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chapter eight

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Kobra tells Bullet something important and the two BL/ind controlled killjoys set out on a mission...

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Hey, Like promised here is the new chapter. If you haven`t read the note, could you please just go and read it now? It will only take a few seconds. Thanks for reading, hope you like this chapter, please let me know if you do. And again, sorry about the wait, hope it was worth it
Bullets embrace`s pov
“I can’t go back with them tomorrow...I have to stay here, with her….”
“K-Kobra?” I ask the large, silent room, a small flickering light across on the other side of it, near the doorway gave off a little light, just enough to see a few centimetres in front of you. I could see movement at the other end of the room, near where the Fabulous Killjoys and Grace slept. I was unable to see who it was in the dim light, but I would recognise the voice anywhere.
“Kobra Kid, answer me for fucks sake!” I whisper harshly, a little louder than I had intended, and next to me I see Toxic Rose change her position slightly, mumbling something sleepily under her breath, before closing her eyes again and instantly falling back into a peaceful slumber.
“B-Bullet? That you?” I roll my eyes, pointless seeing as no none could see it in the dark.
“Yes moron, it`s me, who else?” I felt bad calling him that, he wasn’t really a moron, but honestly.
“Oh, erm…yeah right…sorry,” he mumbles, sitting upright in his bed, I can see a shadowy outline, all that was visible of the killjoy in this light, wrap the blankets around himself and hesitantly get to his feet and begin to walk over towards me, tiptoeing over the others that were curled up, sleeping in their sleeping bags or on old mattresses.
“Erm, hi.” I resist the urge to giggle, why I wasn’t sure. It wasn’t like he was being particularly funny, it was…almost sweet though, the awkwardness of him.
I frown slightly; I had not just thought that, had I? Oh shit, I had. Great, I was finally going insane. Brilliant, just fucking brilliant.
“C-can I talk to you, Bullet?”
I smile. “Didn’t really give me much choice in that did you? Considering you just spoke."
“Oh, yeah. So I did.” He runs a hand through his messed up hair, his eyes looking around the room, looking everywhere but at me. Odd.
“I have to…tell you something. It’s pretty important.”
Okay, nothing strange about that. All he wanted was to tell me something. Probably something about Korse, or baldy as he was better known out in the zones. (Well it was the only name we could call him in the presence of children anyway) either that or he needed me to do something after they left tomorrow. Yeah, that was it.
“Yeah, what?” I ask, trying to push the horrid, alien feeling in my chest that stung whenever I thought about him-I mean the Fabulous Killjoys, which obviously included him-leaving. It wasn’t actually a complete new feeling now I thought about it, I had been having weird fluttering, sometimes actually painful sensations in my gut and chest whenever he looked at me or spoke to me recently, ever since I had nearly died at BL/ind. It must be because of the awful injuries I had sustained and had just barely survived. There could be no other reason. I hoped.
I mean, Kobra was nice and all, and I had to admit it, it wasn’t like he was hard to look at either, but I was not able to cope with anything like a relationship. Never again would I be able to do that, not after what that Bastard had done to me, I couldn’t trust guys like that ever again, or get close to them. The mere thought if it terrified me. Anyway, it wasn’t like Kobra would ever like someone like me.
“For fucks sake, spit it out!” I hiss at him in a hushed voice. Why was I being so irritable?
Kobra`s pale face reddens slightly and he ducks his head, his sandy hair falling into his eyes, shielding them slightly.
“I just wanted to say…” he sighs deeply, drawing it out, looking defeated. “Goodbye and I-me and the others will…miss you.” I swear I can see the faintest glimpse of tears in his eyes, but it was dark, so I couldn’t be sure. Anyway, why would he be crying? I had never seen him cry, but some of the others had told me that he had cried when I had gotten injured and they all thought I was dead. I didn’t believe that of course.
I`ll miss you too…the words form in my mind before I can stop them. I frown, narrowing my eyes, wondering if it was possible to hate the little voice in your head without hating yourself.
“So…erm that was all then?” I ask him in a quiet, almost timid voice, most unlike myself, also ducking my head, unable to look directly at him, sneaking short peeks at the sandy haired killjoy every so often.
“N-No. It wasn’t.” he sighs again, raking a and through his hair, tangling it up more. “I want to tell you something, but I think-"he pauses, lips pursed, considering whether or not to say something. “I need to tell you something, after all you deserve to know, but-" he stops again, lifting his head up, catching me as I peak up at him. We both turn red, and a faint smile appears on his face.
“I am afraid you will take it the wrong way and…hate me.”
“Just spit it out,” how could he think that? I only hated a few people in this world, obviously the BL/ind idiots and the bastard whose name I will near mention, and although being a very untrusting person, I was not normally one full of hatred. I most certainly would never hate one of my friends, no matter what they had done. In this hellish world, you needed all he friends you could get.
“I-fine. Just please, please,” he looks at me, his eyes wide and welling up with salty tears. “Don`t hate me.”
“I won`t, I could never hater you, Kobra.” His eyes light up for a moment but they dull again when I say my next sentence. “You`re one of my closest friends out of everyone here, and probably my closet guy friend.”
“Oh,” he frowns, “it doesn’t matter.”
I stare at him, my eyes narrowed and unblinking as I do, trying to make him tell me. I was curious, very curious. What could he have possibly done that he thinks I would hate him for?
“I-I`minlovewithyou!”he hurriedly says the words, I barely understand the jumbled mess of words, a confused look o my face until he lowly, blushing as he did so, staring bitterly embarrassed down at is feet, repeats himself.
“I am in love with you.” My jaw drops, and I swear I can feel my heart stop for a second. “I love you Bullet. I can’t help it, I`m sorry, I can’t. I`ve tried.”
Twisted Poison’s pov
The bright sunlight and the fresh air was a welcome change from the brightly lit, hospital like building we had been in for as long as I could remember. It smelt like a hospital as much as it looked like one, antiseptic and disinfectant burned your nostrils wherever you happened to be in the white, spotlessly clean building.
“How long till we get there?” my partner for this particular task, Electric Static asks me, tucking her long hair behind her ear.
“Korse told us he didn’t know where they were hiding exactly, but he gave us the general direction.” She nods once.
“Do you think it will be a particularly difficult job? Finding and disposing of the killjoys, the fabulous killjoys in particular, I mean.” She explains, seeing my lightly puzzled look.
That wasn’t the reason for it though, ever since I had been at BL/ind, I had felt…odd. Wrong almost. Static had told me she sometimes felt like hat also, as though there was something she was supposed to remember that was important, that she just couldn’t. Korse had told us that this was a quite normal side effect of injections we had received which, he had explained were to help us recover faster from a common illness a lot of the occupants of Battery City had. To counteract it we were to take this plain white, horrid tasting pills, they seemed to work, for a few hours at least the confusion and odd sense of forgetting something would go.
“Twisted Poison, do you ever feel like this is all wrong?”
I look up at my long haired, brightly dressed friend in surprise. I often felt like that when I hadn’t taken my pills recently. I found it a little strange, but I didn`t see it to be a cause for great concern, Korse didn’t after all.
“A lot of the time, whenever I don’t take my pills.” I answer honestly, wondering if possibly, jut possibly there could be a link between it.
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