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Roxy and Frank argue

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[A/N] - I know, I haven't updated in ages but here I am! Short chapter aswell, I know but it was the best I could do. I'll try and update more often now. (: Thanks for your patience.

"Why would you do that to me?" I asked. When I first found out, I was just shocked. But now I was just mad.
"We thought you'd find it funny." Frank replied. Everyone else was on the bus, I had followed Frank off the bus when he went for a fag.
"Well I don't." I was getting more mad by the second "You told me your biggest concern was my safety... You made that up?"
"Not exactly. I do care about your safety."
"But it wasn't your biggest concern. Your real concern was whether I'd find out or not."
"Frank, it fuckin' was!"
"Don't swear at me Roxy."
"Why?" I put my hands on my hips "I got it off my hero. I watched Life On The Murder Scene and you swore in that. I thought because you were doing it, it made it okay."
"Stop being pathetic."
"After what you just pulled, I wouldn't call anyone pathetic."
"We had our reasons."
"What were they then? And I want the truth!"
"The real truth?" Frank was silent for a second "To promote the band."
I shook my head in disbelief "You used me to make your band bigger? What kind of message is that?"
"We didn't use you, you're just over re-acting!"
"You knew I was scared of the internet. Thanks to you, I may never be able to go on again."
He laughed "You are so mellow dramatic."
"You don't realise how angry I am, do you?"
"I think you're over re-acting."
"I don't think I am." I practically spat my words at him "I can't believe I used to look up to you people. You're just pathetic."
"Leave me alone." Then I ran away.
I was crying out of frustration. I had never felt so stupid.
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