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Little Miss Jumpy

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"I'll see you on Saturday."

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Unfortunately break ends on Tuesday. I take the bus to school, too afraid to be in the same car as Frank. I might burst out into tears. I’m jumpy now. Things I’d never paid attention to before now scare the shit out of me. I about peed myself when Bob, the new kid, sits next to me on the bus.

“Hey,” he says, causing me to squeak.

“Sorry about that,” I mumble. “Can I help you with something?”

He looks at the ground for a while before turning to look at me, “What do you think about movies?”

I laugh a little bit, “Some of them are pretty good.”

“Would you go to one with me…this Saturday?” he asks.

It’s almost cute, the way he’s so nervous, his cheeks a light pink color, his icy blue eyes sparkling. I hardly know him but I’m not entirely against making new friends. Sometimes change is good. I run through my plans, remembering something rather important.

I take Bob’s hand, “I would but I’ve got a party. It’s my friend Jonny’s birthday. You should come along though.”

I quickly write down Jonny’s address and hand it to Bob explaining how we’re all just going to sit around, watch movies and drink. All in all it’ll be pretty fun; then again some people find shit like that really boring. Bob seems interested.

Walking into school with the tall, sturdy built blonde with lip piercings I feel pretty safe. He hasn’t tried to touch me and he hasn’t said anything to make me even remotely uncomfortable. I like that.

Frank shoots us looks but I ignore them. Just because he’s my best friend doesn’t mean I can’t talk to other guys. It’s better for me to realize that not all of them are bad. Things will get easier if I can be around Bob without freaking out anytime he gets a little close.

At lunch Bob comes up behind me, gently taping my shoulder. Of course, this action makes me jump. He just laughs, taking the seat that is normally Frank’s. Figuring the blonde won’t stick around long I don’t tell him to move. Frank is getting food; Bob will be gone by the time he comes back.

“You're a little jumpy aren't you?” he laughs snatching a carrot out of my baggie.

I nod, “Yeah, some things happened a few months ago so now I’m like this.”

Seriously I have no idea why I told him that. My rape really isn’t something I bring up often. Maybe I just want him to know…maybe I think he’ll understand more.

“What happened?” Bob questions looking rather concerned.

“Um…I was raped,” I admit. “I’m sure you saw it on the news.”

“Right, right,” he says, “I knew you looked familiar. You’re pretty brave.”

I smile watching as Frank walks up.

“I guess,” I answer.

Bob stands up, “I’ll see you on Saturday. Bye Amber.”

I wave goodbye to Bob as Frank sits down. He is frowning, stabbing at his corn rather viciously. I hate how he’s acting. The over protective shit was nice for a while but now I just want things to be normal. I want Frank as my best friend…my boyfriend, but not the protective older bother anymore. I have Mikey and Gerard for that.

“Whatever the fuck is shoved up your ass you need to pull it out. I’m tired of your shitty attitude,” I say causing Frank to drop his fork and look at me.

“I’m just worried about you Amber. You invited this guy to Jonny’s party even though you hardly knowing anything about him,” he answers.

“So what, there are going to be tons of people there.”

“There were tons of other people at the fair too.”

Everything stops for a minute, no one at our table daring to say anything. Frank has crossed a line. I can tell he knows this by the look he gives me but I don't even care. How dare he start blaming me for things? I though we both decided that what happened wasn’t my fault.

A single tear runs down my face, “I have talent show auditions.”

I cry during my song, hating both myself and Frank. We’re fighting about something so stupid. It’s a good thing the judges thought my near bawling was an indication of how into the song I am. So I’m in but I cannot cry during the real thing on Friday. I can’t believe we only have three days to rehearse.

Having missed the bus I am forced to walk home. I’m pretty sure I’ve never been more scared in my life. Any time any guy looks at me I feel like he’s about to attack me. I wish I had a cell phone. I’d call Jonny or Liz or even Frank. I decide I can’t really hate him, especially because he’s just trying to look out for me.

Once I get home I slam the door causing Mikey to jump, “Do you still hate us?”

Chewing on my bottom lip I nod, “Without a doubt.”

“Frank says he’s sorry for what he said at lunch and he hopes your audition went well,” Mikey says as he pulls the popcorn bag out of the microwave.

“He couldn’t have told this to me in person?”

“Nope, he left again.”


Note: Drama. Haha, I figured we all needed a little, things can't be sunshine and kittens all the time. Anways, song hint...something about a couch. :) If no one guesses it'll be up in the next chapter anyway.
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