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Out of The Sky Into The Dirt

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"Your ex Danna said that you were a good fuck." - Dave

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Dave flopped down on the bed, "You'll never believe what your ex Dana told me." He said catching his breath, "I'm not sposta tell you. She made me swear on my life but I'll drop dead if I don't tell you." I sat up, "What'd she tell you, Dave?" I asked in a panic. "Chill all she said was that you were a hot fuck." He said with a chuckle. I blushed and burried my face in a pillow, "She told you that?" I shrieked. "Yup. According to her you were the best fuck she ever had." He said with a devilish tone. "I'm THE best fuck she'll EVER have." I mumbled to myself. "I heard that you naughty fox!" Dave teased and jumped over to the bed I was on. He pulled the pillow away from my face, "Why are you embarressed?" He asked. I shrugged and blushed. "Why?" He asked pushing my hair out of my face. "My ex-girlfriend told you that I'm a hot fuck! Wouldn't you be?" I whispered sheepishly. He pondered on the question for a moment, "No." He said with a naughty grin.
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