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Chapter 3.

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Piercing sunlight seeped through her eyelids, making her slowly open them. She blinked repeatedly before stretching and pulling herself out of bed. She stumbled to her wardrobe and pulled out a pair of black jeans and a misfits tee, she brushed her hair and put on a flick of eyeliner before going downstairs.
Mariana glanced at the clock, it was half nine, her tutor should be arriving anytime now. There was the sound of low mumbling coming from the kitchen, it sounded like her Mother was on the phone. The kitchen door opened with a grown, revealing her Mother to be perched on the breakfast bar with a concerned look on her face.
"Yeah, W-well are you sure? I mean, she's had all her shots so she wouldn't be able to catch anything..."
She watched as her Mother tried to persuade whoever was on the other end of the phone.
"Yes Mrs Mcguinne, what do you mean a replacement ? Hmm, has he had previous students ? Right, okay, this better not be permanent though. Okay, thanks, bye."
She hung up the phone and sighed.
"Hey hun, that was your tutor Mrs Mcguinne, she's got a serious flu so she can't teach you for a while, but you have a replacement teacher. He's called Mr.Way or something."
Mariana merely nodded, she walked over to the cupboard and grabbed a glass and then to the fridge and poured herself some fresh orange juice. She sat at the breakfast bar sipping her drink when the doorbell rang.
"I'll get it, it's probably Mr.Way." Her Mother muttered.
Mariana listened as her Mother walked over to the door and opened it.
"Hello, I'm Gerard, I'm gonna be filling in for Mrs Mcguinne for a while." A velvety voice spoke, Mariana's ears twitched, she was sure she'd heard that voice.
Her Mother introduced her self as she guided the new tutor to the kitchen.
"Okay so here's Mariana.." Her Mother began as she lead the man in. Mariana turned to face the tutor and choked at who she saw.
It was him! The man who had lingered round the graveyard last night and begged her to run away with him. Mariana turned the shock choke into a cough as she stared at her Mother and her new tutor.
"Okay so this is Mariana and Mariana, this is Mr.Way your new tutor."
Mariana nodded slowly and stared down at her glass of juice.
There was only one word running through her mind at that moment in time,
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