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Ever Get The Feeling You're Gone?

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Gerard has forgotten his homework. Who will save him?

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Hello there, oh great friends of mine. Sorry it's been a while. I feel I should warn you now: this chapter is shit. Like the same amount of shittyness as buying a band tee, and when it arrives you realise its too small cos you've put on weight. (Yes this happened to me. Sigh) However, cos I am a lazy fucker I can't be bothered to rewrite it. Sorry. Also, could you guys look at this oneshot that I posted a couple of days ago? Tell me what you guys think! Anyway, title from 30STM (again.)

Unfortunately for me, my last double lesson of the day was Chemistry, and eve worse for me, I had forgotten to do my homework. Oh shit. I thought to myself, as I hurried to the lesson. I had been at this school for less than a week, but I already knew that my chemistry teacher, a short fat woman named Dr Wathey, took no prisoners when it came to handing in homework. Having to explain to my mother why I had got an after school in my first week was something I did not want to do. To make matters even worse, Frank was in my Chemistry lesson, and I had to sit next to him, because of a shitty seating plan that the professor from hell had thought up.

This was going to possibly e the most excruciatingly painful 100 minutes of my life I figured, stopping outside the door of Lab 1, and tentatively stepping inside. I was slightly late also, so I was just in complete and utter deep shit. I hung my head and slunk to the back, sitting in my place. Frank was already sitting there; I could feel his gaze on my body as I made my way to my seat. I ignored him, and sat, pulling out my folder and battered pencil case, dreading the worst.

“Hey. Hey Gee. Gee are you okay? Gerard?” I was supposed to be ignoring the guy yet he was trying to talk to me. This was gonna be harder than I thought it would. I glanced at Frank, nodded, and then turned back to the front, my eyes fixed on the dumpy woman who was currently making the rounds of the class, checking for completed homework.

If I was any tenser I probably would have exploded.

Finally, the moment came and Dr Wathey stood in front of me and Frank, her hand out waiting for me to put my (nonexistent) homework into her arms.

“Mr Way, where is your homework?” she asked, obviously seeing that I had nothing at all to give her. I couldn’t look at her, I felt so guilty, and I ducked my head, studying the table.

“I don’t have it.” I mumbled, my eyes fixed on the ground. I could feel a hot, flustered blush stretching its way over my face, until I was pretty sure I was just a body with a raspberry as a head.

The teacher sighed. “Gerard, it may be your first week here, but I will not, and I repeat not, tolerate any of this behaviour. And sit up and look at me while I am talking to you!” her raised voice made me flinch.

“Hey! What do ya think you’re doing? Can't you see that he’s uncomfortable? Lay of him, alright?” it was a shame that the angelic words came from the mouth of the less than angelic Frank.

The teacher bristled in indignation. “If you hadn’t noticed, Mr Iero, I am the teacher here, and if someone does not have their homework, I can do whatever I want. I see that you do not have your homework either.”

Frank smirked. “Yeah, and what are you gonna do about it, you motherfucker?”

The entire class went silent.

“Detention. Afterschool. Today. I expect you both to be there. And I will not tolerate such language Mr Iero.”

“Oh come on!” Frank threw his hands up in the air in exasperation. “I was trying to be nice to Gerard! He’s fucking shaking, for christ sake! Why can't you notice the fact that you're terrorising your students? Now I’m all for respect, I got enough of the stuff, but lady, you’re taking this one step too fucking far.”

The teacher looked like she was about to die from indignation. I was embarrassed about the fact that I was shivering, and not being able to stand up for myself, but I had to hand it to Frank. He was pretty good in an argument. What I didn’t get was why he was sticking up for me.

I did wish he hadn't told the entire class about my issues though.

Dr Wathey just looked shocked and stunned that a student would speak to her like that. After about a minute of looking uncannily like a fish she got her act together. “I shall see you both, after school. Today, and for the next week. Do not be late.” And then she strode off, to start teaching her crappy lesson.

I turned slightly to Frank, who had finally sat down after leaping up to shout at our teacher, but he was still breathing pretty heavily. I didn’t particularly want to admit it to myself, but it kind of turned me on. No Gerard, I scolded myself. No dirty thoughts in the middle of a lesson. Plus, he has a fucking girlfriend. He’s completely off limits.

What was I supposed to say to a guy who had stood up for me, but I wasn’t supposed to talk to?

“Err… thanks?”

Frank smiled minutely. “Hey, no problem. Umm, are you okay?”

I considered the question. Truthfully, no. I had just been told off by a teacher and then humiliated in front of the class by her, as nice as the boy sitting next to me was, he still scared the living shit out of me, and I wasn’t going to be able to see my mum till later than first thought.

I didn’t tell Frank this, of course, I just shook my head. Frank exhaled noisily. “Look, I don’t know what you fucking want from me okay? I try to help you, and then you just brush me off. What. Do. You. Want?” the last sentence came out through clenched teeth and sounded completely menacing. Completely intimidating. In fact, Frank sounded a bit like him. Oh no. oh nonononono. I was not going to break down in a lesson, I was not going to show how weak and broken and useless on the inside I was. Instead, I hid my face as best I could, then moved my stool away from Frank as far as possible, with no regard to how horrible that might seem. Then, I got out a piece of paper and started randomly sketching on it, as art always made me feel better.

I tried to ignore Frank's look of hurt and distress. I really did. I spent the rest of the lesson not concentrating on anything, until it got to the point where Dr Wathey had asked a question four times and I hadn't even noticed. I was turning back into myself. And to be honest, I preferred it there. It may have been a dark and inhospitable place, but it was my place. And no-one could see it but me.

By the end of the lesson I had completely drawn over an entire piece of A4 paper, front and back. I studied the piece of paper covered in drawings made by black biro, and then heaved a sigh. It appeared my art, which was the only thing I considered myself to be vaguely adequate at, was rubbish. I then scrunched up the piece of paper and shoved it in the small bin on the lab desk, and picked up my things, ready to get a hell of a beating from my teacher. My hands were shaking.

“Iero. Way. You will spend detention today cleaning the tables, and removing any graffiti you can find. You will be able to leave in an hour and a half’s time. I am going to get a drink, so do not dare to go anywhere. All the utensils you need are in that cupboard at the back, on the third shelf.” And with that, the teacher strolled out leaving me and Frank in a room. Together. Alone.

If this wasn’t awkward, then I didn’t know what the meaning of awkward was.

“So… Um, I guess we should get started then?” Frank said, shifting his weight and running a hand through his dyed black and blonde hair. I nodded slightly, and then walked off, not waiting for the boy.

I only noticed that he wasn’t near me when I had opened the cupboard and was about to give him the stuff needed to clean the fucking drawings off the tables, and turned round and noticed he was still loitering by our bags, a shifty look on his face. I sighed. I guess I would have to talk to him, there wasn’t anyway of getting round it.

“Are you gonna help me here? Or are you just going to stand there?” I asked.

To my surprise Frank blushed, Frank fucking Iero actually blushed, and then made his way over to me, taking his things and going over to the nearest table, wetting a cloth in the sinks at the side of the room and began to clean the shitty drawings on the desktop.

I exhaled, a low gasp, and then turned and did the same.

For the next hour we worked silently, I only stopped to take a call from Mikey, asking me where I was and sounding disappointed when I told him the reason why I hadn't met him when we had finished school. Then, it was back to the silence.

By the time our teacher had got back we hadn't said a word to each other, only glancing at each other at frequent intervals, before looking away hastily.

For some reason, all the way through the detention, Frank looked guilty.

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