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I was a lovesick teenager

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Gerard invites Frank to his house. What will happen?

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So this chapter is really just a filler again. Sorry it is so short, I have school on Tuesday and I haven't done any homework this half term so I need to do that. I promise the next chapter will be longer and it may just hae some frerard in it. I don't want to rush into it and have it end like all the other frerard highschool stories. Anyway, I will let you read it. R&R so I can improve please :) Enjoy!

Gerard's POV

As the final bell for the end of school rang I found myself getting even more nervous. I planned to ask Frank if he wanted to come round after school but I hadn't seen him since lunch break and I didn't know all of his classes...yet. I walked out of the school gates, ignoring the jeers and shouts. I kept my head held high and it wasn't until I heard two familiar voices that I turned around.

"Hey Gerard, wait up!" shouted Mikey and I turned around and saw Frank and Mikey running toward me. I stopped and waited for them.

"You said to me you wanted to speak to Frank? He lives quite close to us so I thought he could walk home with us, is that ok?" said Mikey.

"Yeah that's fine, Mikes. Frank, I was wondering if you wanted to come to our house for a while and just hang?" I asked Frank.

"Sorry Gerard, I wish I could but I can't. My mum needs me to go out for her today. Sorry." Frankie said and he was really upset. I got the vibe he really wanted to come round.

Frank's POV

It killed me. I killed me to say no. It killed me to say no to Gerard. Gerard invited me to come round his house and I really wanted to go but mum needed me.

I found out where Gerard lived anyway, about a street or so away from me so that was good. It meant I had somewhere close I could hang. Not that my mum would get worried but I feel safer when I am closer to home so I can check up on her.

I waved goodbye to Gee and Mikey when they got to their house and walked the 5 minutes walk to my house. We had talked about music on the way home, Mikey and Gerard were really into the same music as me which was a bonus. They didn't think I was weird or a freak, Gerard had actually said my lip ring looked cute. And then blushed furiously. Mikey had suggested we all walk to school together as well and that I should meet them at their house in the morning. I hope that meant I would see Gee's bedroom.

My thoughts got interrupted when a loud 'HONK' made me jump. I had almost gotten run over! The man driving the black Mercedes shouted a few curse words before speeding past. I gave him the finger and didn't think anymore about him. My mind went back to Gerard. His hair, his eyes, his smile, his laugh, his smell, his walk, his lips... I was like a lovesick teenager except I had a crush on a boy and not a girl. When I walked up the patio to my house I felt my hands start to get clammy.

"Well, here goes." I said to myself and I put the key in the lock, twisted it, opened the door and stepped into hell.

Oh and I plan to update the other chapters because I had a few errors in them, so if you wish to re-read them, them check back and I should have corrected them.

EDIT: I have updated the previous chapters. If you see anything wrong, please don't hesitate to point it out.
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