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Chapter Four - Gerard

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Can anything phase Hawkeye? Once the house was cleared, she just grinned and started making.....well, everything. The guys, had settled in the the TV room while Hawkeye played music loudly, making the house vibrate with the beat.

She never stopped working. If she wasn't making raviolis by hand – she told us how much she hated canned crap – she was filling the apple pie. And once that was in the oven, she started squeezing the blood out of raw ground beef into a small bowl.

“What's that for?” I asked from my leaned position on the door frame. She smiled at me as she washed her hands quickly and pulled a tiny knife out of her pocket.

She made a tiny cut in her index finger and squeezed some of her own blood into the bowl. “Bruce likes a mix.” her voice was calm. I, however, was at a lose for words. “Wanna help feed the kids?”

I bit my lip and nodded. She picked the bowl up, keeping her finger over it. We went down the stairs to her room carefully. “So from what I've seen and heard, you're good with kids and animals, you can sing, you're funny, you can bake, you can cook, and I hear you can cast a mean spell. What else do you do?” I asked when she was pulling blankets off cages.

She bit her lip on a smile. “I can dance, run, handle temperatures that usually kill people, talk to and see ghosts, clean, I do minor gymnastics, write, play guitar, speak a little German and Russian, amateur photography and pottery and I draw in my free time. Anything else?” she threw a large mouse into Aden's cage. She didn't flinch as the mouse's blood squirted against the glass.

I silently poured cat food into Sphinx's dish. “Do you do anything else? Like, what are you into?” finally fell off my tongue. I felt like a mega creep right now but I wanted to get to know her.

She froze, a packet of crickets in her hand over Nightmare's cage. “I swim, ride bikes, watch anime and I sway both ways. Oh! And I'm turning seventeen on the twenty fourth of this month and I have a choir concert tomorrow night.” she dumped the bugs in and closed the cage.

My mouth was still hanging open. I stood there, gaping at the girl half my age who'd stolen my heart. She turned and smirked at me. “Don't gape. It's unattractive.” she brushed past me, closing my mouth with her hand.

The second her skin left mine, my jaw, neck and chest were tingling. I stood there for a moment, my hand clasped around my neck.

A second later, I heard barking and Frank shouting happily. I walked up the stairs slowly, hearing a door screech open and slam shut. The guys were all still in the TV room, but I saw Hawkeye through the window. She was outside playing with a horse of dog, still only in her tank top.

“Hey Gee, c'mere. We gotta talk.” I sat on the edge of a chair facing the guys.

“So Hawkeye is the most epic person EVER! She told us we could stay here after we told her how long we were in town.” Frank gushed.

Ray nodded, his fro bouncing. “And she said that they had more than enough rooms to throw us in.”

“She told us about her concert tomorrow, too. I say we go.” Mikey chipped in, pushing his glasses up on his nose a bit. Well, this is the first time we've all agreed on one thing other than coffee and Coke being the best drinks ever invented.

I bit my lip. “Did she tell you what today is?” I murmured softly. They all gave me puzzled looks and shook their heads. “Two years ago, her Mom died.” the room filled with their gasps. Before the chaos got too out of hand, the door opened and a tan woman in a huge black coat walked in.

She looked at us and narrowed her eyes. “Where's Amethyst?” she ground out through her teeth. We all pointed to the window. She nodded, sat her bag down and walked out.

We followed her up to the back door. The huge garage was cold, but not as cold as outside. It had a small silver car parked in the far right.

It had started snowing again. As we watched, it swirled around the two of them in the yard, both yelling and throwing points at the house. Suddenly, Hawkeye stepped back a little and said something calmly.

The woman, I assumed she was her sister, recoiled. Hawkeye smirked and the snow went wild around her sister. It swirled faster and faster around Hawkeye as she whispered something.

Oh god, were we watching a witch fight? Hawkeye was clearly stronger, and that made my face burn. The snow abruptly stopped and her sister turned on her heel, the monster dog following her.

We backed away from the door as she opened it. She opened the door to the house. “Cross, inside.” the dog ran in. She let the door slam shut and glared at us. “You're all lucky my sister's the third of the third. If not, you'd be on your asses out in the snow faster than you can blink. I may only have half magic blood and I may only be the second, but I can still kick your asses. Keep that in mind, humans.” she stormed inside, leaving us all frozen over with terror.

I looked out at Hawkeye, who was now on her knees in the snow. Without a word to the guys, I stepped out into the harsh weather and ran to her side.

The snow in front of her was tinted red with blood.

Chapter four chapter four chapter four!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~does spaz dance~ Love it or hate it, I don't care! R+R!!!!!!!!

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