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Love is a Two-Way Street

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First chapter: This is the hard copy, so it's different to the one before. :)

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GERARD WAY OPENED his eyes to complete darkness. It didn't take long for his adapted night vision to kick in before he was able to see everything as clear as if it were daylight. He rolled over in the bed, and smiled to himself when he was met with Mikey's sleeping face. His mouth hung open, drooling a little, a light snore falling from his lips that were so similar to Gerard's.

Mikey looked just like any normal human being when he was asleep, just a little paler. They both hated what they were, but instead of dwelling on it like teenage girls who lost a boyfriend, they tried to make do with what they had.

Both Gerard and Mikey had managed to acquire night time jobs. Gerard did art commissions for anyone who wanted them, and he usually worked in the basement. Mikey had a much more glamorous job. He was the manager of a quite successful night club in town, and had to work only three days a week. But that was okay, because Gerard hated people and Mikey could tolerate them. Their jobs suited them just fine, and they both made reasonable incomes, one more so than the other. They tried their hardest to lead normal lives.

Even though they were far from normal.

Mikey opened his eyes. The corners of his mouth twitched upwards in his trademark 'mikeyway' smile-- a smile that only Gerard ever got to see. He reached a hand up to brush messy strands of ebony hair away from Gerard's face. Mikey adored his hair. It was jet black and shoulder length and looked the best when he'd just woken up.

Gerard took hold of Mikey's hand and pressed his lips to the tips of his fingers. Mikey couldn't tear his eyes away from his brother.
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