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American Girl Chapter 17

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An apology from me&the guys finish up at pizza hut :)

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Feel free to hate me. I kinda disappeared off the face of the Earth so I don't blame you. I ain't gonna give you some bullshit excuse like "I lost the internet connection." I simply haven't been writing. Anything at all. I suffer from depression; have for a long time now. And lately it's been bad. Really fucking bad. And I've been locked in my room with no inspiration for anything. So I'm sorry for not updating; I really am. And I intend to make it up to you all; when I decide where the fuck this is gonna go. Cause right now; I'm clueless. I've lost all sense of direction for this:/ I'm sorry. Anyway; I have an update; It's a bit on the short side; sorry about that:/.

"Okay, so what can I get you guys?" Asked a rather cute looking waiter, whose name was Jack.

"Well everyone is paired up and sharing." Lyn-Z laughed.

"Frank and I want a veggie pizza to share, Gee and Lyn-z want a margarita, Bob, Emily, Jamia and Mikey want pepperoni so you'll need two large pepperonis, and Ray, Alicia and Christa want a bbq chicken pizza." Zaria smiled. Jack laughed.

"You've got a good memory," Jack laughed. "But you talk to fast. Tell me again?" Zaria shook her head and took his little note pad from him and jotted the order down in neat short hand. "Or that works too." He grinned walking off to the kitchen.

"He was nice!" Emily laughed.

"You're telling me?!" Zaria grinned, highfiving her.

"Girls." Bob warned.

"Sorry," they giggled as Jack brought out two large pepperoni pizzas and placed them in front of Mikey, Bob, Emily and Jamia. Everyone had moved round when he'd gone to the kitchen so they could all eat their pizzas.

"I'll get the others now." Jack smiled. "You guys want any drinks?"

"11 cokes." Gerard said before anyone else could answer.

"Okay," Jack smiled.

"You two; stop bloody flirting with him!" Gerard snapped at Zaria and Emily as Jack walked away.

"We're not flirting!" Emily and Zaria protested.

"Yeah, whatever." Mikey laughed as Jack came back out carrying a vegetarian and a margaritta pizza whilst a young girl came out carrying a tray of drinks and another was carrying a bbq pizza.

"There we go guys," Jack smiled, winking at Zaria and Emily before walking off.

"Dayummnn!" Emily laughed.

"He kinda looked like Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy didn't he?" Zaria exclaimed looking in the direction that Jack had walked.

"Oooh! Yeah! Mmft." Emily grinned. Zaria giggled and picked up a slice of pizza.

"So what kind of career you looking for Zar?" Alicia asked.

"Something to do with music. Or something to do with films." Zaria shrugged.

"What do you want to do with music?" Jamia asked.

"A band or music producer." Zaria said taking a bite of her pizza.

"I want to be a model." Emily grinned.

"Awesome." Zaria smiled.

"We can help you get into music, Zar." Ray smiled.

"I'd like that." Zaria laughed, taking a drink. "Jesus! How much of the pizza do you wanna eat Frank!" She laughed noticing in the time she'd ate one slice, Frank had finished four.

"Sorry..." He mumbled picking up his fifth slice.

"I was kidding man," Zaria laughed, picking up another slice, "Cheer up Frankiekins!"

"Shuddup ZarZar!" Frank teased sticking his tounge out at her.

"Pfft; fine. Be like that." She said, pretending he'd annoyed her. "Hey Mikey; what are Gee's favourite board games?"

"Don't tell her!"

"His favourite game... it's not really a board game but he fuckin' loves Dungeons and Dragons."

"Oh my god! We totally have to have a game some time!" Alicia grinned.

"This is the first time in ages we'll actually have a big enough group of people! Let's eat this, leave and go play!" Gerard grinned, his eyes lighting up like a child's at Christmas.

"But what about my hair dye?" Zaria frowned.

"We'll get that tomorrow, right now we have to play Dungeons and Dragons." Gerard smiled.

"That's so uncool." Zaria groaned.

"You wait until we start playing! You'll love it!" Gerard grinned.

"Will I?" She whispered to Frank.

"Doubt it." He laughed.

"How bad is it?"

"Put it this way, Gerard had little statue thingys." Frank smiled.

"Oh my god... So he's an uber nerd at it?"



"Yeppers." Frank smiled, at the confused and worried look on Zaria's face. "You don't have to play yinno, you could just read comic books and stuff with me?"

"Nah, I wanna play. I might just watch for a bit first though." Zaria smiled.

"Let's go." Gerard commanded noticing everyone had finished their pizzas.

"But I wanted ice cream!" Frank pouted.

"I've got 5 different flavours of Ben&Jerrys. Lets go." Gerard replied with a smirk.
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