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American Girl Chapter 6

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Zaria and Frankie have their chat...

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Okay, so this was written on my iPhone&therefore means any spelling errors or places where it generally doesn't make sense could be the fault of the phone. Also; this chapter isn't so bad; but the next few may be bad for people who don't like blood or violence... Anyway, I'm gonna fuck off and do some crazy shit with my weird friends&let you enjoy this:-)

Zaria walked into the house, humming Black Veil Brides new song; fallen angels. It was one of her favourite songs by the band. She dumped her bag at the door again, and kicked off her converse. 

"Can we talk now?" Frank asked.

"Yup..." Zaria sighed, 

"Wanna take this somewhere private?" Frank suggested. 

"Yeah," Zaria shrugged, "Oi! Dad, me and Frankie are gonna go draw and shizz in my room; don't interrupt, 'Kay?" she yelled to Gerard.

"Sure thing honey, gimme a shout if you need me." Gerard replied, 

"yeah, will do." she muttered following Frank up the stairs to her room. 

"I think you know what this is about." Frank told her as they collapsed onto her bed. 

"Frankie, if I knew would I of came up here to talk?" she laughed. 

"Probably not; so, why aren't you eating properly? You're vegetarian, you need to eat properly." 

"So?" Zaria snapped. 

"Zaria, I'm worried about you.." Frank replied. 

"I don't need people to worry about me." 

"Show me your arms." 

"No." Zaria snapped, "Fuck off!" 
Frank sat up on the bed and looked down at her. 

"I'll show you mine, if you show me yours." Frank whispered. 

"You mean you..." Zaria trailed off as Frank pulled his shirt over his head to reveal scars littering his chest. 

"Show me, please Zaria." he pleaded pulling his shirt back on. Slowly, Zaria peeled off her jacket and Frank gasped. 

"Yeah...they're pretty bad." she muttered, pulling her jacket back on and wiping her tears away. Frank pulled her close. 

"I can help you stop..." he whispered, rocking her gently as she sobbed, "but I need to know why you do it." 

"For 10 fucking years I've had no one Frank! No one wanted me when they came to the home. And the kids were horrid, cause I'm different." Zaria sobbed. 

"But honey, you're beautiful. You should never hurt yourself. You're gonna be stuck with them scars forever." Frank sighed, kissing her forehead. 

"Why did you do it, Frankie?" Zaria whispered into his chest, drawing little patterns on his chest. 

"Because as a kid, I was  bullied for being catholic, for being bi-sexual, for being an 'Out-cast'." Frank explained, tears slowly falling down his cheeks. 

"Frankie?" Zaria said, looking up at him. 

"Yeah?" Frank sighed, wiping away his tears. 

"I'm sorry," she mumbled, before kissing him gently. For a minute he tensed, 

'This is wrong,' he thought, 'I'm married, she's 13!, I'm old enough to be her dad! I have kids!' but after 10 seconds he kissed her back. When they pulled apart, Zaria was crying. 

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry," she sobbed, "You're married! You have kids!" 

"Shh, don't cry honey. It's alright, you were emotional; it doesn't mean anything, it never happened okay?" Frank said. 

"Yeah... Oh god, I'm sorry Frankie. Can you tell Gee I've gone to sleep? I don't wanna talk to anyone yet," 

"Of course, sleep well." Frank smiled, leaving the room. Zaria grabbed her phone from beside the bed and text the one person she could always rely on. 

It was nearly 1 am in Ireland, but Jodie and Jay were still awake when they both recieved texts from Zaria. 

'Well lads,' it read, 'guess who just got adopted by Gerard Way and the fecked it all up by kissing Frank Iero?' 

Jay and Jodie glanced at each other. 

"Do yah believe her?" Jay asked, pushing his fringe from his green eyes. His thick Irish accent, sounding rather harsh at the late hour.

"Of course, what reason did she ever give us not to? After all, yah know she would fuck it all up like that  in the end," Jodie laughed, 

"What do we say?" Jay asked, 

"We tell her it'll all be grand," Jodie smiled as she started to reply to her friend. 
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