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Fall to Pieces

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August 2005

Today we were going to be travelling for 10 hours straight. We already had our dinner in the fridge, so we wouldn't have to stop. Me and Gerard were listening to my ipod, just because we had nothing else to do. At first we took turns switching to our favorite rock songs, singing loudly and just acting insane. As we got more and more tired, we just put on shuffle to let random songs come on while we fell asleep.
I leaned my head on his left shoulder and was about to fall asleep when a song by Kelly Clarkson came on. It was a sad one, but I didn't want to change it-- I didn't want to move. I wanted Gerard to think that I was asleep so that we would both stay here.
I stayed there listening to the sad lyrics, and noticed how the song perfectly fit me and Gerard. I couldn't stop from thinking about it. Eventually, a few tears dropped from eyes. But I tried not to let Gerard know that I was still awake. I heard Gerard sniff. But he always sniffes cause of his (never-ending) allergies. Then he sniffed more, and they were different kind of sniffs... I knew he was crying. He was thinking the same as I was.
He put his arms around me and I still stayed where I was. I was still trying not to let him know I was awake because I just simply didn't want to give him a chance to talk about the song. I didn't want to give him another chance to break my heart. Or share our depressing feelings... about how bad it hurts to love some who doesn't love you back. Or how bad it hurts to have someone in love with you, but you don't love them back- in that way. It was a lose-lose situation. It only left us both depressed.
It was easier for me to just stay quietly in his arms and pretend that I could stay there forever.

Sorry it took so long to update. After this I'm going to begin editing the last chapter (which I will probably split into parts)

And would it be weird to for my next MCR fanfic to name the girl Helena?
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