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Harry seeks help from a friend from the Triwizard Tournament. He manages to find them, but in an awkward and round about way.

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First I want to say, thank you to all those who reviewed chapter one, I was not sure if my first attempt at a fic would pan out or not, but from the number of positive reviews, I did something right. =]
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Harry Potter universe that would be JKR, I am not female, nor am I British.
Recap of last paragraph

And taking careful aim Harry shot Dumbledore in both kneecaps, shattering them to pieces.
As the Headmaster fell to the floor with a scream Harry said, “This is retribution for past sins you have committed against me and for the smear campaign against me you will no doubt start tomorrow in the Daily Prophet. And don’t try fixing you knees with magic, it won’t work, you’ll have to get them repaired the muggle way.”
Dumbledore paled as he thought about how painful the next 6 months were going to be for him, as he watched Harry disapparated. He knew the “muggle” way included many reconstructive surgeries, and casts and not being able to walk for a significant amount of time. He hoped this wouldn’t affect his performance as headmaster, or his image as the returning savior of the wizarding world.

Cah11 humbly presents
Chapter 2: Asylum

Harry disapparated to Grimald Place first, to retrieve his few worldly possessions, his clothes inherited from Dudley, his robes, his invisibility cloak, the Marauders Map, and his snowy owl Hedwig. He packed everything (except Hedwig) into his trunk and then opening Hedwig’s cage Harry told her,

“Hedwig, I need you to fly away and hide do you understand that? I need you to fly north to your native lands to blend in and wait for me to come back, can you do that?”

Hedwig looked at him sadly, hooted, and then hopped onto Harry’s shoulder and pressed her cheek against his. Looking up at her with tear filled eyes Harry explained.

“Dumbledore betrayed me, I need to escape the country, no matter where I go, I will look suspiciously like me if I have a snowy owl on my shoulder. I wish there could be another way, but I see no other alternative. You will have to stay here and wait for me to come back.”

Hedwig saw the logic in his argument and reluctantly agreed, giving him one last affectionate nip on the finger, Hedwig flew out the window, and soon vanished from sight. Sighing in a depressed way Harry grabbed his trunk and lugged it downstairs to the apparation point. Taking one last look around he sighed, he did not want to go through with this, but there was no other way that he saw.

He could have sot refuge with many people, the Weasleys, Lovegoods, the Grangers, but they all lacked two things. One, they were not out of country; Harry knew he would have to leave Britain before he was away from Dumbledore’s influence, so anyone living in country was out. Two they were not well politically connected, Harry knew if he was to escape Dumbledore completely the family he stayed with would need political immunity. That left two possibilities, The Krums, and the Delacours, of the two, Harry was better friends with Fleur, having had time to talk with her at Hogwarts after the Third Task before she left to go back home to France. Whereas he was not on nearly as good terms with Krum, sure they had talked some, but their relationship had been more respecting rivals then friends when he had gone home to Bulgaria. And another thing was that Fleur’s father was a high ranking politician, although that was not the main reason Harry was going to the Delacours first, it was certainly a factor in his final decision.
Because Harry didn’t know where Fleur lived in France he decided to try apparating to major cities in France to try to find their home. Although he was not expecting a mansion, he knew that the Delacours were an old, rich family; they would most likely live in an ancestral home near one of the larger cities in France. Deciding to apparate to Paris first, Harry closed his eyes, focused on his destination and then turned into the blackness of apparation.

Opening his eyes after reappearing he oriented himself on a mental map he had memorized quickly at Grimald Place and began to move toward a deserted alley. Once there he quickly changed out of his battle robes and into muggle clothing and then walked toward the muggle hotel across the street. He figured he better stay in a muggle establishment until he made contact with the Delacours, he didn’t want Dumbledore to find him before he was ready to face him again.

Entering the lobby of the cheep hotel, Harry quickly booked a room for a week, he didn’t know how long he would have to search before he found the Delacours, and then went up to his room.
Once there he set down his trunk and then lay down on the bed. He thought of Ginny, what would she say when she found out Harry was missing, would she attempt to find him? Would she be prevented by her mother, who believed anything Dumbledore or the Prophet said? Or would she believe the lies herself, and be turned against him by that backstabbing basturd. Deciding to fall asleep for a bit he undressed and put on a pair of overly large shorts (they used to belong to Dudley), and then got under the covers. Due to the fact that he hadn’t slept in nearly 36 hours, and because of the amount of magic he had expended in that time, Harry fell asleep quickly.

When Harry awoke again it was nearly 8:00 PM in Paris, he had gone to bed at around 3:00 AM the night before, and though still slightly tired, he would make do. Realizing he was very hungry he decided to go out to get something to eat.

After walking around for a half an hour evaluating all his choices, he chose a restaurant/club to eat at. Walking in he sat down at a table and a waiter came up.

“Good evening monsieur, what will you have tonight?”

The waiter grimaced when Harry asked for a steak that was well done, “Of coarse monsieur, would you like anything else?” ‘Damn British people, always ruining steaks by over cooking them.’
“No, thank you that will be all.”

“Very good monsieur.” Then the waiter walked away.

Harry hadn’t really had the time to think yet, but sitting there in his booth he leaned back, closed his eyes, and began to sort through the events of the day, cataloguing them in his brain with help from his recent occlumncy training. ‘So’ Harry thought ‘Dumbledore wants to rule wizarding Britain, and thinks that I am a threat to his rule, I don’t see why, he can have Britain for all I care, I don’t owe the wizards or the muggles of that country anything.’
It was true; Harry had spent 10 years of his life waiting hand and foot on the Dursleys after his parents were killed. Dudley and his gang had always made sure that Harry was friendless by roughing up boys or girls that attempted to even approach Harry, let alone try to extend a hand in friendship.

The kids at school learned quickly to avoid Harry at all cost, even going so far as to swerve away from him in the halls to make sure they didn’t cross the imaginary circle Dudley had drawn around his cousin.

Even in his neighborhood Harry didn’t have friends, his aunt and uncle had warned the neighbors that Harry was a troubled boy who had a problem with shoplifting, random fits of violence, and was mentally unstable. As such the neighborhood parents taught their children to avoid Harry like he was a disease.

It didn’t get much better in the wizarding world where he had been quite unprepared for the amount of fame that was to be sprung on him. At first everyone loved him and he thought he could be happy here, however he quickly realized that fame does not guarantee you friends.
His second year the student body had circulated rumors, unfounded accusations that he was the heir of Slytherin, all because he was a parslemouth. Almost everyone had believed the rumors; even his best friend Ron had had suspicions, although he had never voiced them aloud.
His third year had been spent in anger and dread as he learned of Sirius escaping, heard the tail of his godfather’s betrayal, and swore his revenge. On top of that he had to deal with his weakness to dementors, whose terrifying abilities always caused him to pass out. Only toward the end of the year did Harry learn the truth, that Sirius was innocent, and that Peter Pettigrew was still alive, and was the one who betrayed James and Lily.

His forth year had stressed him to the limit during his time as an unwilling Triwizard Champion. Nearly everyone, including Ron, had believed that Harry had entered himself into the competition, convinced he wanted more fame, and glory. They had eventually come round, but Harry no longer viewed the wizarding world the same way he did back in his first year.
Then, of course, there was the rebirth of Lord Voldemort; this had terrified Harry more than any other event in his life. Harry thought it was just typical that in a world of magic, a wraith could, if he was ‘powerful enough’ resurrect himself.

His fifth year had been a disaster, between Umbitch, and the Department of Mysteries fiasco, which led to Sirius’s death; Harry was amazed he had made it through that year with his sanity intact.

The wizarding world was no longer a happy, magical place; instead Harry viewed it as an extension of the muggle world, corrupt politicians, scheming dark lords, even bullies like Malfoy were still a constant in this world. Harry had often entertained the idea of leaving the magical world and moving away from Britain, just to escape the unwanted, (and in his opinion) undeserved fame. The only thing that had kept him in this world after Sirius died two years previously was his love for Ginny, and he didn’t know if he even still had that. But, one thing at a time, first he had to find a safe place to lie low for awhile, and that meant finding Fleur.

As Harry waited for his meal, three hooded and cloaked figures sat across the street watching him. Speaking in French, one of the figures asked the second figure in a decidedly female voice, “Are you sure it is him?”

“Yes.” the second female sounding figure hissed “Do you think I wouldn’t know The Boy Who Lived if I saw him, he is only one of most famous wizards of the modern day.”

“I just wanted to make sure.” The first female said defensively. “After all, if we screw this up, we could end up worse off then we were before, either because we bonded with the wrong wizard, or because we got caught and end up not gaining any status, but losing some.”

“It’s alright to be suspicious Laret.” The third female said, “But if we are going to take this chance, we must act now, while he is distracted, and in one place, not moving around.”

“Right.” The other two replied.

Getting up, the three females moved across the street, and entered the restaurant/club. Moving over toward where Harry was sitting, they sat down in a booth next to his, and after applying some glamour charms to their hair and face, they lowered their hoods. A waiter came over and spoke rapidly in French. Placing their order in curt voices the three glamoured female veela waited for the waiter to move away, then wordlessly cast a muggle repelling charm around their booth. After this they began to allow subtle amounts of the allure out, not enough to enthrall Harry but enough to get his attention, and curiosity.

Harry’s steak had just arrived, and he had begun to eat it when the three women in the booth next to him caught his eye, looking over to evaluate them, he noticed that they were very attractive.

‘Man those three look good. Did I really just think that? What the hell, pull yourself together mate, you love Ginny, GINNY, no one else, even if they are very attractive.’

The three veela at the next table smirked as they saw Harry’s battling emotions, this might be easier then they thought if he reacted this strongly to the allure at only one-eighth power. Laret, and the other two, Marisa, and Zoe were not the most powerful veela, not by far; they were only half blooded, a pure blooded mother, and wizard father. As such their allure was relatively weak compared to the other veelas, and virtually non-existent when compared to their mothers allure.

This of course was why they were here trying to enthrall Harry Potter; France wasn’t nearly as bad as Britain about supposed “dark creature” laws, but veela were still distrusted in wizarding society because of their special abilities. Still it was better than in Britain were a veela could be imperioused, and bonded to the first wizard who discovered their identity. The three veela thought that if they could bond to a famous enough wizard, and get pregnant by them, they could raise their social standing and be considered equals in France, for once a veela is bonded their allure only works on the bonded male, or other females the male might bond with.

After eating for half an hour and guiltily sneaking glances at the three women in the booth next to his, Harry finally finished, and stood up. At the same time the three women stood up, and two walked out. The third began to walk toward Harry, and as she did so Harry noticed how attractive she really was. Her brown hair was half way down her back; she had a pretty face, was at least a C-cup, and had nicely developed hips, which swayed slightly as she walked.
As Zoe moved closer to Harry she began to crank up the allure until it was at half power, then walking up to him she said without any accent at all, “Hello monsieur.”
“Uhhh hello.” Harry eloquently answered.

“I noticed you looking at me and my friends and wondered if you wanted to dance with me, you know, get better acquainted.” Zoe said, tossing her hair back from her face. Harry thought her face was interesting and slightly captivating.

“Ummm, I don’t know, I’m not from around here, and I’m not really someone you want to get involved with.”

“Nonsense.” The women said firmly. “You are here alone, and no man as hansom as you should be alone. What do you say to a few dances?”

By now Harry was so enthralled by the beauty of her face that he would have agreed to anything she said.

“Ok” Harry said and taking her gesturing hand led her out on to the dance floor.

Harry didn’t really have any dancing experience, unless you counted the two or three times Harry danced with Parvarti at the Yule Ball. But he really wanted to impress this beautiful woman, so he gave it his best shot and hoped it was enough, trying to dance in time with the fast beat of the music. Harry noticed the woman was a very good dancer, being seductive, without being indecent, and although she was out performing him all the way, Harry thought he was at least managing well enough for her judging by the seductive smile on her face.

Zoe noted that although he lacked skill at dancing, she thought that it was more from lack of experience than because he was bad at it, besides it wasn’t really his dancing skills she was assessing, but his physique, and the grace of his movements, after all if you are to be bonded to someone for the rest of your life, you want to make sure they have something going for them besides fame and riches, although those two things do help. After a few dances Zoe thought that he was worthy of her and her two friends. His body was nicely toned from a strict workout regiment Harry had been following all school year, and from the quidditch. His movements, though uncertain due to lack of experience, were smooth and flowed together in one continuous movement. Above all, Zoe could sense the huge amount of raw magical power within the young man, here was someone who, if attacked, if insulted, if blasphemed, could defend herself, himself, and her friends.

After a few songs, Zoe led Harry off the dance floor and whispered in his ear, “I have a couple of friends that I want you to meet, and I was wondering if you wanted to come back to my place, you know to get better acquainted; you won’t regret you came.”

As she said this, she cranked the power level of her allure up to full power, completely enthralling the young Harry, who said, “Uhhh, ok that’s fine with me.”

Grabbing his hand the women suddenly turned on the spot and both she and Harry disappeared with a small pop.

They reappeared in the woods near her home, which was located in a veela community near Paris. Veela communities were set up by the French Ministry of Magic to try to remove the majority of veela from everyday wizard society, and because of the stipulations on the veela that remained in wizarding society, it usually worked. As everyone knows, veela are highly sexual creatures, and more often then not will try to experiment earlier then most individuals, because of this the French Ministry of Magic outlawed veela children under the age of 17 from having sex with anyone, claiming it was unnatural (and because it was discovered that one of the Prime Ministers aids had a 12 year old veela as an indentured servant). However, the ministry conceded to veela making their own laws if they moved to the special “veela communities”. Veela could bring any man or woman back to the community with them and mate with them, the only condition was that the non-veela partner had to be brought there of their own free will. Being enthralled and brought back by a veela was not considered by the government, or even the veela elders “of their own free will”, no matter how many times the younger veela appealed that stipulation in the law saying that they came with them without resistance, they just needed a little “help”.

This was why they had apparated in the woods outside the community, it would have been a dead give away if they had apparated to the main appartation point that the young man with her was enthralled, and had not come here “of his free will”. Taking his hand she led Harry into the outskirts of the village, and meet up with her friends, they were all three roughly equal in power as far as the veela allure went so all three turned it up to full power, which caused Harry to get a glassy eyed expression, and stare dumbly at the three of them as they removed the glamours from Zoe, who in Harry’s affected opinion looked even better with her hair silver in color.

After this Zoe smiled at Harry and said “Harry, meet my two friends Marisa, and Laret.”
“Hello Harry.” Laret said with a small smile on her face. “I’m pleased to meet you.”
Harry muttered a small greeting just loud enough to be heard, and turned red in the face as his eyes took in her large breasts and small body. She was a c-cup, stood only about 5’ 2” and her silver hair was down to her waist. Her hips where nicely developed and she had what could be described as the perfect hourglass figure.

Marisa stepped forward and taking one of his hands in hers said “Why were you in that restaurant all alone Harry, you looked a little depressed.”

“Oh, no reason.” Harry muttered “Just wanted to get away from everything for awhile.”

“Does anyone else know you’re here in France?” Marisa asked.

“No, I came on my own and didn’t want anyone to follow me.”

The three girls were pleased by this, no one would know where he had gone before it was far too late for anyone to do anything about it. Taking his hands Laret said, “Come, let us go to Zoe’s house, where we can get better acquainted with you Monsieur Potter.” The three began to lead a slightly drooling Harry through the village toward one of the main houses.

Fleur was walking home from work and quite enjoying herself, it had been a relatively good day, several customers had come in and bought merchandise at the shop she worked at, and her annoying co-worker had called in sick today, apparently he had a “bad cough” and “was sore”, Fleur’s opinion, he had charmed another girl into his bed last night and stayed up too late shagging her. ‘I can’t believe how he can get that many girls in his bed with him.’ Fleur thought, ‘that’s probably why he keeps asking me, thinks he is irresistible, good thing my allures stronger, or he would be.’

As she was walking down a side street, she caught sight of three teenage veela who she knew lived in the village, they were leading an equally young man in the same direction as her, toward the main houses. ‘Hope he knows what he is getting into.’ Fleur thought ‘Most likely not.’ Then as she was about to turn round and keep walking home, she noticed that the young mans face looked very familiar. ‘Who is that?’ Fleur asked herself. As she took another look she suddenly gasped in recognition, the glasses, the untidy black hair, the faint lightning bolt scar, it was Harry Potter! Fleur had not known Harry that long, but she knew him well enough to know that he would never have come here of his own free will, at least not with the intentions that the three girls seemed to have. Fleur knew Harry must be enthralled by the three, and this led to a problem. If she let them go and pretended she had not seen them, as soon as the veela bonded with him, he would come back to his senses as they temporarily passed out while the bond formed. After which, if he wanted, he could apparate to the Ministry of Magic, and by filing a suit, and giving a pensieve memory, could have the veela community stripped of it’s land ownership license, and have the veela shipped out of country, citing them as “public health hazards”. On the other hand, if she objected to their bonding Harry, she would have to either file a claim with the veela council that Harry had not come of his free will, then she would have to find evidence, which would take all together too much time, by then Harry would be bonded. Or she would have to challenge the three of them to a duel of wills, whoever had the strongest allure would win, it was the traditional way of deciding disputes over bond mates. The problem with this was that even though she was certain she could beat the three of them in the duel of wills, (she had one of the strongest allures among her generation,) she was almost certain that the three veela would become so enraged that they would transform, and assault her with handfuls of passion fire.

Fleur knew that she could not do nothing, the future of her village non-withstanding; she had come to see Harry as a friend after the Tri-wizard Tournament, what with saving her sister in the second task, and even saving her in the third task. She had visited in the evening immediately after the third task and talked with him about his experience in the grave yard, the dead look in his eyes as he told her of Cedrics murder, and the confrontation with Voldemort still gave her shivers; no fourteen year old should have been capable of a look like that, but he wore the look like it was not a new expression, as though he had experienced events like this before, which, she had supposed on further reflection, based on his history, he had.

Deciding to directly confront the three half veela, Fleur turned around and headed for the house they had just entered. It was one of the bigger houses in the village, proclaiming the fact that at least one of the girls was, like her, descended from minor veela nobility from the days of old when the veela were self ruled under a feudal system.

She knew she had to do something now; she would worry about the consequences later.
The three veela, Laret, Marisa, and Zoe, led Harry into Zoe’s house, and allure on full power, pulled him upstairs. Once in Zoe’s bedroom, the three veela surrounded him and they leaned forward simultaneously, giving him and unobstructed view down their cleavage. Zoe whispered in Harry’s ear, “Harry we want to bond to you, is that alright?”

By this point Harry was so far under their spell, he would have done anything for them, so he answered. “Yes.” In a dreamy sort of way.

Laret kissed him on the cheek and whispered, “Good then just lie back and enjoy the process Harry.” And placing a palm on his chest she gently pushed him back until he fell on Zoe’s bed.
“I have him first.” Laret said with a hungry expression on her face, “I came up with this plan.”
“But I’m the one that found him,” Marisa said accusingly, “I should get first go.”
“Oh please,” Zoe said, “I should get him first, I’m the one who scouted him at the club, I’m the one who has been worked up the longest, if any one should get him first it should be me.”
“Nice try Zoe, you love dancing, that’s why you volunteered for that part, you didn’t have too, so it’s your fault you’re worked up and will have to wait for your turn.” Laret shot back.
This was one of the reasons that bonding multiple veela was discouraged, because veela are naturally protective of potential, or already bonded mates. It could even come to blows and passion fire shoot outs if the veela involved became enraged enough.

Fortunately for the girls, but not for Harry, Zoe defused the situation immediately by adding “I get him first or I will have the houses wards eject you two from this house.”
“Wards, what wards, there aren’t wards on your house Zoe; I would have noticed them sometime in the past 18 years I’ve known you.” Laret said.

“No actually, you wouldn’t have, we had reactive wards installed, rather than passive wards, they are activated either by intent of the individual, or a code phrase, they have never been activated in my lifetime, but believe me they do work.” Zoe shot back calmly.

Laret thought about it, if Zoe was bluffing, and she probably was, then Laret could use that against her to make her go last for lying, if she wasn’t however then with just a muttered phrase and she could have Laret and Marisa banished to the front yard, and they would not be able to get back in. Laret did not think it was a risk worth taking, so she acquiesced. “Alright Zoe, you can have him first, but you had better keep your word about sharing him.”

Harry had been laying there the whole time staring at them in an enthralled trance, Zoe leaned over and lightly kissed him, causing him to groan and shiver on the bed. “Don’t worry Laret, I’ll keep my promise.”

As Zoe was reaching for the snap on his jeans, the door suddenly flew open behind them and a voice said in French, “What have you done?”

All three girls spun on the spot and saw Fleur in the doorway; Fleur strode into the room and glared at the three girls, who glared back. “What business is it yours, what we have done or not done, or plan to do tonight?” Laret asked coldly.

“It is my business if three veela have enthralled a celebrity, one of the most famous people in our world, and then bring him back to our community against his will, with the obvious intention of bonding him against his will, and run the risk of him slipping from your influence in the process, apparating to the ministry, filing a complaint against the village, getting the village’s land deed revoked, and every veela, including you three sent to another country, most probably one with harsher “dark creature” laws and then having said celebrity either ask the ministry to break the bond, unknowingly killing you, or being forced to live with you in a different country for the rest of his life. So yes I would say it is my business what you three are doing.”

The three girls paled, they had not thought about what could happen if they were caught bonding someone against their will, they had been so sure of their abilities, that they had not even taken the time to think of the consequences of their actions.

In their nervousness, their allure slipped, and seizing the opportunity, Fleur released her own allure, which quickly over powered the three girls’ allures, as they where no longer united in holding him, and enthralled Harry herself. Immediately Harry stood up and with a hungry expression walked slowly to Fleur, who took his hand and glared at the three pale girls, and said, “Next time consider the consequences to everyone, before you do something illegal, or stupid.” And with that, Fleur pulled Harry from the room.

Once outside, Fleur made sure that Harry had followed her all the way out of the house, and then drew the allure back into herself, instantly, Harry’s expression changed from a look of dreamy want, to pure self-loathing.

“I can’t believe I let them do that.” Harry snarled “They practically took possession of my brain, and they were going to bond me to raise their personal status, all they would have done is put themselves in danger.”

Switching to slightly accented English Fleur said, “Harry I know your angry but just listen for a minute, they have deeper reasons than that, but you must listen if you are to hear them.

Harry took several deep breaths and then said, “Ok I’m listening.”

Fleur began with a little history of the veela, how they used to be ruled by veela in a feudal society, and how the humans eventually out populated the veela, and invaded their kingdom. How the medieval French wizards had absorbed the veela culture into their own, and how even now, so many years later, so many wished they could go back to the old way of things.

“But we can’t.” Fleur explained, “There aren’t enough of us to have a stable gene pool for reproduction, we would soon be inbreeding, which as we have seen from your pureblood families in Britain is not the smart thing to do. Now the only way for a veela to gain status in the eyes of the French Ministry is to bond to an influential wizard.”

“Couldn’t you gather all the various Veela communities around France, and then leave, surely the entire veela population together would give you a stable gene pool.”

Fleur smiled “Ah if only we could, veela are very possessive of both current and potential bond mates Harry, and if we were to gather together, without a king or queen, we would soon be at each others throats with handfuls of passion fire in defense of our own communities’ young people. This has been tried before with the result being failure, and another 50 veela dead.
Harry looked stunned “Just out Of curiosity, what is the estimated veela population of Europe?”
“Oh, around 300,000 individuals with the veela powers, and another 500,000 who don’t but can trace their lineage back to a veela in the last 4 generations.”

Harry gaped at Fleur, “Wow, you guys really are dependent on us for survival as a species aren’t you.”

“Yes,” Fleur said through gritted teeth, “We are.”

Harry winced at the unintentional slight and said “Sorry, I was just surprised, that’s all, I didn’t know your population was that low.”

Fleur sighed, “It’s alright, don’t be sorry, it’s just difficult to accept that the race you belong to is on the world’s magical endangered species list. If anything I should apologize for snapping at you, however let me take you back to Paris, I assume there is a reason you came all the way to France, and I’m sure being kidnapped was not the reason.”
“Actually,” Harry said “I came here to find you Fleur.”

And at Fleur’s questioning look, Harry said.

“Something has happened in Britain, Dumbledore tried to kill me.”

Fleur looked at Harry in shock “What! Dumbledore tried to kill you, why?”

“He apparently wants to rule magical Britain and sees me as a threat to his chances. I don’t know why, I don’t want the title of “Supreme Ruler of Britain”.

Fleur knew Albus Dumbledore was an eccentric individual, but she had a hard time accepting that he was a manipulative basturd who wanted to essentially become what Voldemort had aspired to be.
“I’m not lying,” Harry said “I swear on my life and my magic that what I have just told you is the absolute truth, so mote be it.”

Harry flashed a bright white for a moment and the returned to normal Fleur stood, stunned that it was true; Dumbledore had gone off the deep end.

“What do you need from me Harry?” Fleur asked.

“Asylum, both physically and politically, I need to remove myself from his control, and this was the only place I could think of.”

“I can provide the physical asylum Harry, but your going to have to talk to my father about the politics, I can’t guarantee you that myself.”

Harry let out the breath he had been hold, he had not been sure if she would allow him to stay, and he would not have known what to do if she had sent him away.

“Thanks,” Harry said. “Thanks for everything, including saving me from those three girls.”
“You’re very welcome Harry; after all, what are friends for?”

This fic will be slightly different from some fics in that Harry is not invincible, he has weaknesses, the veela allure, is just one example, it seems like in every fic, Harry is immune to the allure, I don’t see why, it makes the story more interesting if Harry is not “untouchable”, but that’s just my take on it.

Please review this fic, as always constructive criticism is welcome, but if you post a review just to bitch about my writing style, or how the plot is going, don’t bother, I won’t even read it.

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