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The Beautiful Damaging Things In Life

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Hey...yhea, well sorry for the wait. Here's the next chapter. Hope you like it! xxo, Michael

Gerard's POV

Frank stood there with a stunned expression, contemplating my artwork. His face covering my whole wall, it was an extremely beautiful sight. I hope he likes it.

I've never ever felt this way for anyone. Frankie is something special. The way his eyes sparkle and his cheeks blush when our eyes meet, I know he likes me too. It's easy to tell.

I can read him like a book. I know he's been broken lots of times, his eyes show a glint of hurt. But I'm gonna make him feel all better.

When I first saw him that day I had the urge to tackle and do "manly stuff" to him. But of course I wouldn't do that. That would be consired rape. Rape is the most horrid thing someone can do. The victim is left with a profund pain, a wound that never heals. I should know.

I approach him and place my hand on his shoulder. He jumps and trips on the bunched up clothes lying on the floor.

"Ah shit, are you ok?" I bend down to help him. He just nods.
I help him up and stare at him in anticipation.

"Umm, why-why are you staring at me?" He asked timidly.

"What do you think? Do you like it? The mural? It took a lot of work. But it was worth it. Isn't it beautiful? I love it!" I said.

He was biting his lip. I was getting kinda worried. What if he didn't like it? What if his reaction would be like all the others'? Would he yell at me and tell me that I was crazy? That I needed professional help? That I should be locked up? I never really understood these comments, specially the ones coming from Bert's mouth, he insulted me in so many ways and  just ran away never to see him again. I couldn't comprehend.

It was certain, I loved Frankie, more than I ever loved anything else, EVER. Not even Bert. If he tought I was crazy my heart would be broken into a million pieces. If he ran away I would have to stop him, just like I stopped Bert. If he didn't want to be with me he would never be with no one else. As much as it hurt I would have to do it.

Ah Bert. We will see eachother in hell that's for sure.

" like's pretty artistic." He said gazing trough the wall once again.

A big enourmous smirk decorated my feautures. He liked it. I wouldn't have to do something that would make me rip my heart out!

Don't get your hopes up Gerard. He deserves better than you

Shut up! Get outa' my head you stupid voice. What do you know?

I certainly know that he doesn't like you, he's just being pityful

No he's not...he really does care. He's diffrent from him.

From who? Bert? He's just playing with your feelings, just like Bert did

"GERARD!!?" I heard someone yell. It was Frank. He had a worried look on his beautiful face.

"Hu? What's up?" I asked him.

"Um, you've been standing there for nearly five minutes just muttering to yourself. Are you ok?" He asked.

"Yhea, yhea...I'm alright, it's nothing. What were you saying?" I said.

"I said I liked it. It's pretty artistic. I feel flattered." He said slightly smiling.

"Really? I'm glad you like it! I didn't sleep for three days working on this mural. I'm glad you like it Frankie." I said. I stepped closer to him. Dangerously close.

Surprisingly he didn't move. I sweeped his bangs to catch a glimpse of his features. He looked stunning. The light contrasting with his paleish skin making it look as smooth as silk. I could press back the urge so I ran my finger from his cheek bone all the way to his jaw. His skin was indeed as smooth as silk.

I pressed my lips to his as gentle as possible. I wanted the kiss to be perfect. He didn't react at first but after I kinda deepened the kiss he kissed me back relaxing his tense shoulders.

The pleasure was to much, I couldn't help it and let out a moan. I felt him smile against my lips.

I broke the kiss and moved down to his neck. I licked over a soft spot and gently sucked on it. I planted kisses all over his neck.

I went for his shirt lifting up and taking it off completely. I was kinda surprised that he allowed me. I teased his nipples with my tounge and he moaned loudly making me aroused. I certainly couldn't take it anymore. I moved my hand down to his pants and worked his belt off. He helped me taking his pants completely off.

He was standing in front of me in only his boxers.

He grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and smashed his lips against mine in a slopy kiss. He tugged on my shirt, I lifted my arms for him to take it off.

He jumped on me wrapping his ankles around my mid body. Kissing my lips down to my jaw.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked him. I didn't want him to be forced.

"Yes, I'm positive." He said with a devilish smirk.

I brought him over to the bed and dropped him. He looked at me seductively.

I approached him and ran my hands over his inner tights. He grabbed me by the arms and pulled me on top of him. So I'd have to do all the work, that's fine, I like to be in control.

Frank's POV

My heart rate beat faster and it seemed to me that he licked his lips from the effects of hearing my heart rate speed up. I shivered as he moved his mouth toward my neck. Strange how I wasn’t afraid. He began to lick and kiss my neck. I let out a gasp not for pain but the warm emotions that swept through me. I ran my hands over his chest and he moaned. His moan rumbled through his body and I felt it under my fingers.

He ran his hands down my body. I moaned at the feel of his hands. Then he moved his hand lower still until it was resting on the bulge in my pants. He pressed firmly on it and I gasped.

"Found your favorite muscle." He told me.

I could only nod my head in agreement. This gave me more confidence and I pushed my hands against his seemingly large bulge. He rocked his growing dick into my hands clearly liking it. He released his "fangs" from my neck and whispered in my ear "I'm going to make you my boyfriend." I said "yes."

I jumped on top of him. I began to lick down his body. My tongue reached the waist band of his tight fitting jeans and I moved my teeth to unzip his pants. I finished removing his pants and if it wasn’t possible before his cock looked bigger in his boxers. A wet stain was already forming from precum. I pulled down the boxers and his dick sprung loose.

I began to pump my hand up and down his shaft and he moaned once again. Clearly loving it. I licked the tip with my tongue and began to work him into my mouth. It was tough were trying to suck him. being that he was so big. Eventually I was deep throating him.

"I'm going to cum soon he yelled." I could only murmur a mmmm. Hoping he took that as a yes. "I'm Cumming." He yelled again

He took his dick out of his mouth and all of it went everywhere. Some of it reaching my face.

He moved in and kissed me. His soft lips feeling wonderful against my dry ones.

He moved his mouth down onto my cock. I began to moan. His tongue swirled around my cock. It felt so good. It felt so right. I felt something against my butt. I didn’t realize until a minute later that it was his finger moving in and out. I moaned even louder.

"You like that don’t you."


Gerard moved to stop and I tried to grasp on to him. however seeing how he didn’t have any clothes on the only things I could grasp on to was his hair. I opted for it. He groaned. I pushed his head toward my cock.

"Please finish." I begged him.

"Only because you turn me on when you beg."

He began to shove not one, but two fingers up into my hole. I felt his fingers brush something and he had me cumming. It shot against our chest and my body shook with the intensity of my shooting.

"What was that that you just hit?"

"That was your prostate. It makes you feel so much more."

I put my mouth back on his cock and slathered it up with my spit. He removed his cock and I laid back down. He laid his cock against my crack. He moved the head to my hole.

"Put it in." I shouted.

He shoved his dick in to the hilt. I cried in pain.

He said "Take it like a man."

I said "I'm trying."

He began to thrust back and forth. I forgot about the pain and just felt his huge hot throbbing cock driving in and out of my asshole. I could feel it when his cock brushed my prostate.

XxxTime LapsexxX

We lied there just holding eachother. I could hear his heart beat, it was relaxing. I was really tired that I fell asleep after a few mins.

Gerard's POV

That had been the best moment of my life. I felt like I was in a whole other wonderful world.

This won't last for long. He's only using you Gerard.

When are you gonna leave me the fuck alone!?

Just end with it Gerard. Kill him.

Thnx for readin xxo, Michael
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