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Chapter 6

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George discovers the lump to be Pattie with a BIG surprise for him...

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George froze at the sight of the lump. In the back of his head, something was telling him it was Pattie, but the rest told him it was a burglar pretending to be Pattie to not get caught. He picked up his boot to beat whomever- or whatever- was underneath with it. He raised it above his head, and took the cover off. Once done, George immediately dropped the boot, as well as his jaw. Under the cover was Pattie laying on her side with one arm across her side and the other holding her head up. The only thing she wore was a huge grin on her face.
“So… does this mean you forgive me?” George asked nervously, trying to keep his eyes on Pattie’s face. Pattie’s smile grew.
“Just get in,” she said. George quickly jumped in.
“Hold on,” he said before they got started. He reached down and took his boxers off. He rolled them into a ball and threw them at the wall. The boxers hit the light switch and turned off the lights. “Now… where were we?” George asked, turning back to Pattie. He felt her take his head and kiss his lips deeply, her tounge wriggling in and out like a delivery truck with too many packages.
“I’m sorry I was such a brat that night…,” Pattie said after pausing for a moment to catch her breath.
“Don’t blame yourself- I was a huge jerk. I don’t know what got into me,” George said.
“How about we stop-,” she said.
“No- I haven’t had this much fun in weeks,” he said.
“Not this, because I haven’t either,” Pattie agreed. “I mean talking about that night. The point is we’re together again and we’re sorry for what was said and done.”
“Perfect,” George said. The two continued snuggling into the night.
The next morning, George didn’t arrive at work.
“Where is he?” Brian snapped. “It’s almost time for lunch!”
“He could be sick, y’know,” John said. “But then again, he would’ve called.”
“Maybe he’s still sad about Pattie,” Ringo said. “Did she call at all?”
“Nope, and it was pretty late when I left. I wouldn’t imagine anyone calling at that hour,” Brian said, looking out a window.
“He must have been really down if she never called…,” Paul said.
“Yeah, it took him weeks to write that song,” Ringo agreed.
Paul sat down, thinking of what could be taking George so long. Seeing how sad and angry he had been the times before when he tried to make up with Pattie, he couldn’t imagine how he felt now. Suddenly, a cold thought rushed through his mind. But would he be stupid enough to go through with it? Paul thought. No- I don’t think so… But even with his doubting thoughts, this seemed somewhat logical.
“Hey guys- you don’t think he would, y’know… commit suicide because of this, do you?” Paul asked. The others looked at him in disbelief but then thought it over.
“I don’t… think so…,” John said. “Would he?”
“I can’t see him doing so, but I don’t know…,” Ringo said. The four men thought about the situation before John broke up the silence.
“Well, I don’t know about you guys,” he said, “but I’m getting pretty hungry.”
“Yeah, we might as well get some lunch while we’re just sitting here doing nothing,” Ringo said. Brian sighed.
“Fine, go ahead,” he said. They got up and left the studio.
“Hey, Paul- where are you going?” John asked.
“I don’t know- I just wanted to stop by George’s to see if he’s alright,” the bassist replied.
“Alright, suit yourself!” he said as Paul hopped into his car.
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