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Short and random but whatever...

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August 2005

This happened far too often. I would get into my bed, exhausted and thinking that I would be able to fall asleep in seconds, but I would get less and less sleepy by the minute until viola! I would be up all night..
I just hopped down from my bed, thankful that no one was standing there; it was so dark I wouldnt even be able to see my hand in front of my face.
"Gerard," I whispered, hoping he wasnt asleep yet.
No answer.
"Gerard" I tried again.
"Huh?...What?"he said back, completely confused. I immediately felt bad for waking him up. But I had already done it; might as well just get what I had came for.
"I can't get to sleep..."I said and moved his curtain more. I slowly nudged my way onto his bed and under his covers. I turned to face him "mind if I stay here?"
"Sure,"he laughed a little.
"Thanks," I said and turned the other way to avoid making him feel awkward. He put his arm around me and pulled his body close to me. I felt so safe--not that I had anything to be scared of-- but being in the arms of the person you loved gave you a very special feeling. A feeling that nothing else could give you.
I thought that my plan was going to fail, and that I wasn't going to be able to fall asleep at all because Gerard was so close to me. But I actually drifted off to sleep faster than I expected. And it was the best sleep I had ever gotten.
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