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Sense of Paranoia

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Ever since the park incident, Mikey hasn't got a decent night's sleep. The one night he does, will it end well? Frikey.

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A/N: Here's Chapter Two C: Hope you like it! Edit: Hopefully it shows up now ^___^"

The deadbolt unlocked with a faint click that echoed through the dim, empty hallway. His apartment complex wasn't the greatest, but the rent was incredibly cheap which helped balance out many of its faults. Mikey rubbed the bridge of his nose as the overwhelming feeling of exhaustion crept over him. All at once it seemed his muscles ached for rest. For the past month, he hadn't had a decent night's sleep. Ever since that incident in the park. An entire month of extra coffee, little-to-no sleep, and an intense sense of paranoia. He had been looking over his shoulder at every opportunity sensing someone was watching him. Realizing he was standing in the hallway lost in his thoughts, he snapped back to reality. Mikey had an armful of groceries and struggled to get the door open as he juggled the brown paper bags. He managed to not spill anything as he set them down on the counter. By the time he unpacked everything into the cabinets and fridge, he was no longer hungry just more tired than ever.

Mikey headed straight for his bedroom. The apartment was small, just big enough for him, but it seemed like a mile walk to his bedroom at the end of the hallway. He was peeling off clothes as he went. He had took off his thin, black shirt in the kitchen, laying it on the counter in a wrinkled heap. His pale skin prickled at the cold temperature inside the apartment. Small goosebumps raised on his flesh. He took off a shoe in the hallway, hoping on one foot towards the bedroom as he took off his other shoe occasionally having to lean on the wall when he felt he was going to topple over. Outside his bedroom door, he peeled off his socks. Mikey opened his bedroom door, and thought it was odd at how dark it was. He normally left the curtains on his single window pulled back, so he could see what he was doing until he could find the light switch. Standing awkwardly half in his room and half in the hallway, he took the final step into his room. He shrugged the feeling of paranoia off as he thought only of warm, comforting sleep. He had started to unzip his slim-fit, black jeans when he heard a faint noise in the pitch black dark.

The door had naturally shut behind him but now this heightened his sense of anxiety. The hair stood on the back of his neck and he strained to see in the dark. He stepped forward, but immediately began tripping over various things on the floor. Piles of clothes and books were littering the floor, and Mikey cursed his room. The pants had slipped lower on his hips, and had started to pool around his ankles and started to slide off his foot making it hard for him to walk. He sighed into the darkness. Snaking the pants off with a little dance of his hips and assistance from his legs stepping on the fabric pulling it down until they were off, he shivered as his skin was fully exposed except for his boxers that were low rise and high-cut . Half tripping and half walking, he stumbled into bed. He was so tired. There were mounds of blankets and pillows covering every inch of the king sized bed. He slide beneath the mound like a burrowing animal and found his favorite pillow amongst the pile. Mikey flopped his head down, then curled up cuddling the pillow he had found. He fell asleep easily, and his calm even breathing could be heard faintly. He hadn't even bothered putting on pajamas.

______________________P.O.V Change_____________________________

It had been easy. Too easy, almost, to be of much interest to him. He loved the thrill of the chase. Drinking blood was only one of the perks of being a vampire. Stalking your prey had to be the second best thing about it, only beaten of course by immortality. One could argue the downfalls of Vampirism: death by sunlight, seeing friends and family die as you live on, and fear of being found, but the positives outweighed the negatives in Frank's mind. An example of why he enjoyed being a vampire was Mikey. This guy had been very amusing to stalk. The way he looked around, searching for Frank's face, the way he walked faster at night than in the day, and the way he slept cuddling his pillow like a person.

Frank stepped out from behind the curtain with ease. They were thick curtains that blocked out the sunlight, which had been useful for when he wanted to wait inside the apartment for Mikey. Wearing certain clothes only cut off the edge of sunlight, and he couldn’t stand it very long. This guy had sun-proofed his house without really realizing it. Few windows that were all curtained, even the bathroom window slit was covered with tape, no sky lights, and no immediate doors that could be thrown open to expose sunlight. Frank had thought getting into the house would have been harder, but Mikey left his room window open as well as his living room window which led to a petite balcony floor that was hardly big enough for one person to stand or sit on. Despite being on the third floor, it was no match for a expert series of jumps. Frank had taken the time to explore the house before Mikey got home. He had watched him head to the market, so he knew he had a little time. It was messy in the way a young adult male would have a messy house.

Most of it was clothes and papers. And oddly enough tons of empty sushi containers. Frank shuffled through Mikey's drawers, but found nothing that particularly interested him. There were no x-rated magazines, or journals to read. When he heard the click of the deadbolt, he quietly managed to go down the hallway into Mikey's bedroom and, not wanting to spoil the surprise of him being there, hid behind the curtain of Mikey's single bedroom window. The inset windows helped to hide the bulge of his body from showing in the curtain had Mikey turned on the bedroom light. Peaking through the curtain slightly, Frank smirked. His night vision was in full effect in the dark room, and he got to watch Mikey slide his pants off; he noted the smooth skin, the lithe build and the adorable way he had crawled into bed.

His fangs started to grow as he thought of Mikey's blood. It had been a month since he had drank and now his sense of smell was sending him into euphoria. He could almost hear the sound of Mikey's pulse as he slept. Frank had put off drinking from anyone else, so his sense of taste would be heightened. This was usually routine for Frank once he picked out who his prey was going to be. Somehow, this felt different. Frank knew he wanted more from Mikey. He seemed different from all the others. He was certain Mikey was asleep and stepped towards the bed. He plotted his next move.

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