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The Best Friend

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Gerard gets a very unexpected visit and he can't seem to get someone out of his mind. ;p pretty please R&R xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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I was late for art then, just typical eh my favourite lesson and he has to make me late and the worse thing about it is that I just let him. I take his shit that he throws at me like a dumbass and actually let it get to me. I then I do the stupid thing and retaliate to it, why?

Ohh man I’m doing that exact thing now, letting it get to me ugggh okay I will just stop and not think about it. I will just carrying on pretending to write science in my book while Mr. Howard continues to stare wearingly at the class from beneath his textbook.

The sound of the bell echoed into the room and this time I was the first one to leave my desk and quickly make the way out of the class before anyone else did. I then hastily make my way to the canteen as quickly as my legs would carry me, probably looking very un-attractive as I did so, but as long as I have more of a chance to avoid you know who then that’s fine in my book.

I made it to the canteen, grabbed a sandwich, and made my way to the only place that Frank wouldn’t dare step foot in. The art room. All without enouncing that walking disaster. Thank fuck for that.

I plonked my food on the furthest table possible and perched myself on the paint splattered chair. I sat there eating my sandwich quickly while looking at the ridiculous markings on the wooden table for entertainment. Having no friends really suck, and even having a brother in my school doesn’t really help either. The only time I see him is on the way to class if we bump into each other somehow and of course to and from school, but apart from that I never see him in school. The stupid school making up pathetic rules about the student in higher years being on their side of the school only and the same for the younger years. Damn you school.

I finished the pathetic attempt of a sandwich and cleared my table for all the art supplies to be replaced by. I have too much spare time on my hands.

“Hey stranger,” I dropped my paint brush as I heard a very familiar voice whisper behind me. Then a finger was tapped on my shoulder. It can’t be him, can it.

I then slowly turned my head in the direction of the very familiar voice, very curious as to why he would be here.

“Bob?” I questioned as I finally came face to face with a smiling Bob looking happier than ever. I tilted my head to the side looking very miffed as I was making him out. I squinted a little, not believing my eyes, however it was really him, there was no way in hell I could forget them cool piercing blue eyes of his.

“Oh my god Bob,” I cheered, finally giving in and came to realisation that it was clearly Bob and my eyes were in facet not deceiving me. My once puzzled expression was now turned into a very happy one full of joy as for once I was actually smiling, for real. I then enveloped him in a massive hug, but was then reversed into him crushing me, but my smile still remained. Not some cheesy fake grin I normally gave the teachers or a smile I would give Mikey whenever I could showing I was pleased to see him, when really I was just unhappy that I couldn’t spend time with him. No this was an actual smile, and one where I was showing my teeth. Teeth!

Bob rolled his eyes but smiled all the more after I realised that it was truly him, and when he did my smile was uncontrollable and didn’t seem to move.However, I think I liked it there and I wouldn’t mind if it was there a little longer. Hell Yeah I could get used to this.

“Took you longer enough eh,” Bob chuckled. Then swinging an arm around my shoulder and gently giving it a light squeeze.

I laughed to myself then, he is just how I remembered, already I could tell that it was the Bob that I had always been best friends with. He looked a lot different now, but I cannot deny that he still has his childlike features and the personality that I fell for straight away. He has that same blonde hair that sometimes got caught in his mysterious blue eyes, and that same childlike grin. However now he had obviously grown a lot taller and had a shiny lip ring that wrapped around the side of his lip with stubble forming around it, on his chin and above his lips, a lot like Franks. Fuck, why does he always worm into my head?

Bob, he was basically my best and only friend back in kindergarten. I remember the first time we ever made friends, he came over to me and we immediately became best friends. It was so simple and easy to make friends at that age, why couldn’t things be that simple now?

We would do everything and anything together, we were so alike but yet so different. He was more of the video games , music type of kid, and always dressed more of the typical skater look. As for me I was more of the geeky art kid that would like to dress more rocker/Goth. Much like now. I also remember the day he left, like it was just yesterday. His parents were Catholics, and were so set on bringing their son up in an catholic school, which really wasn’t a problem until I found out that I wasn’t going to the same high school as him. My parents had already put me into this shithole they call a school so I couldn’t see Bob as much.

We still managed to see each other on weekends and holidays, I didn’t have any friends but Bob got me through it and I would always be looking forward to the weekends, but it gradually became less. This was until Bob told me one day that he was moving to Chicago.

That completely destroyed me, my best friend was moving away from me, forever and I would never be able to see him. My parents couldn’t afford to travel to Chicago and Bobs parents would always ignore his requests on visiting. I was so upset, I cried nearly every night for two weeks hoping that they would change their minds and come back. We still kept in touch but then we stopped, things just weren’t the same we couldn’t go out together, go to concerts or just simply sit and play video games all night long while easting junk food and just enjoy each other’s presence. Things were just too different, and everything just got worse from then.

“So I see your still the art geek then?” Bob questioned, but it was more of a statement. He always knew about my passion for drawing, though I have always wanted to improve my painting skills.

I nodded and laughed a little. “And you still get turned on by slippers?” I questioned in a joking manner. We both laughed and gave each other a high five just like old times, as this was just exactly how we used to be.

“So the hell are you here? When did you get back? why did...” he cut me off and laughed at my confusion. Forgetting about my art work completely now and focusing on Bob.

“Glad you think it’s funny”

“Sorry. Well you remember when I left for Chicago?”

“Yes how could I not,” I said in an obvious tone.

“Well my parents divorced. My dad decided to come back but my Mom was to settled in Chicago and wanted to stay. Though I really wanted to come back, I missed New Jersey and I missed my best friend,” he confessed, smiling at his last words.

“Aww no way man, but that’s really awesome dude, I’m so glad your back, I have really missed you and it’s just been no fun without you,” I said smiling, happy that he was here.

“It was the same in Chicago. I just couldn’t settle in there and I really couldn’t make any friends. Not anyone who reads comic books, who draws as awesome as you or crakes me up like you do,” he laughed.

“Thanks man, well you seriously didn’t miss much though, the school sucks and I’m just known as the weird art freak here with no friends,” I told him. “And you really shocked me just then”

“You don’t say,” he laughed making me hit his arm playfully. “And you still will be all those things” he said gaining him another punch to the shoulder.

“Hey,” he snapped, jokingly frowning at me.

“Eh take it like a man”

“Anyway, I hadn’t finished. You still will be all those things but the no friends one you can cross off”


The day went on a lot like that. It was great, we talked about everything that has been going on in our life’s since the last time we spoke. He told me that he has taken up drumming, and says it’s something he has always wanted to try out. He only came back on Saturday and said he wanted to surprise me, and he sure did. It’s only Tuesday now, but I can guarantee that this week will be a lot better.

I told him about what I have been up to, though it hasn’t really been much at all. I did tell him about Frank and jay or Ray whatever his name was again. I just told him to look out for a midget and a walking microphone.

He told me not to worry, and if they give me any trouble he tell them where to stick it. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that school won’t be too bad now.

Shit, it just dawned on me, the London trip is next week and Bob is too late to go. That means I still have to share with Frank shit, why do I always have to jinx things.

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