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Do you know how great that looks

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"Yes?" I asked standing in front of him while both hands were holding the empty mug tightly, it was so warm that I couldn't put it down. He grabbed my hip with his hand and pulled me onto his lap.
"Gerard?" I gasped as I was straddling him. He snickered and tried taking the cup from my hand.
"No." I said snatching it back with a laugh.
"No?" He was obviously confused but amused by my stubbornness.
"Its warm." I got butterflies as I watched his eyes flicker over my facial features. I eventually handed him the cup hesitantly and he took it. I followed his hand movements as he placed it on the table beside the sofa. Once his face was facing mine again I reached up and ran my fingers through his hair and traced them down his cheeks to his chin. As they hit the bottom of his chin I ran my thumb over his pink lips and shivered. God, how much I wanted to kiss him hurt, I just couldn't force myself to do it. "Thank you for today." I whispered as he ran his hand around my backside and held the other on my hip. His eyes flicked back up to mine and he smiled.
"Sugar, it was my pleasure. I'm just glad you enjoyed it." He said tapping my nose with his index.
"I did." I smiled and took his hand from my hip into my own. I intertwined our fingers together and brought them up to eye level.
"Do you know how great that looks." He broke the silence and glanced at our hands clasped together with a smile.
"Really?" I whispered as I found my voice.
"Yes, really." He whispered as he lowered them to his lap and brought his back up to caress my neck. I put my left hand under his elbow that was elevated and rubbed circles on it. He traced my cheek bone and leaned in slightly. I could feel his breath on my face, a familiar feeling I never wanted to be without. His lips were only a few centimeters from mine.

"Kiss me." He breathed and oh how I was so happy to oblige only hesitantly. I leaned in the rest of the way and our lips collided. It was magic and sent fireworks off in my body. His right palm ran along my backside while his other caressed my cheek. I held onto his biceps with all my strength. Our lips moved together in sinc and I never wanted to let go. He pulled me more onto his lap and I gasped when I felt his obvious need. When my mouth flew open he took advantage of the opportunity to shove his tongue down my throat. That was something I had never experienced before and I was shocked. I pulled away gasping for air. As my eyes fluttered open, he was scared he pushed me away as he saw me with wide eyes.
"Shit. I'm sorry, I guess I got carried away." Now it was his turn to blush.
"Don't be." I whispered as I crushed our lips together in another heated kiss. I snaked my arms around his neck and he continued to hold my waist for dear life. This time I felt him begging for entrance at which I granted gladly. This kiss was more passionate and not as needy I don't guess. I pulled away slowly and smiled.
"Hi." I whispered shyly.
"Hi." He smiled back. I got settled on his lap as he leaned back on the arm of the couch. The silence was nice but I wanted to know a little more about him.
"Gerard, what's your whole name?" I asked as I intertwined our fingers.
"Gerard Arthur Way." He mumbled with a sigh. I giggled and he smacked my arm lightly.
"Its so cute." I giggled again.
"Whats yours?" He remarked.
"Chrysanthemum Grey Oakeson." I blushed.
"That's a beautiful name." He said stroking my cheek as I rolled my head back to look at him upside down.
"What's your favorite band?" I asked as we started playing twenty questions.
"Iron Maiden or Smashing Pumpkins." He said as he squeezed my hand. "Yours?" He asked.
"Journey, Paramore or Christina Aguilera." I said giggling at how different the genres were. Damn man started laughing at me.
"I never would have thought you would even know who Journey was." He continued laughing.
"Hey, I'm not that young." I insisted.
"Okay, sorry." He chuckled into my neck before I continued my questions.
"What's your favorite color?"
"Black and red." He said with a smile. "Yours?"
"Purple, black or blue." He giggled.
"You don't have just one favorite color?" I smirked at him again.
"No, but you don't either." I defended.
"True." He sighed defeated.
"How many siblings do you have and do you have parents?" I asked him hoping I wasn't crossing a line here.
"Mikey is my only sibling and yes my mom and dad are still alive but they are divorced." He said with a sigh.
"I'm sorry." I said.
"Yeah, but sometimes its for the best." He said rubbing my stomach before I rolled over to face him. All I could think was "tell me about it." I knew exactly what he meant.
"Who was your first kiss?" I asked with a smile.
"Specifically or just what age?" He asked with a smirk.
"If you can't remember old man then just when instead." I laughed. He cocked his eyebrow and pushed me off the sofa gently before climbing down on top of me.
"Are you ticklish?" He asked holding my sides. I shook my head but he started pinching me lightly anyways.
"Gerard stop. Please for the love of god." I couldn't breathe from laughing so hard. "Are you ticklish?" I asked once he stopped and rested his chin in top of my chest.
"Yes but in only one spot." He smirked again.
"Wanna tell me which one?" I asked inching my hand up his back.
"Nope, maybe you'll find it one day." He giggled as he rolled on to his side.
"Fine. When is your birthday?" I asked encircling his neck with my arms.
"April 9." He stated staring at the ceiling. "When's yours?" He asked looking down at my face.
"January 10." I laughed.
"Awe, your a New Year baby." He smiled.
"Yeah, I love it. Winter is totally my favorite." I smiled.
"Me too. I hate being out in the sun because I'm half Italian so I tan really well." I cracked up.
"Why are you laughing?" He asked tapping me on the back.
"You tan good but you hate it. Most people would kill to have that asset." I giggled. "But I like your pale vampire skin." I blushed touching his cheek. "Especially your black hair. Its hot." I smirked.
"Its not my natural color though." He grinned. "My natural color is dark brown."
"Just like me." I smiled as I kissed his lips gently.
I glanced down at my watch and quickly got off his lap.
"Shit, I have to get to the club." I said taking off towards the door.
"Sugar, wait. Let me give you a ride." He offered as he made his way to me in the foyer.
"No, that's okay." I stuttered. He had left me speechless and it scared me shitless. "I'll see you later." I said as I waved down a taxi. As one pulled up Gerard turned me around. He slid some money in my hand and kissed my cheek.
"Whats this for?" I asked looking down and back up to his smiling face.
"Its a thank you." He said turning away. I was stunned so I let the cab driver take me straight to the club. I was a little upset and confused by his gesture. What was I another date he used just to he didn't show up alone. He kissed me, maybe it was just because he wanted some attention. I crumpled the money in my hand and stuffed in my pocket. I was seriously pissed. I paid the man and took off into the club and backstage to get ready.

"Hey, Chrys." I turned around and saw Ann smiling while zipping her boots up. "Is it okay if I call you that?" She asked coming towards me.
"Yeah, that's fine." I said with a small smile.
"Are you looking forward to tonight?" She asked as she sat down and reached for my blush. She started applying it to my face along with the rest.
"Yes." I smiled an honest one this time.
"Everyone really loves you." She said as she put the lipstick across my lips.
"They do?" I asked looking at myself in the mirror. I had to admit I looked pretty damn hot.
"Of course. I mean, your better than me." She said chuckling.
"No, I could never be better than you." I said walking over to pick up my costume. "That is such a lie." I said stripping down to change.
"Honey, really. Des is strict on acceptance and you apparently rocked her world. Your special." She said coming over and zipping up my dress.
"No I'm not." I smiled looking down at my feet which now were trapped in black sandals.
"Yes. You are and don't let anyone tell you different." With that said she walked off for her number on stage. If it was so true why did I feel cheap and once again worthless.
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