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Something about Mikey, something about Frank..

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Mikey's P.O.V

He does not have the right to take my Gerard away from me. No fucking way. I'd only just claimed Gerard as my own and all of a sudden they start spending nearly every waking moment together. I mean seriously! I thought Gerard loved me?
Okay that was harsh, he does love me, I know that. It's just, him and Frank have been virtually inseparable lately and I wish I could spend more time with him. I'm kinda glad Jamia come out to your with us, Frank doesn't have to spend as much time with Gerard now.
I sigh and pick my coffee up off the table, taking a long sip before putting it down and beginning to pluck away at my bass again. It calms me, helps me think, or not think; either is good.
I begin to think back to the old days, when the band was just starting. Me just starting to learn the bass, Ray blessing us with his godlike guitar skills, Gerard singing again after so long, too long and of course Frank, with his energy and punk attitude, not to mention his guitar playing. We were so young, so clueless for what was to come yet so sure of it. Wondering into an unknown abyss, barely looking back, barely looking forward. I miss those days sometimes, when we were still shrouded in mystery, nobody really knowing who we were. I don't think we even knew ourselves. We had so much to learn.
'Mikes?' Gerard asked, poking his head around the door and startling me.
'Hey Gee,' I said smiling. He came at sat down next to me, leaning his head on my shoulder as I leant my bass up on the seat next to me.
'You okay?' he asked.
'Yeah, just thinking.'
'What about?' I sighed.
'When we had just started the band.' Gerard smiled. 
'You could only just play bass, yet you were still amazing.'
'You've always been amazing,' I said. Gerard took his head off my shoulder and turned to face me, slowly leaning in and placing a chaste kiss on my lips. He pulled away and just looked me in the eyes. I lost myself within his large orbs, greens and browns swirling together to create a perfect harmony of colours showing off the very essence of Gerard, caring, creative, loving. It took me a while to realise he'd spoken.
'Huh?' I say. He giggles, but then his expression turned serious.
'Are you sure you're okay? You've been a bit off the last couple of days.'
'Yeah, of course I'm okay.' Gerard just pulls a face at me.
'Mikey, you may have forgotten the small fact that I'm you brother.'
'Well, when you're kissing me, it's kinda easy to forget,' I say, earning a playful smack to the head.
'No seriously,' he said, trying to wipe the smirk off his face, 'whats the problem? You can tell me anything.' I sighed. I should tell him, I'm probably just overreacting.
'Well, its just, you and Frank have been spending a lot of time together recently and I just kinda guess I got....jealous,' I say, blushing at the end, 'I just don't wanna lose you.' I look down, avoiding Gerard's gaze. I shouldn't have told him that, I so shouldn't have told him that. He probably thinks I'm some clingy, overprotective weirdo. 
I feel a soft, delicate hand touch my chin and tilt my head up so I'm looking right into his eyes. He just stares at me for a second before pulling me in and kissing me passionately but gently. He pulls away far too soon. 
'Michael James Way, don't you ever again think that you will ever lose me okay? And you're cute when your jealous.' I smiled at him, not sure what to say, relief flooding me. 
'I love you,' he says.
'I love you too.' He leans in to kiss me but stops and pulls back. I panic for a second before noticing the smirk playing on his lips and the glint in his eye.
'Would you like me to show you just how much I love you,' he purred. And yes, I mean purred.
'Hell yes I would,' I replied causing Gerard to lean forward, hook one leg over and straddle me before attaching his lips to my own, moving them in prefect sync with each other. After a couple of minutes, he pulled away slightly and bit down on my bottom lip, causing me to moan and Gerard to shove his tongue in my mouth, me mirroring his actions in our fight for tongue dominance. Needless to say, Gerard won. 
He slowly began to grind his hips down onto my own, making moans melt into each others mouths. I ran my hands up and down his sides  making him shiver. He pushed down hard on our growing erections, causing me to gasp.
'Hey guys. Fra-Oh Jesus fucking Christ!' Gerard pulled away, causing me to half whine half groan, and turned to Ray.
'Seriously dude, you've gotta stop doing that! Learn to knock.'
'Oh trust me, I will in future. I am officially scarred for life.' Gerard glared at him.
'What did you want, anyway?' I asked.
'Oh, Frank and Jamia wanted to speak to us about something or other, so get your asses out here!' 
'Okay, okay!' Gerard said, getting off me and raising an eyebrow in my direction.
'Hey, the eyebrow raising is my thing!' I said, being fake pissed off at him. He giggled, grabbed my hand and pulled me out towards the front after Ray.
When we got out there, Frank and Jamia were sat on the couch.
'Hey,' Gerard said as we walked in.
'Hi guys,' Jamia replied, Frank staying unusually quiet.
'Sit down, sit down,' she said so me, Gerard and Ray sat next to them on the couch.
'So,' Jamia began, turning to face us, 'we have some very exciting news. I'm pregnant!' she practically squealed. I looked towards Frank. He was smiling, yeah, but I could tell it was forced. That smile was most definitely forced. I looked at Gerard who was looking at Frank, confused, clearly having noticed what I had. He turned to look at me.
'I'll explain later' I mouthed. Gerard looked even more confused at that but went along with congratulating them like everyone else, Jamia clearly failing to notice the defeated, sad and slightly panicked look in her husbands eyes.
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