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Chapter 7

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Paul gets into an over-protective-older-brother mode, and goes to George's house to see what's up.

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Paul drove down to George’s house with the worst-case-scenarios entering his mind. Maybe he shot himself, Paul thought, or… or drowned himself. Maybe he ate something poisonous or… or… or used a knife… Paul cried as he thought of more horrid ways that George could’ve killed himself. Sure Paul was being overdramatic like George had been earlier, but who wouldn’t if your thoughts were of one of your best friends killing themselves?
Paul finally got to George’s house. He parked his car in the driveway and hurried to the door. He tried to open it, but soon realized it was locked. Not remembering there was a doorbell, he quickly scurried around the doorway to find the extra key. Once he found it, he unlocked the door and entered.
Where could he be? he thought. There are too many rooms! He’s got to be in here somewhere…
He began his search in the kitchen, thinking that, being George, he would want to eat his last meal before dying. He looked around with no luck.
After the kitchen, he entered the bathroom. Oh boy- I hope he didn’t kill himself in here… He saw the closed shower curtain. Well, here goes nothing… he thought as he opened the curtain with one hand over his eyes. He slowly opened them, and sighed with relief that there was no dead naked body in the tub.
As he left the bathroom, he saw a closet. He gasped. Maybe he hung himself! he thought, running to the closet. He opened it, saw there was nothing, and scouted to find more closets. He stopped at one of the closets.
Hey, Paul thought, picking up a sweater inside. I’ve never seen Geo wear this to work... It was covered in flowers and psychedelic colours. Paul tried it on. Hmm… it’s a little tight, but then again, George is pretty skinny… OH WHAT AM I DOING? Paul thought, realizing he was wasting time. I HAVE TO FIND HIM! He ran to more rooms and closets to find the missing guitarist.
Meanwhile, George lay in his bed, sleeping on his back. Pattie rested her head on his bare chest. One of George’s arms lay around Pattie, as if to keep her by his side.
Pattie woke up with a fright as she heard a man outside their door.
“Where is he…,” the man was muffling, “I have to find him!”
Pattie looked up at George and tried to wake him up.
“Georgie,” she whispered, “Georgie, wake up!” She shook him, but unfortunately for her, George was a heavy sleeper, and did nothing.
Paul continued searching for George until he could hear small cries of a woman in the bedroom. Pattie! he thought. She’s returned! He listened in on what she was crying out in a whisper that was loud enough for him to hear.
“Georgie, wake up! This is scaring me!”
Paul’s heart sank. Oh, no! he thought, he killed himself in there! And Pattie thinkd he's only sleeping! He rushed to the door and opened it. Pattie shrieked and held up the covers above her chest. George immediately woke up and turned to Pattie.
“What’s wrong?” he said. “What happened?” He then looked at what Pattie was staring at with horror and gasped. “Paul!” he said, pulling more covers over him. “What are you doing here?”
Paul was speechless. He could feel his face turn a shade of red similar to the shade on George’s and Pattie’s faces. His heart pounded.
“Um…,” Paul said, “I was just, uh… um… just…,”
“P-Paul?” Pattie said.
“Uh, yeah?” Paul said, nervously.
“W-What are you doing with my sweater?” she asked. Paul looked at the sweater and looked back up.
“Oh, this is yours?” Paul asked. “Um, well, I’ll, um, just set it, um, on a chair, or something…,” He slowly took off the sweater and started to close the door. “Oh, and, um, George?”
“Uh, yeah, Paul?” George said.
“Uh, you can just take the day off,” Paul said. “I’ll just tell Brian that you’re sick or somethin’… I can do the guitar solo for ‘Ticket to Ride’ for you.”
“Uh, ok, Paul,” George said. “Thanks…,”
“So, I’ll, uh, see ya tomorrow, so…,”
“Um, yeah. S-see ya then…,”
Paul closed the door and left the couple to do whatever. George slumped back into the bed and sighed. Then, he smiled and looked back at Pattie.
“So… looks like I have a day off…,” he said, sitting back up, getting closer to her, and putting his arms around her. Pattie smiled back.
“You’re right!” Pattie said. “In that case, I better be getting some breakfast ready!” She slipped out of his arms and went to her dresser to pick out some clothes to wear. George grumbled and got out as well.
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