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Step Six-Dont Leave Me

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At first, I thought I was dreaming I did not pay any attention until I felt his hand squeeze back. I look over at him I seen his eyes barely open, as if he was trying to open his eyes but was having a hard time. I felt my heart race inside my chest I could not believe what was going on.

“Gerard, “I said hoping he would speak back.

“Frank, “He barley whisper out

I ran out of the room trying to find a doctor I ran over to his doctor that was taking care of him.

“Gerard is awake, “I yelled while trying to catch my breath

The doctor just looks at me as if he did not believe the words that came out of my mouth he walk towards Gerard’s room. I followed behind with a smile on my face I was just beyond happy that he finally was waking up. As we walk in the room Gerard, eyes were all the way open I smiled even more.

“Welcome back Mr. Way, you gave us quit a scare. How you are feeling, “The doctor asks while looking at his eyes and listening to his heart.

“My mouth is dry but another then that I feel fine, “Gerard replied back.

“Well I will tell the nurses to bring you something to drink after I leave. I want you to just take it easy today and rest. Tomorrow we will talk about what will happen after you leave the hospital, “The doctor said before leaving.

“You scared me you know that, I thought you were going to die, “I said while looking at him.

“I am sorry Frank I never thought any of this would happen I did not plan for this to happen. I just gave up I could no longer get better, “He said while looking back at me.

“I forgive you. I wish you would not give up I know it is hard for you, this is hard for me changing to be someone that I am not. Being a liar is who I am but I knew deep down I need to change that I can no longer live this life I created, “I replied.

“This is hard for me going months without eating then all of a sudden having to eat again; having to have a health life is not something I wanted. But I knew if I did not keep on trying to get better I would die but after weeks having trying to eat right again I just gave up thought I would be better off dead,” He said while looking away from me.

I could not see myself without him he means more to me then anything in the world I wish he would just see how much he does mean to me.

“Don’t you ever say that. If you died, I could not go on in life getting better I probably could not go in life at all. I fallen for you I never want to give you up, I want to be here with you forever. I want you to get better I hate seeing you like this. Please do not ever leave me, “I said trying to hide my tears.

“I never really realize you have fallen for me this much, I am so sorry for putting you through this. I cannot believe that you are still with me that means a lot to me. I want to be here with you forever also. Do not worry I do not plan on leaving you, I promise. “He replied.

I went over to his bed and lay down beside him. I did not care if anyone would say something I could care less. I was just too happy that he was alive and that he was not plan on leaving anytime soon. However, I could not help but think what will happen to him when he leaves the hospital.

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