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Jersey, Sweet, Jersey... Kind of...

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One phone call could change everything.

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This is your author. With an actual update, as promised. Hopefully you'll love me again :)
On another note, I get to see My Chem on May 18th in Orlando! :) So pumped. Are you going to be there? Let's meet up! :) I'm always up for meeting new people. (In person that is, I enjoy talking to you all through here.
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The phone ringing made me jump. Cole had only left a few hours ago. I was still shaky.

Gerard picked up the phone from the side table beside the recliner and hit the speaker button. “Hello?”

“Gerard!” Elle’s voice came from the other line. Her voice was hysterical, she was sobbing. “M-Mi-”

“Elle, calm down, what’s wrong?” Gerard sat up straight in his chair. My heart started to pick up it’s pace.

“Mikey!” She managed to gasp.

“What?!” Gerard exclaimed, his tone alarmed. “What happened? What’s wrong with my brother?”

“H-He’s gone!”

“Gone?” He stood up quickly, nearly losing his balance. “What’s going on? Tell us everything.”

“Th-They came! A-And started att-acking us.”

“Who is they?”

I looked at him, shocked at his question. He avoided my gaze.

“Cole and Nelly!” She sounded like she was trying to get a control on her voice. “Th-They knocked down the door. The guys and B-Bella went after them, b-but th-they couldn’t do anything. They took Mikey, Gerard! They took him!”

“What about Ainsley?” Frank’s outraged voice came from the background.

“Ainsley.” I whispered, my hand clutched my chest. Two of my best friends. Gone.

“What all happened?” Gerard said, clearly getting aggravated with the interruptions.

“They took Mikey and Ainsley.” Her voice shook. “Bob is unconscious. Ray’s got a black eye. Other than that we are all right.”

“Try and fix the door as best you can.” He told her. “Everyone is to stay inside, unless traveling to a safe place, understand?”

“Mhm.” Elle whimpered, a sob told me that she was crying again.

“We’ll be there soon.” He hung up and turned to face me.

“Does this mean…”

He nodded. “Pack up. We’re going back to Jersey tonight.”

Gerard and I walked up to the front door of his house. It looked good as new. He unlocked it and we went in. Except for the street light in the door way, the entire house was dark. I set my stuff down on the couch and looked around.

“Frank? Bob?” I called out for them.

“They aren’t here.” Gerard told me, quietly.

“Where are they?” I asked him.

“Frank’s house.” He threw his stuff down beside of mine. “Come on. We have to go check on everyone.”

We went back through the door and locked it, then headed over a few streets to Frank’s small house. I went to knock, so I wouldn’t surprise them, but Gerard merely flung open the door.

“Relax,” Frank sighed as some of them gasped. “It’s just Gerard.” Frank told them. His voice sounded miserable.

We walked into the living room which was dark and shut the door. Someone flicked on the light.

Frank was lying on the couch, looking up towards the ceiling. Elle was sitting in the recliner closest to the door, her eyes on her shoes. Emma held a washcloth to Bob’s forehead, he squinted at us in the light. Violet was busy holding an ice pack to Ray’s left eye.

“Hey.” Emma said softly. She flashed a sorrow filled smile at us.

“Elle,” Gerard said, quietly. She looked up at him. “Come in the kitchen with me. I need to ask you a few questions.” He held out his hand and helped her up, then guided her through the kitchen doorway.

I walked over to the couch that Frank was moping on and stood there, fidgeting with my fingers. He looked up at me and sighed.

“Hey Frankie.” I tried to smile at him.

“Hey.” He said, the corners of his mouth twitched into a frown.

I sat down beside his head and brushed his mohawk out of his eyes. “You okay?” I softened my voice even more than it already was.

“No.” He grumbled, sitting up beside of me.

“We’re going to find her.” I reassured him. “Everything is going to be okay.”

“I want to kill him. More than ever.” He told me. “I was pissed when he took you. You’re like a sister to me Haze. But now I’m beside myself. That’s my girlfriend and my brother!”

“Have you tried calling Ainsley’s cell phone?” I asked quickly, Frank shook his head. “Well, maybe we can call her and see where she’s at!”

I jumped off the couch and hurried outside, pulling my cell phone out of my hoodie pocket.

I watched the breath flow from my mouth for a few seconds before I flipped my phone open. I blocked my number, dialed Ainsley’s number and then hit send.


I drew in a sharp breath as the sound of Cole’s voice came across the other line.


I tried not to think, not to breathe. I went to snap my phone shut.

“Wait, Hazel.” Cole called. I could picture the smirk his lips had formed. “Don’t hang up the phone.”

I should have hung up and ran back in the house. But, I wanted to know about Ainsley and Mikey. So, I brought the phone back up to my ear.

“I recognized your breathing.” He laughed. “You really should learn how to keep your mouth shut.”

I remained silent.

“Your friends are fine… for now.” He stopped as if he was waiting on me to say something, then continued after a few seconds. “By any chance, is Gerard near by?”

“N-No.” My voice whispered.

“Pity. You’ll have to deliver this to him.” He stopped and mumbled before continuing. “Tel him that if he doesn’t hand you over, then we are going to torture your friends till they die. Then, we’re going to hand them in his house. After that, we’re slaughtering you.”

It felt like my heart stopped beating.

“M-Me?” I stuttered the word out.

“Yes. You.”

I heard Gerard yell ‘Fuck!’ from inside. Then, listened as he started towards the door.

“You’ll do that for me, yes?”

“Hang up the phone!” Gerard hissed, snapped my phone shut and knocked it out of my hands. “What the hell are you doing? Who the hell was it?”

“Gerard, please-”

“Who. Was. It?” He demanded, growling in his throat. He was terrifying when he was mad.

“It was C-Cole.” I was on the verge of tears.

“Damn it, Hazel!” He grumbled.

“He said to tell you,” I started, my voice shaking, “that if you didn’t turn me over, he was going to kill Ainsley and Mikey. Then he was going to slaughter me.”

He sighed and pulled me into a hug. “He’s bluffing. Don’t believe him. No more phone calls to Ainsley. Got it?”

“I got it.” I sighed, hoping he couldn’t sense I was lying to him.
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