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That Other Killjoy Story.

by ONotz 8 Reviews

Auditions/The First Chapter. Hurry ;)

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  • That Other Killjoy Story.

    (#) drfeelgood 2011-07-09 09:56:45 PM

    We're so auditioning because we love you

    Make me be with Gerard or Mikey? Pwease?

    Name (DUH!) Cyanide Killer (Ryan)


    Personality. Kind of a chatterbox, friendly, VERY openly gay, gets attached to people easily

    Looks. Naturally dark red hair, 5'8, skin that doesn't tan or freckle, kinda muscular, dark green eyes, wears a white shirt with multicoloured paint splatters on it with dark red skinny jeans and thigh-high fake leather boots

    That’s it, wanna add something, go ahead! If anyone talks shit about Les I'm going to punch them in every genital they own. You already know I'm gay :)

    Name (DUH!) Northern Lights (Leslie)

    M/F M

    Personality. Pretty quiet, doesn't make friends easily but when he does he kinda freaks out about it, tends to keep to himself, not really open with his feelings

    Looks. Same as above except he's 5'2 and a stick but he eats like a goddamn hippo... Wears a dark blue t-shirt under an open green button up with black loose jeans and riding boots

    That’s it, wanna add something, go ahead! He's bi-curious

    Hope we helped
  • That Other Killjoy Story.

    (#) MrsWayandIero 2011-07-09 10:07:55 PM

    Bandit’s Killjoy Name- Red Bandit xD

    Cherry’s- Sorry, not sure. Maybe Atomic Hydrogen. (It is my non-identical twin’s name)

    Lilly’s- Battery Baby? (Friend’s name)

    Ciara’s- Raven’s Crow


    Name- Screaming Revolver xD

    M/F- F

    Personality.- Is a massive bitch at first, but is nice to people she knows and trusts. She smokes and has a bad alcohol addiction. She is crazy and hyper. xD

    Looks.- She is as tall as Frank, skinny, has natural red hair with rainbow streaks that is short, she has MANY tattoos, she has the bridge of her nose, eyebrow, snake bites, and her Monroe pierced.

    That’s it, wanna add something, go ahead! – She has a 4 year old daughter, that was kidnapped by Bl/Ind. Her daughter’s name is Spencer and Screaming gave birth to her at age 15, which makes her 19, because she was raped. Her real name is Jinx Abyss Stryker.


    Killjoys for girlfriends/ Boyfriends for our boys!

  • That Other Killjoy Story.

    (#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2011-07-09 11:34:15 PM

    Name:,Twisted Poison (real name is rosie)

    M/F: F

    Personality; Shy around new people, otherwise, talkative, hyper, random, funny, very very sick mind, very protective

    Looks: 5'6, dyed red, long straight hair, fringe covers one eye all the time, hazel eyes with green tinges, really skinny (people think i'm anorexic but i'm not), chalk white foundation, tons of black eye liner, nose stud, lip stud, tongue stud, 5 piercings in each ear, "FoREVer" tattooed on left wrist, "NJ" on left thumb, a guitar on fire on right shoulder, a really long snake along right leg, "bookworm" like franks (can she be with frank please), a wedding ring, and an eye at the back of her neck (yeah there iz a lot deal with it)


    Good luck with your story can't wait to read it

    Rosie :)

    P.s sorry about the spelling mistakes, i'm on ny phone and i'm half asleep and it's dark not a very good combnation :3
  • That Other Killjoy Story.

    (#) Apocalyto 2011-07-10 01:58:50 AM

    Name: Apocalyto (Chloe)

    Age: 24

    Personality: Slighty shy, cocky, intelligent, funny, kind, aggressive and daydreams a lot.

    Looks: Average height and weight for age, long light brown hair and its fringe goes over one eye so always has to flick hair around (xD) blue eyes, has a flowery tattoo saying Chloe on bottom of back (dunno how to spell what its called) and is pale.

    Wears: A black leather jacket with sign on each shoulder-radioactive sign with gas mask on it-, faded light blue skinny jeans, a random vest (couldn't think of a good shirt xD) and black converses.

    Other: Best friends with Cyanide Killer and Northern Lights. Can I have a crush on Ray and we get together later in the story?

    Thank you and good luck, I can't wait to read it xD
  • That Other Killjoy Story.

    (#) Syphiel 2011-07-10 05:47:14 AM

    Killjoy Name: Bullet's Embrace


    Looks: Short and young looking. reddish blonde hair that is shoulder length and a little choppy/curly. Hazel eyes that are more green then anything else. She wears a purple tank with a black half jacket over it. Black jeans and black heeled boots. Everything including her skin is covered in silver sharpie doodles.

    Personality: She doesn't care about her own life. She would rather see her friends alive then her so she will always put herself in danger. She was raped by a renegade Killjoy group and has trust issues.

    Her best friend is Crimson Tide

    Killjoy name: Crimson Tide


    Looks: very tall like Mikey tall. (sorry I'm very short only 5' even) very choppy blonde hair streaked with green randomly. Dark blue eyes. And very pale. almost albino. the pigments in his skin do not hold color.

    Personality: Loves to laugh and loves to hear people laugh so he will make stupid jokes all the time. He is very big brother like to everyone but especially Bullet's embrace because of what happen to her. He is gay and doesn't hide it. Not flamboyent but if asked he will tell.

    Best friend is Bullet's Embrace.

    So those are my two Killjoys. I hope you can use them because I really like your stories. I can't wait to read this. Oh feel free to use Crimson and Bullet however you want. If either of them could be with Gerard or Frankie that would be awesome.
  • That Other Killjoy Story.

    (#) drfeelgood 2011-07-10 12:39:41 PM

    My email decided to be a whore and stop working, so I can't email you back. EMAIL ME.

  • That Other Killjoy Story.

    (#) MCR_Vampire_321 2011-07-10 01:32:49 PM

    Can I be Mikey's girlfriend please?? :) And if not, Gerard or Franks... But I'd really like Mikey :)

    Name (DUH!) Hollie but my Killjoy name is Artistic Accident :DD

    M/F - Female

    Personality - Shy around people I don't know, when you get to know me I don't shut up, I laugh a lot at things that not many people find funny, I'm described as weird but I like being weird :3

    Looks - Dark brown hair with red in the fringe and on the other side of my head (If that makes sense...), my eyes are blue and I wear contact lenses. I have long nails and it really irritates me the amount of people that ask if they're fake. My skin is usually quite pale and I burn in the sun instead of tanning (-.-)

    Sorry this is a quick audition I gotta go in a second :3
  • That Other Killjoy Story.

    (#) WordsIdLikeToSay 2011-07-11 12:59:41 PM

    Name (DUH!) Cherry Explosion

    Male/ female: F

    Personality. Cherry is very well explosive, she will do anything for the ones she loves and if anyone tries to hurt them she will rip their heads off, she plays guitar and drums (and sings) she loves to read, smokes and drinks

    Looks. Cherry has white blonde hair with neon blue stripes, she has light green eyes cherry is thin with large b00bs, she wears i light blue t-shirt with gray ripped skinny jean and black boots (two ray guns, both light green - the same colour as her eyes)

    Killjoys for girlfriends/ Boyfriends for our boys!

    Mikeys or Gee's :) xoxo

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