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Even mooore auditions! :D :D :D

by TheLittleSinner 16 Reviews

I've started my other story, but if yooouuu like, you can audition for this one too. :D Please do, actually! I shall love you for eternity.

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  • Even mooore auditions! :D :D :D

    (#) xXLaylaxX 2012-02-02 11:06:28 AM

    Name Layla Price

    Part Where ever the fuck ya wanna put here is fine with me. I would prefer 'hacker' but anything is good.

    Age (any age is fine. Preferably 15+) 17

    Gender [looks between legs] Female

    Sexual orientation Bisexual but prefers girls

    GF or bf? Whatever is fine =]

    Appearance Short (comes to jsut below her ears) black choppy hair. She gives herself her own haircuts and she sucks at it so it looks like she just got attacked by a weed hacker. Purple, blue, white, and red strips randomly throughout her hair. 5'8''. Lightly tanned. She wears glasses but prefers contacts.

    Personality Nice, loyal to friends and people that she knows. Cold, doesn't talk to strangers. Cracks jokes alot (mostly at inappropriate times). Good with computers and any type of electronics.

    Music taste Rock, Alt. Rock, stuff like that. Doesn't really like rap or country but has been known to listen to LMFAO every now and then. Mostly Nirvana, Volbeat, Misfits, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Godsmack, bands like that.

    What you normally wear Skinny jeans. Converses or knee-high combat boots. Black and purple stripped shirts with a black half jacket or band tees. She always wears her elbow length lace-up fingerless gloves. Doesn't wear any jewerly.

    If you were to go to a formal event (like a mo fo Yule Ball) what would you wear? Black corset dress. Purple choker. Converse (xD).

    Opinion on Lord of the (mother fucking) Rings? ---- make or break question---- Not saying that I'm obsessed or anything but my next pet is going to be named Legolas and if I ever have twins they will be named Pippin and Merry. Even if they are girls.

    How would you classify yourself? Weird, different. Majorly crazy xD. Not trusted with sharp objects. Hates the title 'emo' so she classifies herself as 'None of the Above'

    So yeah I can't wait to read this. =]
  • Even mooore auditions! :D :D :D

    (#) Apocalyto 2012-02-02 01:04:51 PM

    Name: Chloe Raven

    Part: Hacker or informant

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Sexual orientation: Straight

    GF or bf?: Bf- Kier

    Appearance: Just below shoulder-length, layered, spiky light brown hair with side fringe always goes over left eye, blue eyes with brown tinges and they sometimes turn green, pale, doesn't tan, few freckles, 5'6 and average weight.

    Personality: Funny, cocky, most hyper of the time, sarcastic at times, shy around strangers, secretly depressed, can get depressed very easily at times, slight insecurity issues, talkative, but sometimes doesn't talk to anyone at all for ages, most of the time stays out of arguments, kind, motherly to kids, blushes really badly when embarrassed, smart and book worm.

    Music taste: Some pop, rock, punk, metal and death pop.

    What you normally wear: Mostly steampunk stuff, skinny jeans, bullet belts, steampunk goggles always, combat boots, converse, tartan or Hell Bunny skirts, knee high socks, braces (not the teeth kind :P), ties and leather jackets. My favourite outfits are a white button up shirt with black braces, steampunk goggles, black skinny jeans and black combat boots and the other outfit is the same, but a black and white striped shirt instead.

    If you were to go to a formal event (like a mo fo Yule Ball) what would you wear?: This ^.^

    Opinion on Lord of the (mother fucking) Rings? ---- make or break question---- It’s good, but I haven’t watched it for ages and never read the books.

    How would you classify yourself?: Complex. A lonely and depressed girl hidden by her mad and hyper self that she shows every else. But also happy most of the time, or thinks it until someone sets her depressive self off again.

    Name: Kier Kemp

    Part: Whatever fits

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Sexual orientation: Straight

    GF or bf?: Gf- Chloe


    Personality: Funny, cocky, friendly, energetic, kind, loves making music, smart, sassy, lovable, sweet, confident and relaxed.

    Music taste: Rock, punk, metal and death pop.

    What you normally wear: Mostly the same thing in the picture all the time and signature skull belt (in the picture).

    If you were to go to a formal event (like a mo fo Yule Ball) what would you wear?: Same.
  • Even mooore auditions! :D :D :D

    (#) detonationmouse 2012-02-02 06:30:47 PM

    Name: Allie O'Connor
    Part: Victim! (or whatever works for ya.)
    Age: 15
    Gender: ... I'm pretty sure I'm a girl.. . yep I am.
    Sexual orientation: Bi
    GF or bf?: either :)
    Appearance: pale, dark red hair with straight bangs over the eyes- eyes are dark navy blue fringed by dark lashes, freckles on my nose, snakebites, I'm medium size.
    Personality: shy, a daydreamer, friendly, gullible, childish, a little 'skittish'.
    Music taste: rock, alternative, screamo, things like Miss May I, Misfits, Iron Maiden, Foster the People, Black Keys, White Stripes.
    What you normally wear: emerald green converse, black skinnies, black and white striped long sleeve shirt, a grey beany, and bright yellow bracelets
    If you were to go to a formal event (like a mo fo Yule Ball) what would you wear?: a black lacey dress just below the knee, small silver necklace, and some eyeliner, mascara, and cover up.

    I love L.O.T.R. Obsessed. .
  • Even mooore auditions! :D :D :D

    (#) BoomBoomJude 2012-02-03 12:44:46 PM



    Jude Quinn (again XD)


    Crime Fighta

    Age (any age is fine. Preferably 15+);

    17 and a half

    Gender; Male

    Sexual orientation; HE'S GAY. VERY GAY.

    GF or bf?; BF, man. Always a BF.


    My hair isn't that long anymo. It's pretty short, black with purple spikes. I got a pimple on my chin too. -_-

    Personality;I'm a laid-back, very casual guy. Accepts most everybody but assholes. I do not deal with said assholes. I take no shit, but will do anything for friends and family. Not sensitive, but has empathy for others. I likes to gossip about people I don't like, but I don't spread rumours. I usually say things that make people laugh (yaaay). I'm quite random, the word is overused yada yada. i.e. today I told everybody that "my ass hurts because a ghost assfucks me in my sleep" :I

    Music taste; Foster The People, Simon and Garfunkel, Avenged Sevenfold, The Beatles, The Used, Woe Is Me, Metallica, Set It Off, GunsNRoses, RHCP, etc.

    What you normally wear; Skinny blue jeans (dark and ripped), the CHEM jacket (MCR website if you dunno what it looks like), blue Converse with writing, Old Navy shirts, band tees (mostly old ones like The Who or Nirvana), and I'v got this necklace from California. It's kinda like really thick vanilla coloured string with a blue serpent. AND I always wear white socks. Not purple, not blue, BUT WHITEEEEE. WHITE.

    If you were to go to a formal event (like a mo fo Yule Ball) what would you wear?;

    (whatever the hell Mikey is wearing, that's it. Minus the glasses.)

    Opinion on Lord of the (mother fucking) Rings? ---- make or break question----;

    I LIKE LEGOLAS THE BEST. But it's fucking awesome, both the books and the movies.

    How would you classify yourself?;

    A fuckin' crazy guy who makes people laugh with random outbursts. Pretty weird in general.

    I like your other story btw. :) I was checking for an update on it and found this! HAVE FUN BRO.
  • Even mooore auditions! :D :D :D

    (#) BoomBoomJude 2012-02-03 12:46:13 PM


    I got an eyebrow piercing. It's really thin, but it's there.
  • Even mooore auditions! :D :D :D

    (#) ChasingPavementsxoxo 2012-02-16 05:24:53 PM

    Name: Izzy Crow

    Part: Victim

    Age (any age is fine. Preferably 15+): whatever works

    Gender: female

    Sexual orientation: Straight

    GF or bf?: Bf

    Appearance: Short, well built, not fat. Choppy black hair, with blue in it. Fringy. Lip ring, earrings. Big green eyes. Lots of eyeliner. Super pale.

    Personality: Loyal, protective, attempts to brush off injuries like they're nothing. Self Esteem Issues...

    Music taste: MCR, MSI, The Cure,The Misfits, The Used, Green Day, Aerosmith, Black Veil Brides, Blink 182, Falling In Reverse, Blood On The Dance Floor, Panic At The Disco, Paramore, etc.

    What you normally wear: black skinnies, converse or platforms, band Ts. Hoodies.

    If you were to go to a formal event (like a mo fo Yule Ball) what would you wear?
    (or of the like...)

    Opinion on Lord of the (mother fucking) Rings? ---- make or break question----:


    How would you classify yourself?
    Crazy ass Mother fucker who does insane shit :D

    and thanks for reading this :D

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