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Chapter fourteen- The missing wig

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Frodo's POV

I'm inside the MCR tour bus again begging Frank to help me out.
"I don't know Blake"
"Blake don't use that on me!"
"You're the closest thing I have to a dad! You're my family!"
"You have Jinx"
"He's my brother, that's way different!"
He sighs,
"What do you want me to do?"

After I finally talk him into it it's six am and we're parked outside Stephanie's house. We managed to get the drum kit out of the bus and set up the amps and guitars and mics in front of the bus. The purple lambo parked on the side,
"One song and that's it Blake, I mean it!" Gerard warns, he's tired and they all keep yawning,
"Go!" I yell
(Part one of the surprise)
Teenagers bursts to life and Steph is hanging out of the second storey window smiling and laughing and singing along softly, she comes outside and I kiss her,
"Goodmorning" she whispers on my lips, her words like pixie dust, it feels so tingly. Then Frank sprays us with the water thing that he uses for his dogs- he's trying to train us apparently.
I thank the guys like a million times and they just smile, Gerard, Ray and the drummer go back to sleep while Frank and Mikey stay on the bus drinking coffee while we sit in the snow talking, we jump in the van and they give us a lift to school (Part two of the surprise).
"Ooh I wanna come in!" Frank laughs,
"Y-Yeah, come on!" Steph says
"I accept that challenge" he says winking back,
When we get to Pencey Prep Frank steps out of the bus (like a boss) and marches up to the gates. The three of us burst through the big double doors Frank in front, us behind holding hands. Frank faces us and stands between is and puts his arms around us, we all walk in together and he's laughing at how many fan girls are screaming and crying and Steph's laughing too, with a superior smirk on her face.
"What now?" I whisper to him
"Is Mrs Porter still running this place?" I nod, he laughs again. "Awesome" he runs up the big staircase like a child and we're not far behind with a crowd forming behind us. Criss and his new girlfriend have joined us and they're wondering what's going on- Frank bursts into her office without knocking and she's putting her wig on, everyone's laughing now and shes yelling something after Frank whose sliding down the staircase rail holding her wig.
We slide down after him to avoid running through the crowd and she's still screaming. The three of us run outside and down the hill back to the bus that's now unpacked, the lambo parked in front and the drums, guitars, mics and amps all set up.
Frank giggles and picks up his guitar and they've started on "Teenagers" again.
Everyone goes wild and they pack up quickly, keeping her wig as a souvenir.
A now bald Mrs Porter is angrily charging toward the bus,
"That song was very innapropriate and the language was despicable!" blah, blah, blah "What do you think you're doing here?"
"Well remember me? My name is Frank Anthony Iero (Junior) you told me that if I ever managed to do something with myself you'd be surprised and so here I am! Showing you how rich and famous I am and how great my life turned out as a rock star!" he says
"Well, Frank, you haven't changed much, you're still a little hell raiser but I didn't much recognize you with all that body art"

The guys pack up and leave but not before promising they'd pick us up in the afternoon.
We walk into Pencey Prep and Mrs Porter disappears upstairs in her office, (probably to get another wig) and a random handful of people come up to us saying things like
"Could you get their autographs for us?" and "How do you know MCR?" and stuff like that.
We just smile and walk away, now people think we're cool? Two days ago we were the weird, emo, loner kids and now we're cool?!
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