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The date continues at the Flat!

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Yes of course the date continues at the flat,Guess who was waiting there though,Dru and his girlfriend anna,Ashley and his girlfriend poppy all making kissy face on the sofa!So Holly and Stefan went to the bedroom,They sat and talked for a little while and decided to put a film on,Holly asked if it okay if she stayed the night,Stefan said yes and gave her some on his pyjamas,and they laid in bed together watching the lion king for about half an hour until...BOOM rachel jumps up from underneath the bed screaming insults at Holly,Like GET AWAY YOU MAN STEALER!Holly jumped out of the bed and said , you want him you have him i don't have to suffer,i can stick to liking him!So Stefan ran after her saying please don't leave because of her she is just possesive i dumped he like 4 months ago i love you not her...It was to late Holly had left.
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