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As the time passed, Ellie started looking more an more pregnant, the bump in her stomach now starting to form. Before we knew it, Ellie was going for her first scan at the hospital. We all went with her and waited outside as Gerard and Ellie went in for the scan. 

After a while they both came out, smiles on their faces, tears in their eyes. Ellie was craddlimg her stomach and Gerard had his arms around her. I hugged them both, and then Gerard handed me some small photographs. They were ultrasounds of the baby, and even though it was still early stages, you could tell it was going to be healthy and most of all, beautiful. 

That evening we were all staying round Ellie and Franks house for the night. We were all talking about Ellie and Gerards wedding. 
"Well, I don't want a huge big thing, I mean, just us and our parents. It doesn't matter about how many people are there or how big the cake is, all that matters is it's us getting married" Ellie said and Gerard hugged her.
"Well, do you want to do it before the baby's born, or after" Gerard asked and Ellie thought about it, 
"Before...? I mean, maybe we could, do it in a couple of days?" She said 
"Of course, I mean, we can get the church and everything sorted. I mean, don't worry baby, me and The guys will sort it all, all you need to decide on is what you're wearing" Gerard said and kissed her softly. 
We organised that me Ellie and Mily would all go shopping tomorrow, while the guys would sort everything else out, and Ellie and Gerard would be married the day after. 

Frank pulled me up to his room that night. He picked me up in his arms as we entered the room. I giggled into his chest until he put me down. 
"Isnt it so amazing that this baby is gonna be a part of all of our lives. I mean your gonna be an uncle!" I said to Frank and he kissed me soflty
"Well, one day, you will become it's auntie" he whispered into my ear
"You really mean it" I asked
"Deffinitly. The sooner I can make you an Iero the better" he said and I kissed his lips

The next day we all went shopping in town. Gerard also needed to get something to wear so I'd promised to help him to. 

Ellie chose a White dress that was made of a light material. It was tight at the top and then flowedfrom the waist down, perfectly concealing  Ellie's baby bump. She was about 2 months pregnant, so it was quite noticable now. She said she wanted all three of us to walk with her down the isle. We all got red dressed. Each of them was different but they were the exact same shade of red. After we'd shopped I left them all to go and help Gerard. After seeing what Ellie was wearing I hhad an idea of what Gerard needed. It was too casual for tux, but not casual enough for regular clothes. Gerard bought some new plain black skinny jeans, a White shirt and a black waistcoat over the top. It looked formal but still casual and I knew they would both look amazing. The girls went back to the house with my while the guys went to go and organise things for the wedding. 

The arrived back mid-afternoon and told us that tomorrow at 1 PM Ellie and Gerard would get married in the local church. We left Ellie and Gerard alone together while I talked to the guys. 
"Tomorrow morning, Mikey, you need to look after Gerard, help him get ready and get him there on time. Mily you do the same for Ellie. The rest of us, I know they don't want a huge fuss, but we WILL make this a day to remember. Meet me at the church early tomorrow morning. Then we'll be back to get the to the church, okay?" I organised and everyone listened and agreed.

We forced the boys out of Frank and Ellies house, telling them to spend the night somewhere else. We weren't exactly going to have a hen party, but we were going to have a girls night in. We all changed into Pj's, although I was just wearing a pair of Franks boxers and one of his t-shirts which I perminantly slept in. We all sat in the living room with tubs of ben and jerrys and chocolate. We were sat in a circle, giggling about random things, until we got onto the subjects of the boys. 

"Well, I assume we all can assume me and Gerard have gone all the way, but what about you two?" Ellie said. I looked at Mily and she looked at me. 
"Well..." Mily started and we all looked at her. "maybe a couple of times..." She said and blushed 
"Awh, good on you Mils... was he any good?" Ellie asked and I choked on a laugh.
"he was brilliant actually. It's like, he's so shy in public, but as soon as we're alone, well... Rawr!" She said and mimicked clawing at something. We fell about in fits of giggles before they looked at me.
"And you...?" Ellie asked
"This'll sound pathetic.... but only once. It was the night before we had the argument. We'd been taking things slow, because of chris..." I'd explained the chris story to the girls a few weeks ago "and the time seemed right. He was amazing. He was really gentle. We haven't done anything again since the argument, I mean, sure, we've fooled around, but we haven't gone all the way" I explained. 

We spent the rest of the evening messing around, and being properly girly for once. We all slept soundly that night, and I woke early to help the guys with the church. I left the house at about 8 in the morning and went to pick up some supplies. I got to the church and found Frank, Mikey, Ray and Bob waiting outside. 
"Lets get cracking!" I said? holding up my bags. We got inside and started Decorating the church. We put red black and White ribbons and trims all over, cushions on the seats, and generally making it look good. After a couple of hours we were finished. I wanted to get back to Ellie's so I could help her get ready, but Frank kept me in his arms. I was totally happy there and I wished I could stay but I needed to get back and see Ellie. He had his arms around my waist and his lips conected to my neck.
"Mmmh Frankie, I have to go an help Ellie get ready. And anyway, Gerard needs his best friend There, he's probably nervous" I said. He stopped his attack on my neck and looked into my eyes. 
"I love you Emma" He said
"Love you to Frankie" I whispered and kissed his lips softly. 
"I'll see you later okay?" I said and hugged him
"I look forward to it" He said.

I got back to Ellie's house. Her and Millie were sitting unstairs in the houses huge bathroom. 
"EMMA! where were you!?" Ellie asked
"I just went over to Gerards house to check on him" I bluffed and she smiled. 

Ellie got into her dress and then we started on her hair and makeup. We quickly changed into our red dressed and realised we were ready. It was 12:45 so we have 15 minutes. The church was only 5 mins away. 
"Guys, I'm gonna wizz over to the Ways house, and just check on everyone okay?" I said. Ellie 
"I'll meet you oustside the church kay?" i said.

I drove over to Gerard and Mikeys house and knocked on the door. Frank answered and smiled at me.
"You look beautiful" He said
"Not really. Today's all about Ellie and Gerard" I said
"Meh, you still look beautiful" He said. I hugged him and kissed his lips gently.

I walked inside and saw Gerard sat on the sofa. He was wearing the outfit we'd bought, his hair was messy and he was fiddling nevously with his hands.
"Hey Gee, you ready to go?" I asked and he smiled nervously. 
"Yeah. How's she doing?" he asked
"Shes just as nervous as you, but don't worry, no cold feet" I reassured him

We drove to the church and the guys went inside. I hugged them all before I walked over to Gerard. 
"You look after her. I trust that you'll keep her safe, and look after her and your baby. Your a good man Gerard, and I know you two will be happy together" I said and hugged him. Then I went out of the Church and saw them all pull up, Ellie and mily, an all the parents. After lots of hugs we sent the parents to sit down. It was a small church so even with our little congregation it looked quite full. Ellie was sat on a bench outside the church. Me and Millie either side of her. 

"Your ready Ellie?" I asked her and she nodded smiling. 
"Come on, let's go" Mily said. We walked towards the doors of the church. I waved around the door to let them all know we were coming
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