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What's your biggest fear?

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"Whats you fear Frankie? What are you most afraid of?"

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Hey guys. So here's the next chapter. If you could R&R that would be much appreciated. Oh yhea one more thing. I've decided to put your characters more far into the story. Probably chapter 5. This is due to the reason that I wanna introduce the story a little more and maybe a chapter in Gerard's POV xxo, Michael

I felt chills run down my spine. He's hot breath tickling my neck.

"H-h-ey." I stturered dumbly. Cheeks going red. I swear if they go any redder they'll burst into flames.

"Let's get going." He grinned grabbing my hand and pulling me trough the crowded corridor.

We went flying down the stairs. Me tripping various times due to his incredible speed. Whoa was he on steroids or something? It sure looked like it.

The bell rang and I panicked. We were heading out of the school. Wait. WE WERE HEADING OUT OF THE SCHOOL.

"Where are we going?!" I asked sounding breathless. I'm not the most fit person ok.

He didn't answer and just pulled my hand harder. We ended up behind the Tennis courts. No one was there, it was deserted. I was begining to feel kinda worried.

Me the little coward that I am started babbling sounding somewhat idiotic. "WHERE ARE WE? Aren't we supposed to be in chemestry? This sure doesn't look like a lab! Unless the chemestry classroom suddenly turned invisible with all the students in it and it teletransported to the Tennis courts! Omg! This is my first day! I really have to attend class on my firs-" I was cut off by Gerard covering my mouth with his hand.

"Calm down. Look I decided to skip chemestry. It's not that important. Plus the teachers don't give a fuck." He said calmly lifting his hand from my mouth and taking out a cigarrette.

"Want one?" He asked me lighting the stick.

"No thanks, I don't smoke. It's bad for you, you know." I told him. He snorted bringing the cigarrette tovhis lips and taking a long drag.

"Theres a lot of bad things in this world for you. Still people keep on doing them. Why? Because of the rush of energy and ecstasi they get. Of course, this is just a small little fag, but there are alot of other things much worse. Fears." He paused for a second before asking, "Whats you fear Frankie? What are you most afraid of?"

I tough about what he just said for a minute. What's my biggest fear?

I opened my mouth to say something only by having Gerard slam his chapped lips against mine.

I freaked out.

I wasn't used to this kind of behavior.

Why was he kissing me?

Was this some kind of joke?

It's not like I didn't like it. I fucking loved it! Feeling his gloriously soft lips against mine,  it felt like paradise. It tasted like strawberries, and cigarrettes. Maybe I had somehow died and was in heaven and Gerard was an angel. I know, cliché. But that's the only way to describe hid lips against my own. Heavenly delicious.

My fear rapidly turned to lust. I kissed him back. Grabbing the back of his neck with one hand pulling him closer and the other one resting on his hip. Lust sweped trough my body as he deepened the kiss. Groaning I pulled him even closer.

But the glory didn't last long. We had to pull apart to take a breath.

I looked up to meet his eyes. There was something there I hadn't seen before and I couldn't quite place it.

He smiled showing his little crocked teeth, hair ruffled. He looked adorable.

But then I had that feeling in the pit of my stomach. Guilt. I just met him and I already kissed him? No, he kissed me. Arrrg I'm so confused right now.

"What's wrong?" He asked me.

"Well, um, you just kissed me. No offence but, that's not something you do with someone you just met." I said digging my beaten converse into the pavement and biting my lip.

He chuckled lightly. "But you kissed me back didn't you?"

"Well..." I answered struggling for the right words.

"It's alright. You know? I liked you scince the first time I laid eyes on you. When I saw you come in trough the door my heart stopped and my soul came back to life. Your sweet caramel eyes, soft pink lips, your flawless face. I just wanted to lay hands on you, have you for my self." He said charmingly. The last sentence caught my attention the most.

'Have you for my self' I repeated it it inside my head.

I looked into his eyes. Something I've seen before lingering in his hazel orbs. Something I still couldn't place. And then the words from the multi-colored hair hair came rushing to my head. 'He's a nutcase.'...'He's psycho.'

"Do you wanna leave this place?" He asked me snatching me away from my toughts.

I didn't know what to say. Did I wanna leave with him? Could I trust him?

He didn't gave me time to answer because a second later he was walking away from the school dragging me along. Should I snatch my hand away from him and make a run? I still have a chance, we haven't made too much progress, I can still see the school gates. But deep down I know I dont want to do that. I wanted to go with him.

"Where are going?" I asked him.

He didn't seem to aknowledge me, he was making strange faces and mumbling inaudiable things.

"Gerard?" Still no answer. "GERARD?!" I called a little bit louder.

His head snaped towards my direction, he seemed as if he just found out I was walking beside him.

"Oh, Frank..what you say?" He asked me a little taken back.

"Um, where are we headed?" I asked him.

My question seemed to plaster a smile in his face as he said "My house of course."

I couldn't help but feel a rush of emotions flowing trough my body. Excitement, eagerness, and....fear.
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