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The Trip

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It's the day to the trip to london, and Gerard is really looking forward to the trip, but not that sort of trip XD please R&R

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“Mikey, where are you? I’m waiting in the fucking cold for you, come on,” I questioned through the receiver of my flip phone. Yeah I actually owned one of those, sad or what.

“Sorry I’m coming now, just look for the bus,” he answered a little muffled. I could tell he was rushing from the quickness of his reply. He really needs to stop straightening his hair so much in the morning and then gelling it up loads.

“Okay,” I replied. I then flipped my phone shut and slipped it into my coat pocket along with my hands to keep them from freezing.

I stood underneath the shops shelter and wrapped my coat more tightly around my frame, trying to stop the cold from entering. It was really cold and ...shit, it’s starting to rain now great.

Thanks Mikey, just make me look like a drained rat when we arrive to London.

I buried myself further into the shops shelter, lifting my hood up to cover my hair. I just waited as the rain became heavier, as I could hear it belting heavily on the roof of the shelter. It pummelled onto the hard pavement louder and faster, It was all I could hear until I suddenly heard the sound of soft pitter patters on the pavement from afar, instantly becoming louder as they grew near.


I stepped away from the comforting spot I had got myself into, to see Mikey bolting towards me from the corner. Not far behind him was the yellow school bus, driving along the wet road splashing the puddles as it made it’s way to the stop.

“Shit,” I whispered, only to have the rain drain out my speech. I wrapped my carrier bag full of sweets, bear and more junk tighter around my hand and gripped my suitcase full of clothes and over stuff for the trip and sprinted down the pavement-heading straight for the bus stop.

I finally got to the bus stop panting and out of breath. I immediately knelt my hands on the bus stop frame, as I caught my breath. I then threw my hand out, making the bus come to a halt.

Just then, Mikey stopped by me, panting heavily just like myself, however his nose was red and he was shivering slightly from the cold as he was a lot more soaked than I was.

“Why must you pack so much?” I asked making him shake his head in defeat as he was still catching his breath. “Come on,” I said ushering him to follow me onto the bus. Once I did the warmth of the bus hit me, taking over the cold breeze that was now behind us.

I whipped out my bus pass and Mikey did the same in suit. We sat down at the back of the bus where it was the warmest and as we sat down we both let out a big sigh simultaneously, resulting to the two of us giggling slightly, no doubt earning some strange looks from the passengers.

Sometimes we can be such girls.


Registration was different today. Instead of going to our normal forms, the students going to the trip went to the hall where we normally have assembly. Some stood and some sat. I decided to sit on the benches with Mikey, I don’t really fancy getting some dirty ass piece of chewing gum on my favourite jeans thank you.

Of course registration was longer due to the amount of people going. Though I must say, I was slightly confused at the number of students in the room. A lot of people in this school obviously don’t like the Uk. I think it’s awesome, well the music there is anyway, I mean Queen, Muse and basically all of my favourite bands originated from there so it just made me all the more hyped about going.

Well, that was until I saw Frank saunter into the room, with of course his friend with the ridiculous Tina Turner hair he was trying to pull off. My smile instantly dropped as I saw him stroll in here. Somehow, I had managed to forget that he was coming to this trip after Bob’s return.

My attention was now diverted to the teacher at the front, who was now leading us all out of the hall and towards the main entrance. I stood up with Mikey and both made our way to the entrance following behind all the jocks, nerds and cheerleaders. All of whom had very short skirts and really bad tanned legs. It made me wonder where all the natural good-looking and actually down to earth chicks had gone.

“So you made sure to put all the good stuff in your bag right, we don’t want any...”

“Mikey of course, just because I’m not a major geek like you don’t think I’m dense,” I replied.

“Oh shut up I’m not a ‘major’ geek, and hey how do I know. A face like that doesn’t happen for no reason,” he replied, smirking at me and using his two fingers closer to his thumb to emphasise on the word major.

“Yeah yeah, let’s just hope the teachers won’t go checking on our dorms too much on the night. I want to be able to sneak to your dorm”

“What if my roomy is an ass?” he questioned turning to me.

I stopped and turned to him. “Anyone must be better than Frank Iero,” I informed him as we then carried on walking to the front entrance.

When we got there the teachers then lead us to the two coaches that were lined up outside in the parking area.

Mikey already made his way inside, and had put his luggage in the coaches luggage apartment. as I told him to save me a seat so I could tie my laces. Why do I wear converse so much.

I then hurriedly made my way to the coaches not aware that Frank and his sidekick were right in my direction. Before I could register and tell my brain to slow down my feet, Frank had purposely put his foot out making me stumble to the floor , loosing grip of my suitcase and making me land on the hard concrete. Luckily, my brain had for once allowed my arms to stop my head from making contact with the floor just in time.

Why did I have to be so brain dead sometimes?
I then pulled myself off the dirty ground, realising that I had grazed the palm of my hands, as some scratches were left and had pieces of grit stuck on top.

When I stud up I brushed myself down, looking for any possible minor injuries but there didn’t lay one. I then whipped my head up to be met by the sniggering little bastard who tripped me up. His face was scrunched up like some sort of retarded hamster. Then he had this little kind of girly giggle that also sounded like he was hiccupping at the same time. You could say it was somewhat cute, but no because it had come out of his mouth.

His friend was laughing to, but it was more of the silent laugh everyone just wished they could own. Frank then turned towards his tree like friend and gave him an approving high five.

“Did you enjoy your trip freak?” Frank asked looking at me with a teasing grin, just knowing how to get a reaction from me.

I wanted to turn away, not give him the satisfaction of reacting that he enjoyed so much. Though I knew I could not, if I turned away, he would have won and I really don’t like losing.

I just stood there glaring at him, probably looking very amusing to him as he just smiled all the more. How boring are their lives if he has to use me as a source of entertainment?

I was quiet and didn’t move a muscle I was simply just glaring at him trying to give him insults with my eyes and I had not yet found a good one to throw at him. I could see I was making him uneasy from the constant staring but if my attention was what he wanted, he was getting it. Maybe I could be the one to win today.

Just then another smirk was placed on his thin lips, not exactly a good sign. He tucked some of his straggly long fringe behind his ear and began the taunting argument he was so fond of.

“Hey I don’t think you need to go to London now, when you already had a trip for free,” he said sarcastically, talking to me as if this was benefiting me in some way.

I huffed, still not sure if I should walk away or not. I couldn’t I just had to say something. It’s like he had this power over me, he knew exactly what buttons to press that would aggravate me and he always made me feel smaller than him, but he needed to be told who the real midget is here.

I marched my way over to him and stood in front of him, towering him slightly. I wasn’t as tall as the tree next to him but it wasn’t him I was bothered about. I kept my eyes firmly locked onto his, full of annoyance and angst, how they normally turn when he is around me.

“Well next time I’ll make sure I trip on you, I don’t think it will be too hard. I have nearly stepped on you before, but I think that was because I didn’t have my magnifying glass with me,” I said in a joking way, emphasizing on the fact that he was a midget. I sure in hell wiped that smirk off his face. He didn’t say anything just then, he looked at me pretty shocked with my comeback, with his mouth a little agape.

I then turned on my heel and made my way to the bus, wearing the same smirk that Frank was pulling earlier, but this time just me.

“Oh trip on me or in me hey? gay boy!” he shouted back, with a tormenting sound in his voice as I knew that he had snatched the smirk that was on my lips just minutes ago.

Fuck, why those choice of words?

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