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Revenge Is Sweet

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I looked at Frank and said, "Did you miss me?" He kissed me and then said, "Of course I did. Please tell me that your not gonna stay like this forever. In all this Green Day gear?"

I looked at him with my mouth open and said, "Frank Anthony Thomas Iero Jr. if you don't like it then you can't have it."

I watched as his face fell and he quickly said, "I..I…I didn't mean it like that! I uh…."

I interrupted him and said, "Hey babe I was jokin. And to answer your question, no I am not going to stay like this for long. Just for our show here. Now I have to go plan some revenge really quick so I'll be back in time for the show."

He smiled at me, kissed me one last time, and walked off the bus. I then grabbed a whole bunch of My Chemical Romance fan gear and red hair dye. As I walked over Tre saw me and his eyes went wide. I smiled at him and said, "Get on the bus. Is Mike and Billie in there?" He nodded with his still wide eyes as I followed him on the bus. I smiled evilly and walked on up with my bag full of revenge.

As I got on I found them all sitting on the couch staring at me with wide eyes. I smiled at them and said, "Okay you guys I have a dare of my own. And I you don't do it I'm not letting you off this bus. Okay the dare is either you have to streak around this place or you have to dress like a complete My Chem fan."

They all just stared at me and grabbed their bags of My Chem gear and red hair dye. As I waited for them to come out I started drinking my second Monster energy drink and took out my phone to turn it on. I hadn't had this thing on since Gee slapped me and it showed. I had over 300 txt messages and over 100 missed calls and voicemails. So as I waited I listened to them all and smiled. They were all from either Gee, Frank, Mikey, Bob, Ray, and believe it or not Tom. They all said 'Where are you?', 'Are you okay?', 'Are you coming back?', or something along those lines.

Once I finally deleted everything I sat back and watched them come out. I had my camera ready which was a good idea cause they immediately came out. When I saw them I immediately started laughing and taking pics. They looked so different! They all had on My Chem gear and well red highlights and well they just looked weird!

They looked at each other and started laughing as well. So we were all laughing when I suddenly got a great idea. I smiled at them and screamed, "I HAVE AN IDEA! BUT IN ORDER FOR IT TO WORK I NEED TO LEARN OUT TO ACT LIKE YOU BILLIE!"

They all looked at me and Billie said, "What's your idea?"

I smiled and said, "Okay to make the tour a little interesting, or at least this show, I was thinking that since I'm all dressed in Green Day stuff that I could go on pretending to be you. I could like walk out pretending to be you, sing a song, and then you come out all confused and stuff. Then you and I get into a fight over who's the real Billie and we let the crowd decide."

They all just stared at me until Tre laughed saying, "I love it! Where the hell do you come up with this shit?"

I shrugged as Billie said, "That is amazing! I think the fans will love and well I know I'll love it. It'll be a lot of fun. And as Tre said where the hell do you come up with this shit? How come we can't think of that?"

I smiled and said, "Well think, I am a 15 year old girl. Okay well I've done a lot of thinking today so I'm pretty sure I get a coffee and a couple Rockstars and Monsters. Anyone up for coffee and energy drinks?"

As everyone agreed I suddenly got another great idea. I smiled and once again said, "Hey wait. I have an idea, again. How about you guys pretend to be huge My Chem fans and we'll see if anyone can tell its you."

Everyone laughed and agreed. So it was on. We had two plans and 'Fake Fans' was in action. I checked outside the bus to make sure no one was around and we the coast was clear we ran for the coffee tent. As we got inside I turned towards Tre, Mike, and Billie and said, "Okay you guys Plan 'Fake Fans' is officially in action. You ready?"

They nodded and I said, "Okay let me introduce you guys to them." I looked to find everyone in My Chem, Blink-182, and Fall Out Boy to be sittin around drinking coffee and chatting. I cleared my throat and said, "Hey My Chem."

The guys looked at me and then looked confused at the fans. I smiled as Gee said, "Who are the fans?" I replied saying, "You guys I wanna introduce you to a couple of fans that I found wandering around the tour buses."

Frank came up to me, put around me, and looked at the fans saying, "Uh…How did you guys get in here? And well why are you in here?"

Billie smiled at Frank and said, "Well the security sort of let us in and well I am a huge and can I say huge fan of My Chem. I mean I think you'd be able to tell from my outfit. Can I have your autograph? No scratch that, can all of My Chem sign the back of our shirts? It would mean a lot to us."

I shrugged and said, "Come on you guys why not? Anyone got a silver sharpie?"

Someone handed us all a sharpie and we got to work signing away. As we finished Gee looked closely at them and said, "So what are you guy's names?"

They smiled and said Billie said, "Well my name's Billie."

Tre said, "My name's Tre"

Mike said, "And my name's Mike."

Gee looked at them and said, "That's funny. It just so happens that those are three of my friends names who we also happen to be touring with."

I had to put my hand over my mouth just to keep me from laughing, but it sure didn't work. I started laughing like there was no tomorrow and Billie, Tre, and Mike all joined me. Billie looked at Gee and said, "Well Gee I got to hand it to your sister her. I didn't think her idea would actually work, but as you can see you have no fucking clue who we are."

The guys looked shock and Gee said, "What the fuck is going on?"

I smiled and said, "Revenge, Gee, pure sweet Revenge. This is Green Day in My Chem mode. They have to stay like this for this concert here just like I have to stay like this."

Frank laughed saying I knew it while Gee just shook his head and said, "Wow. Okay I'm going to go get another coffee now and maybe think about WHAT THE FUCK JUST WENT ON!"

I laughed at him and sat back down drinking my coffee while chatting with everyone. Soon enough Fall Out Boy went on and then Blink-182. During this time we decided on what song I should sing and ended up choosing East Jesus Nowhere. We details of what would go on and decided to just have fun with it. Soon we would be on and the Fake Billie, me, would be putting on the show.
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