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    (#) xxPanicFanxx 2011-10-30 12:30:16 PM

    Badass gang member and your characters best friend pweeease! So
    huggles for all! :D

    Author's response

    YAY OREOS FOR YOU! could you leave a description of your character pls? tnks so much (:

    lina xo

    (#) DeathDefying 2011-10-30 01:08:03 PM

    Name: August Campanelli

    Age: whatever you want

    Part: friend \m/

    Personality: she's sweet and rambles alot when she's nervous or embarassed. She smiles alot and blushes at all the wrong times. Sometimes seems happy when she really isn't. Pretty outgoing to most people, but at the same time can be painfully shy. Easy going, quick witted. Loves making art-she has kind of a grungy style. Good with a pair of scissors and up to date with music. Kind and supportive and likes to make others happy. Straight-edge and a little daring though. Likes being carried and is terrified of growing up. a little scary and likes to scare people. Daring and creative. knows how to have a good time. Laughs easily and smiles with all her teeth. A headbanger, food-lover, sleeper, and definetly has her days where all she does is crash. She stares at the fridge for hours without finding anything to eat. Likes to watch t.v. She's bright and bubbly and can make friends with anybody. Stands up for herself and her friends. She's the one that gets them into bad situations because she's a big talker. energetic and can be feisty.

    Style: wears alot of bracelets and earrings, ripped up jeans, shorts with tights, oversized tops, band shirts, toms, docs, hightops, punk jackets, cardigans, beanies, chains, studs, stockings, alot of skeleton themed sweaters and tops like:
    and vintage patterns, black dresses, and gloves

    Looks: Has pale skin and blue eyes with smoky makeup and long think lashes. usually wears black lipstick. has lavender hair, like: &

    Likes: Gummy Bears, Candy in general, bike rides, photography, painting, designing clothes, nature, Warped Tour, classic punk music (ie misfits, social distortion, alkaline trio, alice in chains, anti flag, nirvana, flogging molly) Mickey Mouse, Theme Parks, Harry Potter, Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Exorcist, Urban Outfitters, her guitar, baby seals, food, more food, roadtrips, cold days, jewelry, old bookshops, coffee, making people smile, fishing, sleeping, hugs, food in general, carnivals, and white roses

    Dislikes: silence, books, getting paper cuts, when she's bored enough to bounce in her seat, shopping malls, being tickled, burns, shit talkers, annoying adults, sunlight, and getting made fun of.

    Name: Colby Riley

    Age: whatevss

    Part: friend \m/

    Style: punk-ish, casual, fashionable i guess. he wears alot of skinny jeans (not skin tight) in black, grey or denim. plaid shirts in all different colors that he leaves un buttoned and ashirt underneath. studded belts. plain white tee-shirts, band shirts (punk-misfits, black flag, etc) beanies, converse, vans, doc martens. tank tops. no shorts, ever. wears cuffs and fingerless gloves. has his upper left arm covered in tattoos.

    Looks: tall-about 5'11 with a pretty athletic body. he has fair skin, dimples and big green eyes. chocolate brown, choppy hair that always falls into his eyes. has a defined jaw line and a permanent smirk. has 5/16 gauges. when he laughs, he smiles with all his teeth, but other than that he usually has a smirk. handsome, but not confident or cocky.

    Personality:confident in himself and his friends-but not a cocky jack-ass. kind to his friends. very loyal and honest, and doesn't take shit. very sarcastic and humorous. he's very laid back. not shy, but not very outgoing. he's a guitar tech for many tours. he's an artist-he loves to draw people, design tattoos, whatever the hell it is, he'll do it. brave, strong, corageous. doesn't like to show fear or pain. likes to be someone to talk to. will fight for his friends. stands by people. monster addict. ex smoker. poker-master. grafitti lover. guitar hero addict. dog lover. romantic. horror movie junkie. not easily hurt and doesn't like to hurt others. can and will beat the shit out of people if you piss him off enough.

    Likes - graffiting things, drawing, drinking monster, making people smile, winning, ghost shows, haunted places, music obviously, hanging out, pizza and sushi, jaws, comics, reading, night time, parties, making a mess, take-out, making people happy, rollercoasters, las vegas, concerts, meeting new people, pranking people, and coca-cola.

    Dislikes - all the isms, failing, people touching his stuff, getting made fun of, people giving alot of shit, assholes, jack ass sleazy rockstars, groupies, fangirls (they annoy the hell outta him) overly nice people, annoying things, flies,ants, seeing his friends hurt.

    Author's response

    WOW THESE PEOPLE ARE AMAZING! I'm gunna use both of them. Probably as both

    (#) DeathDefying 2011-10-30 01:10:26 PM

    or gang members, or both, it doesn't matter

    (#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2011-10-30 01:23:20 PM


    Name: Frankie Corleone (Frankie is short for Francesca but only call her that if you want your head to be ripped off and i chose Corleone as her last name cause i have a bit of an obsession with the godfather at the moment)

    Age: 19

    Appearance: (broken down for details)

    Height: 5'11

    Hair style: Exactly like frank's from revenge era

    Hair colour: The shaved sides are red and the mini mohawk thing is black

    Eye colour: Green with a hazel ring around the pupil

    Weight: 110lbs or 7st 9 depending if your british or american

    Skin colour: White. But she's Italian/American so tans well in summer and hates it but is usually very pale

    Piercings: Nose stud, lip ring, 7 piercings in each ear, eyebrow piercing, monroe piercing, tongue stud

    Tattoos: "Emosexual and proud" on left wrist, "badass" on right wrist, giant black angel wings covering back with "we are the fallen angels" down the spine in between the two wings, the slytherin badge on left badge, a guitar on fire on right shoulder, "the godfather" on right hip (look it up if you don't know what the thingy looks like), "La Mia Famiglia" over heart

    Backstory: Her family is in the Italian mafia, her parents were murdered when she was 6, her brother then became the don when he was 14, he than raised her and introduced her to smoking when she was 7, he was than killed by a traitor when she was 9, she than became the don and has been every since

    Personality: Badass and a rebel, hates being told what to do, does several drugs herself, very reserved, likes to tell stories of how she's killed people in extreme detail, very intelligent, but a good friend, very trustworthy, over protective, paranoid

    Anything else: She is fluent in both Sicilian and english but prefers to speak in Sicilian since it's her first language

    good luck
    can't wait
    hope i get picked
    sorry if it's long i do tend to go on

    Rosie :)

    Author's response

    you. i pick you. definitely... oh wow your character fits with the story so well!! you will be in this fic and probably be quite big in the end. just gonna let'cha know. thanks!!

    lina xo

    (#) Tierney6661 2011-10-30 01:35:37 PM

    Part: awesome person who is friends with the lot, maybe a romance?? :P

    Name: Tierney Sullivan


    Gender: Female

    Looks: (Broken up for detail)
    General:I am 5' 1 1/2", kind of tan all year round, but creamy white skin. I usually kick it in band tees and skinny jeans(dark blue or black) with a pair of painted on Toms or converse and I really don't leave the house without my Ray Bans (the one like the blues brothers have, best things ever) My go to hoodie is my Harley Davidson one, that thing is pretty beat up... I have a D cup and am 113 lbs. My teeth are perfectly straight and white, thank god, haha. And I have been told my smile is cute.

    Hair: My hair is quite similar to Hayley Williams, same cut and color, but sometimes instead of dying it orange and blonde, I dye it black and blue. My bangs are choppy and jagged and like to hang over my eyes sometimes, it reaches my shoulder blades and is straight as a pin.

    Eyes: My eyes are a grey blue color and change with my emotion, not dramatically of course, but they go from bright blue to a water blue to grey depending on how i feel. They have tiny brown specs in them, no joke, I've come to think it's sorta unique.

    Make up/tats/scars/piercings: I have two cartilage piercings in the top of ear each and two at the lobe and a tragus on the left ear and an industrial on the right. I also have a Monroe on the left side. I have a “MADE IN CHINA” tattoo on the bottom of my right foot and part of psalm 23 around my right ankle. I just got a I don't usually wear make up, unless I'm going out or something, but my everyday is black eyeliner and mascara. I have scars on my back from falling on a floor heater when I was young, they look like tiger stripes. My left index finger has a scar running straight down to the nail from the knuckle. My right hand has a line running from the palm around the topside and to wrist. I have a small pale circle on the top of my right foot from stepping on a rusty nail.

    Personality: I’m crazy once I get to know you, but I’ll always be there for you. I'm tough, but I love to have a guy hold me or hug me, and I'm a bit outspoken. I usually let you know what I think even if it's not what you want to hear at the time. I'm not used to having family, so I'm not clingy, but I'm very friendly, if you don’t act like a moron/jerk the first time I met you. I'm usually pretty laid back, but when I need to be, I'm serious and I love my friends and what little family I get to call my own. I also am into riding motorcycles :) and I work as a mechanic part time. I let my conscious lay heavily on my decisions, so I tend to be impulsive and I like to believe in the good in people, but I usually get screwed over with that, so I've learned quite a few lessons in life.

    Family History: I started out on my own really young because my parents left me to live with my grandmother when I was five until I was sixteen. I have a twin sister named Rose, but we're kind of a fucked up pair. We didn't really know each other well until HS because she lived with my Aunt. I was raised in a religious house, but don't believe in organized religion. I started a band in HS called Shadow of Death (From psalm 23) My sister played bass, until she had to leave because she got expelled from school (like 5 times) I played rhythm first, but then we found Dave(who was better) then I started playing bass, but we kinda flopped. I am currently studying to be a nurse. (If you need more of anything from my life I'm not scared of sharing)

    Likes: : Coffee, Cigarettes (Marlboro reds), MCR, A7X, BVB, BFMV, Guys, Motorcycles, Cars, Guys, K-pop boy bands (don't judge >.< they're hot and can sing!) In N Out (Yuuummm!!) Starbucks, Doublemint Gum, Hello Kitty, Nature, Hiking, Swimming, Running, Dying my hair different Colors.

    Dislikes: People who talk too much, Arrogance, Cats, Classes, Girls who try to smell like dessert, Rude people, Peppermint gum, Christina Aguilera, Country music.

    Author's response

    your one feisty lady! xD lol
    I'm definitely gonna include you cos wow your character is amazing! what'd'ya say about being Bob's gf? Bob is gonna be part of the gang and he's 22 in this fic.
    and I don't judge. Hell no. especially after being judged myself. and it bloody hurts. i can tell ya that

    lina xo

    (#) DeathDefying 2011-10-30 01:52:36 PM

    sweet thanks so much !
    you can pair August with anyone if you want. but anyways thanks alot

    Author's response

    OK THEN!! WILL DO! thanks again for auditioning!

    lina xo

    (#) xlostsoulx 2011-10-30 03:13:01 PM

    Gang member

    Name: Kimm Tuner

    Age: whatever you want

    Aperence: really short nothing fancy brown hair, almost 6ft tall, the 'perfect' female body, D cups, almost scary skinny, blue/grey eyed, super pale no matter what, long spindly fingers, does not look thretening, never wears makeup, scars everywhere, there is not a place on her body (other than her face) that does not have some sort of scar they all look different though, a blood red mark right beside one eye that really scares people becasue it looks like its bleeding, has the general weak damsel kind of look (and will use it to her advantage at times)

    Dress: wears pants as a rule, likes all dark colths, dresses more on the masculin side but can really feminin when she wants to be, wears tons of rings, ears pirced but only in one place, doesnt wear band tees because the bands she listens to are that obscure, wears a studded belt as a rule,

    Personality: smart and can see the flaws in every plan, doesnt look voilent but can pack a punch, likes knifes, quiet but will step or yell when nessary, has troble trusting boys, only dates girls, will punch anyone who demeans her, knows how to use her body to her advantage, understands and reads people well, has issues with self harm but hides it really well, amazing liar, feircly overprotective of those few she loves, hates being weak with a passion, a very dont mess with me person, has a tendency to shut down and lock herself in her room when she's upset, practicly throws herself into fights, tries to never let pain show, shows off how much pain she can handle, refuses to drink or do drugs because she never wants to be off gaurd, doesnt really beleive in good people, likes to scare people, sees her scars as art, a general fuck up, adores sarcausum, will never admit it but really doesnt want to keep on living alone (emotionally), hates asking for help

    history: almost all of her family is dead, hates her mother (who is her only parent now), no siblings, was a loner through almost all of her school years, sort of raised herself, insert any kind of trama inflicted by males here

    Things: sings but cant play instements, shocks people with her happy art and her depressing poetry, MUSIC (loves the stuff), can speak bits and peices of more languages than should be posible, loves reading, knows alot of first aid and will use it at any avalable time, uses lots of big words

    Likes: art, music, friends, her girl friend, nature, books,
    Dislikes: homophobes, racists, sexists, people trying to save her,

    The girlfriend

    Name: Sasha Means

    Apperence: more curvy the Kimm, average height, dark tanned skin all the time, strong wierd masulin jaw, wide brown eyes, medeum leanth black hair, C cups, ears peirced, wears make up,

    Dress: feminin, good sence of style, wears whatever the hell she wants, wears tons on jewery, tries to never dress like a slut, also wears mostly dark colors

    Personality: also smart but in a more introspective way, loves helping people, will always stand up for what she beleives loudly, is bi, a generally happy person, is tough but not physicaly, doesnt get mad that easly, is the only person that keeps kimm sane, loyal, jokes alot, will show all of her emotions to every one but hates drama, likes feeling protected, honest, just wants to be happy, it willing to party and drink a little, loves talking to people

    History: not much here, parents are still together and lover her, she has a younger brother, she always kind of knew she was bi, has always had some freinds through out her whole life, has never really been alone,

    Things: dances alot at random times, loves people, doesnt play and insterment or sing, is a tiny bit bipolor in terms of energy, is determaned to fix people (including her girlfriend),

    Likes: music, people, life, smoking, good food,
    Dislikes: homophobes, being hurt, voilence, racists

    Feel free to change any of this for your needs. I hope this is helpful.

    Author's response

    this is great! ok wow its actually really great cos i've got a HUGE rang of people to include. this is gunna be SOO fun to write!! I think i'll try and include you in the school groups aswell cos then you can get into some epic fights about your sexuality. i dont mean that in a bad way i mean like society is homophobic and main jock (Tyler Harris is his name) would be bound to pick on you. so EPIC FIGHTS AWAY :3 thanks so much for auditioning

    lina xo

    (#) midnight_star22 2011-10-30 04:50:21 PM

    Part: badass gang member..could she have a romance?

    Name: Arabella Accia

    Age: whatever you need it to be


    general- 5'8, tan skin, curvy, perfect teeth and complexion

    hair- long raven hair that is worn mostly straight

    eyes- bright green eyes but she wears red colored contacts to scare her enemies

    makeup- she only wears red lipstick, mascara, and eyeliner

    tattoos- bella vita on the back of her neck, a sleeve like this: , and a tribal star behind her left ear

    piercings- industrial in right ear, lip pierced on bottom lip left side, and nose pierced

    Clothing: Dresses very feminine: skirts and blouses, high heels, and panty hose. She is the reason why you don't judge a book by its cover!

    Personality: She's extremely intelligent and has a good intuition. Her memory can rival an elephants! She's tough and malicious to her enemies and shows no mercy. She's proud of her Italian heritage so if you say anything bad about Italia, you better be running for the hills (not that it'll help cause she'll catch you). She has been known to cut a person and not think twice about it. Once Trixy gets into a fight, she goes into a blind rage and it's all over. But, to her gang, she's extremely loyal and would rather die than give away any information whatsoever. Most people are afraid of her because if you hit her, she'll laugh. If you cut her, she smirks. If you shoot her, you better hope it was a kill shot because she is coming after your ass!

    Weapon of choice: Her last name translates to axe in english, so her preferred weapon to torture is an axe. Aside from that, her baby is her Glock 20 10mm automatic.

    Family History: Her parents died when she was young, and left her quite a bit of money. She had hated them anyway and considered that their death was the biggest favor they could have done for her. She fell in with the gang when she was 6 and has been involved ever since.

    Likes: working out, coffee, drawing, writing, being in the gang, animals, shopping, and getting new tattoos

    Dislikes: homophobes, enemies, stupid people, and fake people.

    Thanks for considering me! Good luck writing and I can't wait to read it, even if I don't get picked.

    Author's response

    you're in!! yes you can be an awesome friend (:

    (#) midnight_star22 2011-10-30 04:56:03 PM

    Ooh meant to ask if I could be an awesome friend as well? ^-^ pwweeese?

    (#) MemoryWolf 2011-11-04 07:24:02 AM

    Name: Wynter oh

    Age: 17 (changeable)

    Part : badass gang member :)

    Looks: long straight black hair, fringe covers right eye slightly, black eyes, skinny, pale skinned, 5'6

    Personality: she doesn't like to smile a lot, even when she smiles they're all fake smile(she rarely smiles sincerely) is nice once you get to know me, is really devoted to archery and taekwondo

    Weapon : She's an expert in archery , like bow and arrow, she can shoot long range and short range, her beloved bow is named 'Fai' as in faith, she has custom made arrows some attached with bombs some with poison, some starts fire and such. She is also good in taekwondo for close combat.

    Background: Her parents loved their work more than her so they are never home, they give her tons of money every week, buys her anything she wants but they never come back to celebrate her birthdays and such, so she's really lonely. She started learning archery and taekwondo since 5, she joined the gang when she was 10 because the gang was like family she felt loved.

    Tattoos: she has a cute black with neon green bunny tattoo on her ankle, it's a small one, she got it to see whether her parents would react, but they didn't.

    Clothes: black band hoodies or dark blue Windsor hoodie with black skinny jeans, or neon green T-shirt with black jacket and black skinny jeans, black and neon green converse.

    Likes: Bass, Archery , taekwondo, chocolate, jelly beans, arts and craft.

    Dislikes: Thunder and lightning, spiders.

    Anything else: she's half Chinese, hense her name, she speaks Chinese when she's mad. Not alot of jocks or bitches dare to go near her cuz she will beat them up if they do.

    Hope I get picked , I think this audition was too Late :0 but oh well :) good luck with the story :)

    Author's response

    ya'know what this is amazing. your in (:

    lina xo

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