Foolish boy you actually think you can out duel me, Lord Voldemort, the most powerful wizard in modern history? You shall have your duel, and you shall die under my wand, begging for mercy.”

“How do you want to do this Tom?” Harry asked, “Wands only, wands and swords, all weapons allowed?”

“Tell you what Potter, I am feeling especially good today, on account that I’m about to kill you, I’ll let you use any weapon you want while I just use my wand.”

“Do you swear a wizards oath to only use your wand Tom? I can’t have you reneging on a promise like that in the middle of the fight if I start to win.”

Voldemort scowled, he had hoped that the boy would not make him swear to a magically binding contract to only use his wand, but no matter, he still had nearly 60 years of experience on the boy, no matter what weapon he used, he would probably not be proficient with it to a degree that would endanger his life.

“Very well Potter, I promise on my life, and my magic that I shall only use my wand in the duel against Harry James Potter, and no other weapons, so mote be it.”
“So mote be it.”

There was a flash of light that connected Voldemort to Harry for a few seconds, then it disappeared, and instantly the two combatants drew their wands. The Inner Circle arranged themselves around Harry and Voldemort in an oval and then stood very still to watch the duel, there was little doubt in any of their minds that Voldemort would win, after all he was The Dark Lord.

Both combatants bowed slightly to their opponent neither taking their eyes from the other, before pausing for an instant, waiting to see who would strike first, a lot could be gleaned about a person based on their opening spells. Voldemort fired first, Crucio Harry dodged the torture curse and cast an incarcerous, Voldemort banished the conjured ropes and then transfigured several pieces of wood on the floor into several small steel daggers. Waving his wand he banished the daggers at Harry who ducked behind a marble column wincing as he heard the daggers bury themselves to the hilt in the thick rock. Stepping out again Harry began to cast Reducto, protego, incarcerous, sectumsempra, Cupiditas Incendia, all in a sequence that lasted no more that 6 seconds. Five of the spells flew toward Voldemort, while the sixth created an invisible shield around Harry to protect him while he readied the last phase of his mad scheme. Voldemort had been surprised when Harry displayed knowledge of the sequence known as “the tester”. The sequence was known thus because each spell (minus the protego) was a slightly different offensive spell in nature, and therefore needed a slightly different magical shield signature to block it, much like a plant needed several different pigments on its leaves to absorb different wavelengths of light. Thus the spell “tested” the mages ability to change the resonance of his shield to block the five slightly different curses. He shielded the reductor curse, and banished the ropes again, he shielded the cutting curse, and attempted to dodge the fire charm but it hit him on the shoulder, which erupted into flame. Cursing Voldemort said “aquamente” expecting the fire to go out, instead the bright green flames sizzled and began to burn more furiously, causing Voldemort to howl with pain. Quickly reaching up he grasped the outer robe and threw it off watching in stunned amazement as the garment, which had many protective spells on it, was engulfed in green flames. Racking his brain, Voldemort tried to recall the name of a spell that conjured green flames. At first he couldn’t remember the spell, and when he did, he went paler than usual; only one spell in all of recorded history had produced unquenchable green flame. Cupiditas Incendia or Greek Fire, the spell had been lost to time during the Dark Ages, or so everyone thought, apparently Potter had found the incantation somewhere, and could actually use it. Hearing two clicks, Voldemort spun round to see the boy holding two objects in his hands. Both were small, black, and had a hole in the end that was pointing at him. Voldemort laughed “What is this Potter, a practical joke, I know your father was a Marauder before I ended his pathetic existence, but even he managed to stay serious during a fight.”

“Well,” Harry said, “Maybe he should have joked around then too, maybe then he would have survived.” Then he pulled both triggers.

The handguns bucked in his hands firing two 10 millimeter bullets traveling at just over the speed of sound toward Voldemort, who was so surprised when he felt two searing pains in his chest that he did not even think to shield himself against the next two incoming projectiles that impacted his left thigh, and right below his left lung. The next two shots brought Voldemort to the floor, due to the bullets lodging themselves in his stomach, and his right kneecap. Voldemort began to feel his powers wane as his magic tried to close the small puncture wounds in his chest and legs, but the bullets had been enchanted by Harry with a magic repelling spell, it was a spell that after it was cast, made the object impossible to spell, or be affected by ambient magic. As Voldemort’s magic drained, trying to replace blood lost out the 6 puncture wounds, he heard as if from far away several more gun shots and bodies hitting the floor, and each time a shot was heard, his power decrease, and he came to realize that the Potter boy was now killing off his Inner Circle, as he leached each member of a small portion of their power, and that power was disappearing.

The last thing Voldemort ever saw was the Potter boy coming over and leaning over his dying body and saying “Are you ready for the next great adventure Tom?”

Voldemort smiled “Foolish boy, I will live on, you do not even know how but I will continue to exist.”

“Ah, I believe you are referring to your horcruxes Tom, yes I know of them” Harry said smiling at Voldemort’s look of horror, “Don’t worry Tom I’ve already disposed of them all, I’m sure some poor sap will take pity on your soul and try to redeem you, my personal opinion, you can burn in Hell.” Then Harry pressed the pistol to Voldemort’s head and pulled the trigger. With a loud report, Voldemort’s head disappeared in a fine red mist and the headless body finally lay still.

End Flashback.

Harry stood there over Voldemort’s headless body and thought about all the changes this would lead to. The prophesy was fulfilled; now Harry could have a life, a family, and a real career. Harry thought about the future he could now have with Ginny, the kids they could now raise in safety, and the fact that now they could actually go out in public without having to constantly be looking over their shoulders for Death Eaters or other maniacs trying to kill them when their backs were turned. Harry could finally go back to the people he loved, hold his head high and say to them truthfully, “We can live again, there’s no reason to be afraid anymore.”
Suddenly there were several loud POPs behind him. Spinning on the spot and bringing the pistols up to bear, in case it was more Death Eaters apperating in to try to aid their dead master. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw it was only Dumbledore and three members of the order of the phoenix. Dumbledore took one look around, spotted Harry and turned red, this was not part of the plan, the boy was supposed to last long enough to weaken Voldemort, and then die without a fuss, then Dumbledore could ‘single handedly’ overwhelm Voldemort and regain the kind of fame he had after his victory over Grindelvold; fame that he had been wielding before the spot light was stolen by the boy with his “defeat” of the Dark Lord Voldemort. Now he comes here expecting to have a relatively easy duel with Voldemort, instead he arrives to see “The Boy Who Lived” standing victorious over Voldemort’s headless body. This would not do, he needed to alter the situation, permanently. It was a good thing he had prepared Alastor, Mundungus, and Nymphadora for this eventuality, as unlikely as it had seemed to him that Harry would actually live.
“Professor, it is done, Voldemort is dead. We can…”

Dumbledore brought his hand up, pointed at Harry and shouted “Mundungus, Alastor, Nymphadora, attack and capture Harry at all costs.”

Immediately the three wizards at his side pulled wands out and rushed at Harry firing spells as they ran. Harry, not expecting this, barely managed to shield himself from the variety of spells while yelling. “Guys, what are you doing, we’re on the same side.”

“Wrong Potter,” Mundungus shouted “You wouldn’t let me have the Black house artifacts, you didn’t value them yourself, they just sat in that house and gathered dust. I could have found them new owners, and made a little money for myself. What harm could it have done, instead you insisted on being noble, and letting all that valuable treasure sit in the house and rot. Well no more, after your dead, Dumbledore will allow me to get at those beauties, and then I will be rich enough to never have to work again.”

“You Alastor?” Harry asked with a betrayed look.

“Harry,” Mad-Eye grunted. “You must understand, a person should wield only so much power. Once that threshold has been broken, the person will eventually be corrupted by his power and will turn evil, like Voldemort. I am simply trying to do what is best for the world in general and head off the next Dark Lord before he can be realized.”

“Tonks?” Harry asked in a hurt voice.

With tears in her eyes Tonks replied. “I’m sorry Harry, but I agree with Mad-Eye, I’ve seen it too many times before. The person gains so much power and at first their motivations are pure and they use their power for good, but after a while the means begins to justify the ends, and they turn Dark. This is for your own good, wouldn’t you rather die now, with the knowledge that you prevented the rise of a new Dark Lord, rather than become that Dark Lord.”

“No Tonks.” Harry whispered, “I wouldn’t, I didn’t go through hell and back for 16 years only to die now before I have truly lived, I’m sorry about this but…” and faster than any of them could react he cast for the second time that night “levitaschain.”

The spell hit Alastor first, as he was in the middle then chained to Tonks, and Mundungus, all of whom fell over and past out.

“Harry!” Dumbledore shouted, “Stop, if you surrender to me now I will make your death painless, even humane, all you would have to do is overdose on the draft of living death, a peaceful slip into oblivion, that’s all.”

“I know what you have done Dumbledore,” Harry said coldly “you have brainwashed my friends against me, you tested me with the crystal of ambition, and there is no dark ambition in my soul. If we were to test you right now, no doubt it would tell a very different story. I will come back and expose you for the traitor you are, and then I will dispose of you.”
“Harry this is exactly the thing Alastor, and Nymphadora were trying to warn you about. You are already talking of killing me, your own teacher, who else would you be willing to kill if you could stoop that low? Hermione? Ron? Ginny?”

Dumbledore’s insinuations that Harry would inflict pain on his friends had brought his fury to the boiling point, but at the casual suggestion of Harry even touching Ginny in a way that would harm her set Harry off like a cannon. Harry’s pistols were in his hands and he was standing in front of Dumbledore so fast that the Headmaster did not even have time to blink.
“If you think that I would harm even a hair on Ginny’s head then you are clearly bonkers.” Harry yelled “I will not kill you because as you said that would drive me down the path to darkness and it is not a path I wish to follow, however…”

And taking careful aim Harry shot Dumbledore in both kneecaps, shattering them to pieces.
As the Headmaster fell to the floor with a scream Harry said, “This is retribution for past sins you have committed against me and for the smear campaign against me you will no doubt start tomorrow in the Daily Prophet. And don’t try fixing you knees with magic, it won’t work, you’ll have to get them repaired the muggle way.”

Dumbledore paled as he thought about how painful the next 6 months were going to be for him, as he watched Harry disapperate. He knew the “muggle” way included many reconstructive surgeries, and casts and not being able to walk for a significant amount of time. He hoped this wouldn’t affect his performance as headmaster, or his image as the returning savior of the wizarding world.

I decided to write a long fight scene between Voldemort and Harry because I thought that the way JKR ended the HP series was pretty crappy, I mean I personally was expecting some epic duel between Harry and Voldemort and instead all we get is a bunch of talking and then Voldemort essentially committing accidental suicide. Bunch of bull-s*.
Please review this story, constructive criticism is welcome, but if you’re going to write a review just to complain, let me ask you a question, if you didn’t like the story, why did you even read it? Please also remember that this is my first fan-fic, and is probably unbetaed, so constructive criticism is welcome, complaining is not.
Until next time.

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