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"Yeah that would be cool."

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I take Amber to my cousin’s tattoo shop.

“Frank,” Drew says when he sees me, “You in for more ink?”

“Yep, that’s what I’m here for,” I answer him. “I was hoping my girl could get some too.”

Drew smiles remembering Amber, “Right your little punk chick.”

“Nice seeing you again too,” Amber laughs.

“So what are you guys interested in?”

“I’m thinking of getting those sparrows we were talking about last time,” I answer.

“Can do,” Drew says. “What about your lady friend?”

I pull Amber’s hair behind her ear, leaning over to kiss her temple.

“What sparrows?” she asks.

“C’mon, I’ll show you,” Drew tells her.

My cousin leads us over to a counter and pulls out a black folder. He flips through a few pages and finally shows her the sparrows I am planning on getting, “He wants one on each side of his stomach above his hips.”

Amber looks over them for a while, “I like them.”

Drew looks at my girlfriend, “You want the same?”

“Well…maybe smaller. Like this big.” Amber demonstrates a few inches with her fingers.

“I can also do. You want them in the same place?”

Amber nods, “Yeah that would be cool.”

“Alright, if you kids come back in about an hour we can take care of you both at the same time.”

I nod, “We’ll be back.”

I take Amber to get something for lunch. We end up getting veggie burgers and milk shakes. Amber refuses to let me pay. So I let her treat me. After lunch we head back to the shop. My cousin is still finishing up with a customer. Amber and I sit on stools watching TV. Well, I guess really we didn’t watch much TV; instead we just mess around with each other.

Finally Drew calls us back and we separate into different booths. I kiss Amber goodbye and go into my cousin’s booth. The entire shop is silent except for the dull voices on the TV and the buzz from the tattoo gun in the other booth.

“Hey, Amber,” I call.

“Yeah?” she replies.

“You okay?”

“Yeah…I’m good.”

“Does it hurt?”

“Yes, a little bit.”

“If it gets to be too much just ask him to stop. We can always finish again later.”


I can see the TV from the booth so I watch that while Drew begins work on my first sparrow. I wonder how Amber is doing. I can’t hear her so I assume she’s okay. About ten minutes in I pick up a bit of muffled conversation between Amber and my cousin’s friend. The buzzing doesn’t stop so she must be okay, probably just bored…tattoos can take a while.

A long while later the tattoo gun stops completely. Amber appears in my booth. My cousin is still working on my first sparrow. Amber’s are both done. Her black tank top is rolled up to right under her breasts, plastic covering her hips. Amber looks happy.

“Let me see,” I say.

Amber comes to my side. I reach up to grip her hip, pulling back the plastic just a little so I can look over the small sparrow in her skin, “It looks amazing.”

Amber smiles, “I know, they’re wicked. Yours will be way cooler though.”

“I like the dainty ones on you. They’re sweet.”

“You don’t mind that I copied you?”

“Not at all, it just makes them more special.”

“I’m glad I got them.”

“Me too,” I answer. “Sit with me.”

Amber smiles and pulls a chair over to my side. She sits down, resting her head on the mat next to me. I twirl my fingers in her soft, silky hair.

After about a half hour my first sparrow is finished. So Amber and my cousin trade places so he can start on the second one. This time she rests her head near my shoulder. I go right back to playing with her hair.

By the time my second sparrow is finished it is dark outside and we are starving. I get cleaned up, shell out the majority of my money, and then take Amber out to eat. I treat this time. I’m actually really proud of Amber for handling tattoos so well. She claims it’s only because I wasn’t there to see her sniffing. I have a feeling she’s just being modest.

After we eat we drive back home.

“My mom isn’t home yet,” I say as I lead Amber inside.

“Good. Let’s go upstairs.” She takes my hand and leads me to my room. As soon as we are inside I close the door and we immediately kiss, “How much longer before your mom gets home?”

“Two hours at least,” I answer between kisses.

“Excellent,” Amber pulls me to the bed and we both crash onto the mattress. She wraps her legs around me and I rub her bare thigh with my palm.

“What exactly is your plan, Miss Moretti?” I ask.

“To please my man, Mr. Iero,” Amber answers before pushing me over and rolling herself on top of me. Then she goes back to kissing me. I take her face in my hands and kiss her back.

Note: Hope you enjoy it. I'll try to update as much as possible. My mom's on my ass about grades a shit.
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