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Chapter 8

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Paul gets back to work and ends up getting laughed at by John and Ringo.

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Paul drove back to the studio. He lost his appetite, and couldn’t get the images of the naked couple out of his mind. Sure, it was somewhat enjoyable, but the fact that it was George and Pattie… He shuddered. He knew George probably wouldn’t speak to him ever again.
He walked into the studio where John, Ringo, and Brian were waiting for him.
“What happened?” John asked nervously. “You look as pale as a sheet!”
“Did he really… y’know…,” Ringo asked, worriedly.
“Thank goodness, no!” Paul said, shaking his head. “He’s just… sick.” Before Brian could say anything, Paul added, “Oh, and he said I could do the guitar for ‘Ticket to Ride’ for him.”
Brian sighed and muttered something about getting some aspirin. He got up and left the room. Paul sat down on the couch and started to tune his bass.
“So what really happened that you don’t want us to know?” John asked, getting closer to Paul. Paul shuddered.
“What did he do to himself?” Ringo said.
“Nothing, nothing!” Paul said, not looking up from his bass.
“Well, did Pattie come back?” Ringo asked.
“Yeah, she was there alright…,” Paul said.
“What, you didn’t find them all ‘lovie-dovie’ with each other, did you?” John teased. Paul looked up at John, then looked around the room, then back to his bass. John and Ringo raised their eyebrows and looked at each other. All of a sudden, John fell off of the couch and rolled on the floor, laughing. Ringo laughed with him, but not with as much energy. Paul scrunched his nose and looked at them.
“Aw, cut it out!” he said. John calmed down a bit and called his attention back on Paul.
“So, how were they doing?” John joked. “Were they any good?” Paul looked at him.
“WH- I DON’T KNOW!” Paul shouted.
“Were they naked?” John asked with a playful grin. When Paul said nothing, John went back to uncontrollably laughing on the ground. “Oh, man, this is too good, Paulie! This is too good!” he laughed. “I can’t believe you actually walked in on that!”
Paul crossed his arms and glared at John. Then, Brian walked in.
“Ok, John, Ringo- what did you just do?” he asked when he saw Paul glaring at John while John and Ringo laughed hysterically at him.
“Ah, nothing, Eppy,” John said. “We’re just messing around with Paulie, here. Let’s just get back to work, shall we?” Brian was about to argue with him, but to hear him actually say something about getting back to work was good enough for him.
“Alright, then lads- how about we start working on ‘Ticket to Ride’, hm?”
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